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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cumberland Gap, TN

When George and I first went to Cumberland Gap last weekend, the first place we stopped was the Visitor Center. That is where we picked up lots of information about the area. Above is a picture taken at the Visitor Center. Below are more.

Here's one more picture from the Visitor Center. I love the little building and of course, the split-rail fence.

We drove to the historical section of Cumberland Gap, the downtown area. We didn't go in this store, but I would have enjoyed visiting the General Store I'm sure.

I loved seeing this beautiful old home... I'm not sure what it is used for now --but it looks like a special place!!!!! I'll ask my special friends NEAL and/or his sister ROSE if they know the history of this home. (Neal and Rose grew up in Cumberland Gap.)

Do you see the rocks sticking out at the top of this mountain---WAY up there???? That's where we were and where the last 3 posts were taken, the PINNACLE.

Another view of the Pinnacle ---taken from below the mountain at Cumberland Gap, TN; Cumberland Gap, known as the "Gateway to the West", now only has about 250 residents ---and is primarily a tourist town. They say that there is a fabulous restaurant there, named Webb's Country Kitchen. There are also craft shops plus an old-fashioned drug store with soda fountain. We ate at the state park --so didn't have lunch in the Gap, but the next time we go, maybe we will eat at Webb's.

Here's another picture of our migrating visitor, a Red-breasted Grosbeak. Yesterday's post showed a male Grosbeak, so today, I'll show you a female. I'm so glad they are back!!!!! I always look forward to seeing them.

Have a great Thursday.