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Monday, March 1, 2010

Back from Mt. Nebo, Arkansas

We are back after a wonderful week in one of our favorite places, Mt Nebo, Arkansas. Mt. Nebo is a state park not far from Russellville, Arkansas. The road up to the top of the mountain is steep---but once on the top, the terrain is flat. One reason we love this state park is its rustic feelings. The cabins are not too close together --and we are surrounded by lots of trees and forest areas. As I said before, this is our sixth visit to Cabin 60 on Mt. Nebo. And each time we go, the vacation just gets better and better.

This year, after a wicked, dreary, snowy, icy winter at home, we had some GREAT weather. (Thanks ARKANSAS PATTI!!!).... We desperately needed some blue skies and sunshine, and Arkansas did a good job of delivering that for us!!!! We spent one day checking out new waterfalls in the Ouachita National Forest. Another day was spent at Mt. Magazine and another one at Petit Jean State Park. We also enjoyed Mt. Nebo itself --and saw LOTS of deer this year along with some gorgeous sunrises and sunsets.

You may or may not believe this, but since George and I both have new cameras, we BOTH went a little crazy taking pictures. I think we came home with over 850 pictures total... GADS---do you think we went a little nuts?????? ha ha ...... Now---how many of those pictures do you want to see????? (Don't answer that!!! ha ha)

Here are a few pictures of 'our' mountain and 'our' cabin. Above is the eastern side of Mt. Nebo --taken from the valley below. Click to enlarge in order to see the houses and buildings along the top of the ridge. Our cabin was on the other side of the mountain. There is a Sunrise Point and a Sunset Point on Mt. Nebo--although this time of year, we could see the sunset from our back door!!!! Below are more!

This was our cabin ---with a great view of the valley below. NOTE that beautiful blue sky!!!!

This is our little rock cabin ---taken from the back/side. The bedroom is straight ahead --and you can see the back porch and picnic area.

Here is a view from the other side of the cabin... You can see the smoke coming from the chimney. The cabin had a fabulous wood-burning fireplace. You can also see our wonderful Toyota Prius sitting out front. (Yes--we still love our Toyota!!!)

This is the view from our back porch... Gorgeous, isn't it????

One of my favorite parts of the cabin is the great fireplace.... I pull my rocking chair up close ---and enjoy the warmth it puts out!!!!! These cabins were built in the '30's by the Civilian Conservation Corps---and even though the cabins are now quite modern (including a hot tub), we enjoy much of the rock-work done by the CCC workers.

I will show more pictures of the cabin in a later post, but wanted you to see the main living/dining area. We sat in our rocking chairs each evening by the fireplace, enjoying the Olympics. What a Life!!!!!

Here's one more picture of Mt. Nebo from below. This one is for my horse-lover friend MISHA.

There's just so much more to say --but I'll stop for now. I did have internet service this past week---and tried to keep up somewhat with your blog posts, in the spare time I had. I hope all of you had a wonderful week---and hopefully, a great upcoming week also!