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Monday, November 11, 2013

What's Your Story?

I was reading a favorite blog of mine by Dr. Kathleen Mc Coy (Living Fully in Midlife and Beyond).  One of her latest posts  (click HERE) really spoke to me ---and gave me an idea for a post myself.  Dr. McCoy says that if we are willing to 'change our story',  we can change our life.  We need to let go of bitterness and anger, and to get rid of  old 'family roles'.  This can free us ---and help us change our story.

As I read this blog post (she gave several examples of people being 'stuck' in their stories, etc.),  I thought about my own life.  What is MY story?????  Well----long before I read Kathy's blog post,  I stepped out in faith,  definitely changing my life ---and story!

As background to this,  I will say that I had a wonderful childhood and fantastic parents.  I got married very young --and my then husband and I had 3 wonderful sons.  However, the marriage gradually deteriorated,  and lack of communication along with other issues finally ended that marriage --after almost 20 years.

I moved and raised my two younger sons by myself (older son was in college by then),  all while being employed fulltime AND while working on my Master's Degree.  Times were not easy--but I was one 'driven' lady...   I worked for another 20 years ---and most people who knew me then would say that I was definitely a 'work-a-holic'..... I loved my work--and worked many, many hours a day/week. 

Once my sons all grew up and after my good friend moved,  I began to realize that I was LONELY.   I had never even dated since my divorce,  and frankly,  hadn't wanted to for many years.  I hadn't even had much of a 'social life'.   BUT--as I got older and as the kids got married and had families of their own,  I knew that I needed a change.  I needed to 'Change my Story'...

This change was not easy --and my family and friends in Texas certainly didn't understand why I was leaving a good job and leaving my family...  I moved by myself to Tennessee in 2000  to begin a new job.  In the back of my mind,  I was hoping that I would meet that special someone sometime (although I wasn't sure I EVER would since I had been single for SO long).

WELL---I did meet George Adams when I moved to Tennessee,  my life TOTALLY changed,  and I found that true happiness I had lived so long without.   We got married in 2001.  I retired from that  'new' job in 2003 --and we moved to our beautiful little home here in Fairfield Glade.

BUT--as beautiful as my life was/is for me,  this new life wasn't always easy for my children and grandchildren.  My sons saw their 'work-a-holic' mother turn into a gardener,  a birder,  a hiker ----all things I had never done much of when the children were young.  I think for awhile (without my knowledge at the time),  my sons and families struggled with the 'new' Mom/Grammy.   I was oblivious of what was happening at the time since my happiness with my new husband became EVERYTHING to me.    Maybe I was ignoring my children/grandchildren---but I certainly never did it purposely.

These days,  I have a great relationship with all three sons ---but there's still tension within the rest of their families.   I have had to just 'let it go' ---and pray that someday,  those family members will understand that I love them all very much,  and that,  by getting married,  I never ever meant to hurt anyone--or make them feel as if I didn't care about them...

Would I change any part of my story?????  NOT a DROP of it!!!!!  I have the most wonderful husband that any woman could ever ever ever want... I am a blessed woman.  I wish that members of my family  could know George like I do.  BUT--the miles between us make that impossible.

I have learned that all people make choices in their own lives.  I pray that time will continue to heal those strained feelings within the family.  I love them --and hope that they will know that someday.  In the meantime,  I'm still the happiest woman in the entire world ---and have enjoyed these past 12 years with George more than one can imagine. I know that I'm still a 'work in progress'  ---and I pray this happiness will remain in me until the day I die. 

This photo is NOT me --but it could be.  I feel that kind of JOY each and every single day with George Adams.  Thanks be to God!

I'll close by saying that ALL of US can 'Change our Story' ---if it needs changing... I encourage each of you to step out in faith ---and find that deep HAPPINESS which may be hidden deep within you. 

Betsy playing in the Leaves!!!
All of the pictures except this one are from the internet.  I love quotes --and you know that if you read the ones I put on my sidebar each month... So many of these little quotes can speak to me---and hopefully to you.

George took this picture of me on Saturday, Nov. 9, 2013 ---while we were raking/blowing/mowing leaves.... I was sitting deep in the leaves ---showing more of the HAPPINESS I feel!!!!!  Yeah for MY life!!!!  I wish this kind of life for each and everyone of you. God Bless!!!

Be sure to check out Kathy's blog... She may speak to you ---just like she does to me!

Don't forget to THANK those who sacrificed so much for our freedoms.  Happy Veteran's Day!