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Friday, July 19, 2013

Hike to the TRI-STATE PEAK, in KY/VA/TN

Us standing in 3 states (KY/TN/VA)
As I mentioned in a previous post (click HERE),   we took a short trip to the Kentucky/Tennessee/Virginia area  northeast of where we live,  to celebrate our ANNIVERSARY.   On this trip,  we did ALOT of hiking in those areas.

Today I'll share with you one of our favorite hikes,,  to the TRI-STATE PEAK area,  where we could put our feet in all three states at one time (KY/TN/VA).  That was SO NEAT....   The picture above is of us standing at the exact spot where all three states come together.  

This is one of the markers showing where we were while standing in the three states.

And this shows were we hiked way up into the mountain in order to get to that peak.  (Be sure and enlarge the photos for better views.)

The trail was in GREAT shape --which I always appreciate... But--it was a fairly long hike --at least where we went..   AND--it was a VERY warm day... George and I both said that the SHADY trail helped!!!!

I loved seeing the wildflowers along the way.

We parked at the Thomas Walker Parking Lot --and were supposed to hike up to the Saddle of the Gap  and then turn on the Tri-State Peak Trail.  BUT--we missed the Saddle of the Gap and hiked even farther on the Wilderness Road Trail toward the Iron Furnace.

When we got to a beautiful cascade at Gap Creek  (which flows down to the Iron Furnace) --we knew that we had gone too far.  However,  we were thrilled to see all of this water in the cascade headed down the mountain.

The picture above shows me on the bridge over going over Gap Creek.  We were glad we made this 'side-trip' --just to see the waterfall/cascade!!!!!

Here's a picture of Gap Creek as it heads down the mountain toward the Iron Furnace.

And here's one more photo of George on the bridge above Gap Creek.

We turned around and headed back up toward the Saddle of the Gap (which is the point where the Wilderness Trail passes through the mountain pass).  We were hiking on the Wilderness Trail which is the exact route where Daniel Boone led a group of pioneers west in 1769 from North Carolina to Kentucky.  We loved the history in this area.

George is standing beside the old sign (which says Historic Cumberland Gap)---at what is known as the SADDLE of the GAP.

Before getting on the Tri-State Peak Trail,  we passed a big marker designating this Daniel Boone's Trail.  I am standing at this marker. 

Here's another picture of the trail.  I do recommend this hike to anyone who enjoys hiking, especially on a good trail ---and a SHADY one (on a hot day)!!!!

We finally made it to the PEAK..... What a great place --and a good place for a picnic lunch!!!!  There were a group of what I call  "Ditch Lilies" up there---and I got this picture of a butterfly enjoying some lunch at one of the lilies.

After taking our photo standing in all three states at one time,  we then took our pictures in EACH of the three states.   Here we are in the great state of VIRGINIA,  the state where I was born and raised!!!

Next,  we are in the terrific state of KENTUCKY ---and even had a view of the Kentucky valley and mountains while there.

Finally,  this is my favorite photo that day of us.... We are in the tremendous state of TENNESSEE,  our home state!!!!!

See how happy we were to be there!!!!!  We knew that the long hike back to the car was all down-hill!!!!  That's the way I like it!!!! ha

Hope you enjoyed our TRI-STATE PEAK hike....  If you want to know more about The Cumberland Gap area,  click HERE.    Have a fabulous weekend and we'll see you on Monday.