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Monday, August 14, 2017

Sunflowers and Water Lilies

Water Lily from the Italian Gardens at Biltmore  7/31/17
George and I just 'had' to stop by the BILTMORE ESTATE in Asheville,  North Carolina, on July 31, 2017,  so that we could see their Italian Gardens  (Water Lilies and Lily Pads) and their Sunflowers....We were on our way to Virginia  (Shenandoah National Park) for a few days to celebrate my big birthday.

We have season's tickets to Biltmore ---and love to visit there about 4 times a year in order to see their different flowers in bloom in different seasons.   Going in July/August each year is a tradition since we never tire of seeing the Sunflowers and Water Lilies --along with the Walled Garden and the Conservatory.   Since we were heading on to Virginia,   we didn't stay longer than about 3 hours ---but we got to see everything we had planned to see.   Hope you enjoy today's pictures...

Beautiful Red Colored flowers  (unknown plant) in the water at the Italian Gardens at Biltmore 7/31/17

Water Lily from the Italian Gardens at Biltmore  7/31/17

I like this grouping of the tall Water Lilies. Look at those huge leaves!!!!   7/31/17  

Water Lilies from the Italian Gardens at Biltmore  7/31/17

Love the Color of these Lily Pads  7/31/17

Unique Lily Pads for sure!!!!  7/31/17

Water Lilies from the Italian Gardens at Biltmore  7/31/17

Love love love these Lily Pads;  Let's hop on and take a ride!!!!  7/31/17

After leaving the Italian Gardens,  we stopped here at one of our favorite places on the lake to get some pictures of the BACK of the huge Biltmore House,  before checking out the Sunflower Fields...  7/31/17

Here is one more picture from that area showing the sky reflections on the lake (with the Biltmore House in the distance).   7/31/17

The Sunflower Fields at Biltmore are now long and narrow---so we could enjoy them from the road for a long time...  HOWEVER,  I used to like taking pictures here (in the Sunflowers) when there were rows and rows and rows all in one place...Nevertheless,  they were still gorgeous and we loved checking them out.

Bees and Birds LOVE to eat the sunflowers....   Here's a picture showing some of them closer.... 7/31/17

And one final picture of these beauties.... Oh how I love them!!!!!   7/31/17
Hope these Flowers today brought a smile to your face.... Have a great week, my Friends.