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Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Bird at our Feeder

It was nice to get home on Tuesday evening from our trip to Texas. I love traveling---but I also love getting home and sleeping in our own bed (if you know what I mean)!!!!!! Yesterday, while working to get things back to normal----I looked out on the deck, and saw a brand new bird at one of our feeders. I got so excited ---and hollered for George to try to get his picture (which he did). At the time, I didn't know which bird this one was---but he surely was gorgeous!!!!!

I got out my Tennessee bird book ---and he was not in there. BUT--he was in a couple of other bird books that I have. This gorgeous bird is a Rose-breasted Grosbeak. Isn't he amazing? He may be migrating --since he summers in the northeastern and north-central United States. Tennessee is 'sorta' on the line--of where these birds stay in summer. I hope he decides to stay here--but until I see him again, I won't know that.

Rose-breasted Grosbeaks will come to feeders since they enjoy sunflower seeds. They also come to birdbaths for drinking and bathing. The female looks VERY different from the male. She is brown with a large white eyebrow. She also has a large conical, pale bill. She looks like an over-sized sparrow.

Here are some pictures of our NEW backyard bird.. I'll also include a couple more of the favorite birds in our yard. Be sure and click on the pictures to see them larger, with more detail.

He stayed at the feeder for quite awhile, eating that black sunflower seed. YUM!!!

Look at that HUGE beak!!!! I couldn't stop watching this gorgeous bird!

Our male Goldfinch is getting prettier and prettier every single day!!!!

The bright yellow colors are just gorgeous this time of year!!!!!

This picture makes me think that the Goldfinch is looking at the Rhododendron bud!!!!! HA!

A pair of Mourning Doves love to feed on the ground in our yard.

I will sprinkle black sunflower seeds in the yard for them.. One Mourning Dove did come to our feeders a couple of times--but mostly, they feed on the ground. Aren't they pretty????

When we were in Texas, I saw my FIRST Northern Mockingbird in my son's backyard.. However, I did not get a picture of the bird. I know that there are Mockers here in Tennessee ---but so far, I haven't seen one here. Maybe one day I will!!!!!

Hope you enjoyed seeing more of our Backyard Birds.