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Friday, June 4, 2010

2010 Roses---Part III

Here's SIX more of our 2010 Roses in our yard. In order to see the other 12 I have published so far, go to the LABELS on my sidebar, scroll down to ROSES 2010 and click there. We have 55 different varieties ---and today's pictures make a total of 18 of them so far. Above is a pretty light pinkish/peachish one named SONIA. Below are more!

This one is pretty with its light and dark yellow colors. Its name is SOUTHERN BELL, and this one is one of our new roses in 2010.

This pretty hot pink rose is named ELIZABETH TAYLOR.

This yellow beauty is pretty with its pink edges. Its name is BELLA'ROMA.

I love the vivid colors in this rose. This one is named PERFECT MOMENT.

This beautiful Tennessee Orange colored rose is named STRIKE IT RICH.

The knee surgery went fine yesterday---so hopefully, the pain will all disappear.. I'll let you know AFTER I get off of the pain medication next week. Right now---I'm pretty 'woozy'.... Ha!!! I'll take the weekend off --and will blog again on Monday morning.

Have a wonderful weekend, and thanks again for all of the kind words and prayers sent my way recently.