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Monday, June 18, 2012

What do you SEE in the Smokies???

Hiking in the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee is AWESOME....  There is SO much to see!!  You might see some crazy people wearing matching t-shirts, hiking in the rain!!!!!  (Wonder who??)  OR--you might see some other neat hikers!  OR---you may see some gorgeous cascades and/or waterfalls.   OR---maybe you'll see some wildlife ---like a BEAR!!!! Hmmmmm....

Today I'll share with you some things which we saw while hiking next to the Little River,  above the Elkmont Campground,  on a RAINY day on May 22, 2012. 

The picture above shows that you may see some gorgeous little WILDFLOWERS.  We saw several different ones along the way.  These look like little WILD ROSES.

You may see a big boulder filled with HOLES.... What's up with that?????  Think that could be where a woodpecker sharpens his beak?????  Nah---don't think so!!!! ha

You can see lots of MOSS and FERNS!!!  Some of the rocks were completely covered with moss.  Everything was so lush and so green... Gorgeous!

OR if you look closely,  you can see a WHALE!!!!   (Go with me here and put on your Imagination Caps!!!)

Maybe you can see some GRASS growing on top of ROCKS..... Goodness,  we have a hard time getting grass to grow in some of the spots in our yard... How does it grow on top of ROCKS??????? Mercy Me!

There is a beautiful WINDOW in these rocks...  Maybe I should buy some curtains... What do you think???  (It's really two fish kissing each other!!!!! ha ha )

Wanna count the rocks down in this river????  Isn't it amazing how CLEAR that water is?  WOW!!!!!

Finally,  you really need to use your imagination here.....  I see a TURTLE next to a very skinny ALLIGATOR...  Can you see them????  HINT:  The alligator is BROWN.  The turtle is right next to the gator ---to the right,  with his head on the gator's back!!!!!  REMEMBER:  Use your imaginations!!!!!

Now ---can you believe what all one can see while hiking in the Smokies?????  Isn't it fun??   Do you 'see'????  all kinds of wonderful things when you are hiking????  It's just so much fun being out in nature ---even when it rains!!!!

Hope you had a great Father's Day yesterday.   That day is always a little sad for me since I miss my Daddy so much.  He's been gone since 1969---but he was so very special to me... HOWEVER,  George and I did celebrate Father's Day  by going out to dinner at the state park restaurant here.  YUM!!!!

Have a wonderful day.