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Monday, February 16, 2015

SNOW in the SMOKIES 2/12/15

SNOW on the Mountains of the SMOKIES --2/12/15
Hope ALL of you had a great VALENTINE's WEEKEND...  My theme this month is to share the LOVE --so whatever you did and wherever you went,  I hope there was A LOT of LOVE shared!!!!

George and I shared our LOVE by taking a short trip to the SMOKIES for a couple of days... As you can imagine,  we took PLENTY of pictures to show you... SO--today I'll share with you just one small piece of our trip...

Our weather for these two days was cold and snowy ---but where we were,  there wasn't much snow (even though I LOVED seeing even a small amount)...  HOWEVER,  on the tops of the mountains,  they had LOTS of snow that day (2/12).  In fact, there was so much snow,  the main road across the mountain (Highway 441) was closed...  SO--we took our pictures from below.

Some of these pictures were taken near the Sugarland Visitor Center and some on the Gatlinburg Bypass.  We love taking pictures from the Gatlinburg Bypass since there are two special overlooks (looking toward Mt. LeConte and other mountain ranges).  We have taken pictures during all seasons and at all times of the day --but this was the first time we have taken pictures of SNOW on the MOUNTAINS.

Hope you enjoy the pictures... Please click on them for enlargements..

I love the close-ups of the SNOW on the MOUNTAINS.

The SUN was peeking through!!!!  I love seeing all of the PINE TREES covered with SNOW.

SUNSHINE was beginning to take over, and win the Battle with the SNOW-CLOUDS.

Another one I love --with the sun peeking through;

I love seeing the shadows and layers in this shot.
WELL---I could show you about 100 more---but you get the idea of how gorgeous it was as we stopped there in the late afternoon of 2/12/15.

Do you have a favorite from this group?????  I had a hard time just choosing this particular set since the entire area was so beautiful to try to capture... This was another one of those,  "in the right place at the right time"  moments. I guess my fav is the top one and the 4th from the bottom (for a close-up)....  YOU?

Have a great week.  We are in the midst of some nasty weather here in Tennessee... We thought we were going to get some snow (would have been exciting for me)---but with that possibility also comes something very dangerous (ICE,  SLEET,  FREEZING RAIN).... GADS---nobody needs that... My husband doesn't like snow--but says he would rather have A LOT of SNOW rather than an ICE STORM.  AND--there are many other friends having terrible weather also.  Prayers for our area and for all others who are experiencing this nasty stuff and who have to be out in it.