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Monday, July 2, 2018

On a Clear Day, You can See FOREVER

Along the Blue Ridge Parkway, June 24, 2018
Dear Friends,   If you read last week's post  (click HERE),  you will know that we took a little trip along the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina.  On the 23rd (our anniversary),  we drove north on the parkway (beginning in Asheville).  Then on the 24th,  we drove south on the parkway (to Maggie Valley)....   Last week's pictures were taken on the 23rd,  and today's pictures were all taken on June 24, 2018.

As I mentioned in my last post,  we seldom go on the Blue Ridge Parkway when the weather is SO perfect.  SO--as you can imagine,  I took an abundance of photos to share.... Hope you enjoy today's pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them and sharing them with YOU.

Love seeing all of the BALSAMS along the parkway

If you look closely in some of the photos,  you can see some sunbeams!!

The Rhododendrons had finished their blooming season,  but we enjoyed seeing the MOUNTAIN LAUREL in bloom.

The puffy clouds added so much to these photos I think.

Speaking of clouds,   what design do you see?  I see a little dog heading down on the cloud--and it has a duck on its back!!!!!!!   Can you see it?????

In this picture,  you can see our road winding around the mountains... That is the Blue Ridge Parkway!!!!

Can you hear me singing:  "On a Clear Day,  you can see FOREVER".....

My Sweetheart standing on top of the world!!!

Some pretty little purple flowers 

One more Panorama (all of the Panoramas were taken with my iPhone)

One of the great hikes along the parkway;  This is called the Devil's Courthouse.   I sent a video to my son, Mark,  telling him about this great little hike.

One of my favorites along the parkway,   called FLAME AZALEAS

The Queen Anne's  Lace (along with the puffy clouds) add so much to this photo, don't you think?

US  on June 24, 2018
I'll close with this picture of two people in love ---who are enjoying being on the Blue Ridge Parkway  in North Carolina  on our little Anniversary Trip,  June 23 and 24,  2018.

Hope you enjoyed the photos today.    I certainly have enjoyed sharing them..

Have an awesome week.