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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Deer Me!!!!!!

We certainly don't have to drive to the Smokies or to the Shenandoah National Park in order to see wildlife... As you know, we had a skunk on our deck recently (click HERE). Last night, a bat was sleeping on the front porch (up high --in the corner). AND --also yesterday in the late afternoon, we saw a Mama Deer and her three babies. I got some good pictures of the deer --so wanted to share them with you today. Above is one of those sweet little fawns.

First we saw one little fawn in the back yard (near the golf course fairway). Then--we noticed another one in the yard next door... Soon, another fawn came into our view. FINALLY, here comes MAMA--bringing up the rear... She noticed me --so she caught up with the babies and hurried them along!!!

Those babies were enjoying some of the plants in our next door neighbor's flowerbed. These three fawns still had their spots---but you can tell that those babies are growing fast. Look at their long and lanky little legs!!!!

Mama is staring at me ---but didn't seem too frightened... She let her babies continue to eat!!!! Isn't she a beauty? But--she looks pretty lean herself, don't you think?

I couldn't get a picture of all three of the babies in one photo--but I got two of them... They headed through our neighbor's yard --and were going into the empty lot across the street (in the front).

The babies went into the empty lot --and Mama stood near the road for the longest time... I kept walking closer to get a better picture. She didn't run --until I got pretty close. This picture is not cropped, so you can see how close I was...

BUT--I guess the old woman with the camera was finally getting too close for Mama Deer. She raised her TAIL --and took off into the empty lot.

Thought you would enjoy these pictures... I'm not sure I have ever gotten pictures of deer that are any better than these. Aren't they just gorgeous creatures? WELL---I (we) love them UNLESS they come and munch on our Roses. That is a NO-NO----and we've told them that many times!!!!! Most of the time, they are nice to us!!!!! ha

Have a fabulous Thursday!!!