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Sunday, April 23, 2023

Death of my Son


 Melvin Bertrand Wilhite III (known as Bert to the family/old friends and Tre to new friends)

July 18, 1963 --April 21, 2023

Thank You to ALL who have sent so many prayers and so much love not only to Bert--but to our entire family.  These past 3 months have been so difficult,  and let me just say how much I HATE CANCER.  God must have big plans for Bert since he took him from us WAY too quickly.

I have said this so many times,  but my other two sons,  Mark and Jeff,  couldn't have been anymore loving and helpful to Bert through this journey.  I couldn't have made it without them.  SO--a huge thank you for my sons and their families.

And I cannot write this without saying thank you to my ROCK,  George.  He has been with me constantly through this journey, and has given me more love than any one person deserves. Thank You to my Sweetheart.

These past 3 months, Bert and I have had some great talks about his life.  He has lived several places and experienced life in ways that many of us never have.  I'm sure I will be sharing more about these experiences over the next several weeks.

As a strong Christian,  I know that Bert is in a beautiful place and is totally out of pain.   He died peacefully with the family surrounding him.   He is now in heaven with his father (who died in July of 2022).

But--I will admit that I miss him TERRIBLY.   We have been texting each day (several times) with his Mama asking him how he felt... He would always text back telling me he was fine (even when he wasn't).  I almost picked up my phone this afternoon to text him.  BUT--He can't text me back now...   It HURTS so much....

I miss you Sweet Boy.  I will see you again someday in Heaven.   (Picture of my 'awesome' son was taken in 2021 on a family picnic celebrating his brother Jeff's 50th Birthday)