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Friday, January 29, 2010

Jamestown Settlement --Part II

If you missed yesterday's blog, be sure and read it first. Today's blog is a continuation of our anniversary trip to Jamestown Settlement (in June of 2007). Above is a picture of me checking out the gardens. I was fascinated at seeing the pole beans wrapped around the corn stalks. Below are more.

Of course, George loved seeing and checking out the cannon.

I just had to stir the pot... Want some dinner????? Yum!

We watched this Colonist fire his musket... (Hold your ears!!!!)

In the Indian village, I checked out the 'skins'... There were raccoon skins and bear skins. I also saw a wolf skin... Glad he wasn't alive!!!!

We watched the demonstration of the firing of a cannon. (Again---hold your ears!!!!)

Hope these pictures make you want to visit Jamestown Settlement. This was only one small piece of Jamestown. We also visited Old Jamestown and also drove around the island. I'll post more Jamestown pictures at another time.


There are two things very interesting about the above picture of the moon. I took the picture last night from our deck --through the trees... Here's what is interesting about this picture:
1 . You'd never believe it by looking at that moon, but there is a big, bad STORM coming!!! I am hoping for SNOW and not ICE..... Yipes!!!
2. This picture was taken with my brand new camera!!!! I'll share that info with you in another post!!!