Welcome to JOYFUL REFLECTIONS. Also welcome to MAY!!!! Spring is AWESOME. Enjoy some beautiful IRISES from our yard. Meet "Goodnight Kiss"

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Yesterday, instead of cleaning the bathrooms and pulling weeds, I was busy with a much harder and a more time-consuming job. I sat on the deck and took about 50 pictures of the Bluebird family. I was out there off and on ALL day long. I couldn't stay away!!! I know it's hard work---but someone has to do it!!! Poor George----he was out front working hard in the yard!!!!!

I was SO hoping that the babies would fledge--but they did not. By the time you read this post, they probably will have fledged, since I'll bet they do it early this morning. I think they are ready---at least two of the four. They all but jumped out of the nest a few times. I was SO excited... But--Mom and Dad and their other four siblings know what is best ---so I'll bet they are trying to get ALL four of them ready to fledge. The family kept feeding the babies all day!

I hope you are not tired of my Bluebird pictures because today, I'm showing you some more. Above is the most active of the four babies---almost OUT of the nest. Isn't he a cutie???? Below are more!!!!

Here's two of the four babies in that nest. Don't you know that the nest is VERY crowded!

Can you only imagine what this little guy is thinking!!!??? He kept wiggling and fluttering his wings like he was ready to jump!!!!!

The four Juveniles (from the first brood) were zipping around the feeders and helping Mom and Dad feed the little ones. I took this picture of one of them --getting ready to grab some food at the feeders.

One of the Juvies feeds the babies..

Isn't it nice of them to look at the camera --so that I could get a picture????? Don't know why they wouldn't smile for the camera though!!!!!

Here's one more picture of one of the Juvies feeding the babies. Look at those BIG mouths!!! ha

The babies seem to look just alike at this age---so I'm not sure if a different one comes to the top of the nest on occasion. They almost have to stand on each other to reach the top--since the nest is fairly deep. Does this one look disgusted ????? ha

The entire family stayed near the nest all day long ---and I spotted them all around the back yard. This is Daddy Blue at the birdbath.

There were a couple of times that a Bluejay would come to the feeder ---and the Bluebirds had a 'fit' wanting that Bluejay OUTTA there. The jay got his snack and quickly left. Don't think even a Bluejay wanted to tangle with SIX Bluebirds!!!

Another picture of two of the four little ones

"Please let me come out to play, but...

"...feed me first ---puh -lease!!"

Beautiful Daddy Bluebird is IN CHARGE of this BIG family... He wants to make sure that everything goes as planned!!!! Isn't he gorgeous?????

WELL---I'll be sad once they fledge. I may not see them as much since Bluebirds take their babies away from the nest for awhile. Hopefully, they'll come back and do it all again, or at least come to the feeders!!!!

Hope you had as good a Saturday as I did!!!!