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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Our Own Swimming Pool

Welcome to MARCH, Friends!!!!  WELL---I've been telling my friends that we NEEDED rain....   Mother Nature heard me I guess... She sent a little too much to us yesterday...  As you probably know, we live on a hill.. Soooooooooo---all of the water above us flows down to us (and to the ones below us)....

We had so much rain at one time that we had a swimming pool in our back yard.   I have been jealous of my friend SANDRA --who lives in 80 degree sunny Florida and enjoys a gorgeous pool in her backyard.    WELL,  Sandra,  we NOW have our own pool... Wanna come up here and take a swim??????? ha ha

Here are some pictures for you of our flood.  All of these first bunch of pictures were taken from our back deck.  This shows all of the water coming down the hill on the golf course..  Below are more.

This is looking at the "Betsy and George Waterfall" in our backyard.... There are rocks back there ---and when we have heavy rains,  it does make a gorgeous cascade!!!!!  (Pretty neat to have our own waterfall, isn't it???)

This is another view from our deck --looking into the backyard.

And,  here's another one --from a different angle.

This is the lower side of the front yard. Don't think I am ready to sit on the bench today!!!!!! ha ha....  You can see the bare part of the telephone pole wires--which we try to cover up with our beautiful Clematis  in the Summer....  We inherited that telephone pole when we bought our home.. Guess it gives it character!!!!!  Ya think????? ha ha

This picture shows our front yard... Note all of the water coming down the ditch in the front...

Finally,  here another picture of our swimming pool.  Wanna come and take a dip????????

Seriously,  there were tornadoes and wind damage in several states due to this storm...  We were one of the lucky ones.. I'll take a little water in lieu of a tornado... Yipes!!!!

Hope you are safe and okay!!!!