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Monday, August 31, 2020

COLORS from Biltmore Home and Gardens 7/23/20

Dear Family and Friends,  Hope you enjoy some Summer COLORS from Biltmore today.  We always go to Biltmore during most every season of the year.  In Summer  (we were there this year on 7/23)--we specifically visit the Walled Gardens,  the Conservatory,  the Italian Water Gardens (to see the water Lilies and Lily Pads),  and the SUNFLOWERS  (a favorite Summer flower of mine).    I had way too many pictures to share --so I made some collages for you today... ENJOY!!!!


We are so fortunate to have Season's Tickets to Biltmore ---so we can go for short periods of time  and enjoy different areas of that amazing place during all of the seasons.  Due to Covid,  we missed our SPRING visit (which is always a favorite) ---so we just had to check out the Summer flowers.  The good news was that there were fewer people around which made "Social Distancing" easier.... 

Hope these pictures brought a smile to your face today--like they did to mine!!!!

Be sure and read the explanation of why my Header Picture (at the top of the page) this month is so SPECIAL to me.... The explanation is below the picture!!!!! 

I wrote a couple of paragraphs about my struggles with all of the changes Blogger is making (with no instructions or information)--but I deleted them....You don't need to hear my bellyaching --especially when we all need to stay as positive as possible during these hard times in our wonderful country.

Welcome September ..... I am NOT fond of the hot summers, so as you can imagine,  I'm really looking forward to some Fall Weather and Colored Leaves  ----and of course,  my PUMPKIN SPICE coffee (along with Pumpkin Spice EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE WORLD)..... ha ha