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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Yahoo Falls Hike, Kentucky--Part I

After leaving Cumberland Gap and Cumberland Falls,  while on our way home,  we stopped for a nice hike at one of our favorite places,  Yahoo Falls (not far from Whitley City, KY).  This is in the Big South Fork National Recreation Area.

We have been here several times --at different times of the year.  We knew that, due to the drought this year,  there wouldn't be much water coming over the falls.. But--the hike to the falls and the area itself is fabulous --as you will see from our pictures.

The above picture shows the trail which leads us by some huge rock croppings as we go down into the gorge.  All of these pictures were taken on September 25, 2010.  Below are more.

There are two ways to hike into the gorge... You can do what we did (see picture above) by going down the steps they have built.   OR--you can go around the gorge and enter on the other side...  We chose to go down the steps ---and then we hiked back out by going around the other way.  There is an arch you can also hike to --but we didn't do that this time.

Look at some of the huge rocks and boulders in this area...  This is a fabulous hike even in the hot summer --since you can cool off in this shady, secluded area.  There are rocks to sit on along the way---so that you can take in the beauty all around you.

Here's another picture of the trail we hiked... Since it was September,  there wasn't much Autumn color yet --but the ferns were still as green as can be!!!!!  It would be nice to see this area when the Fall colors are showing off!!!!

Of course, I had to sit and relax a bit also ---just wishing I could stay there  forever.. What a gorgeous place!!!!!

Finally,  here is one more picture of the trail we hiked.  The trail is in good shape --and really is a fun hike to take.  AND--if you are ever near Highway 27 in southern Kentucky,  this hike is not far from there...  We highly recommend it.

Tomorrow,  I'll show you the waterfall itself --and the big bowl surrounding it.

Have a wonderful day!