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Monday, January 27, 2020

What do the Adams' do while at the BEACH in December?

A view from our room at the Islander Inn
Hello Blog Friends!!!!!   How are YOU?   As I write this post on a cold,  January day in Tennessee,   I am yearning to be back at that beautiful area NOW!!!!!!  George and I love going to Ocean Isle Beach in North Carolina,  and we try to get there almost every year in early December.

This year,  we visited  George's son and family in Florida for Thanksgiving --and then headed to the beach,  by way of Savannah and Charleston....  It was a great 11 day trip for us --but it was nice to get home to enjoy Christmas with family and each other!

Our trip this year at the Islander Inn in Ocean Isle Beach was between Dec. 2-6...So today's post is a look at our time there.   What did we do on this amazing vacation????    Sit back,  grab a cuppa and enjoy!!!!

What do we do?????   We love watching the sunset from our balcony.

What do we do?????   EAT of course;  This was my dinner of shrimp and scallops from the Dockside Restaurant at Calabash,  NC

What do we do?   We walk the beach --at least twice a day.  It's wonderful to have the beach all to ourselves.

We love watching the waves around the Fishing Pier

What else do we do???  WELL---we love walking at our favorite park in the area,  Sunset Beach Waterfront Park.  

As we walked in Sunset Park,   I just had to go down to the water's edge and search for any alligators.... They say there are alligators in the area,  but we've never had the 'privilege' of seeing any!!!!!

Nobody on the beach except us and a lot of water BIRDIES!!!!!

What do we do????   Not only do we enjoy sunsets from our room/balcony --but we also got up early enough each day to see the beautiful SUNRISES.... (This is the time of year to be here --in order to see both sunrises and sunsets.)

Another day--another walk on the beach.... You can see the Islander Inn in the distance.  It's a perfect place to stay --if you want a vacation ON the beach!!!

 What do we do?????    Of course,  we EAT again (and again)!!!!!!!   ha ha....We enjoy another delicious meal (Prime Rib and Garlic Mashed Potatoes) at the Boundary House in Calabash!!!

A walk on the beach on a VERY cold and WINDY day!!!!    I always post a picture of the big house in the distance --since we have taken pictures of it for many years,  since we watched it being built!!!!  I always say that it is 'my' house!!!! ha

What do we do?  WELL---we just had to visit CALLAHAN'S of Calabash while there...  They have the BEST  Christmas store I've seen in a long time.... Some little goodie always just calls my name,  when we are there.  This year a cute little OWL jumped into my arms and begged me to bring him home...  Of course,  I didn't want to disappoint him!!!!!  He's so cute.  His name is Hooty!!!

My new baby --HOOTY,  the Owl!!!

There are so many Christmas things to see at Callahan's.  Here's an 'upside-down' Christmas tree for you!!!!

Every time we walk on the beach,  things look different each and every day...I love this picture with the sun's reflections on the water....  The water looks like a sea of diamonds.

What do we do?????   WELL---after a nice walk along the beach,  we enjoy a little rest on the Gazebo!!!!

Another gorgeous SUNRISE
WELL as you can see---we picked a gorgeous week to be here....  I'm a 'mountain' gal at heart --but LOVE getting my Beach Fix--at least once a year.... Hope you enjoyed a visit to the beach today....

Have an awesome week, my friends.