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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Just a Hike near Home with our fabulous FAMILY

At the Overlook in Fairfield Glade in late afternoon, 11/3/19,  we did see a little Fall Color when the sun was shining on it.   This is Mark and Robin!!!
Dear Friends/Family,   George and I have been busy the past several days --so my Blog Post this week is a 'tad' late!!!!!  Sorry.....  Anyhow --I will share with you some pictures from a 1.6 mile hike we took yesterday at the Overlook Trail,  right here in Fairfield Glade...

Mark and Robin came to visit --which always brings JOY to this Mom!!!!  We had some dinner here at home,  sat and talked/talked/talked,  and then after eating that Lemon Bundt Cake,  we just HAD to take an 'adventure'..... However,  since the time changed yesterday,  it now gets dark an hour earlier (which for us is about 4:30 pm now).. Yuck!!!!    SO--we knew we didn't have much time before dark....  BUT--we did it anyhow!!!!!

Hope you enjoy some pictures of FOUR people having a great time --and getting some exercise --as we enjoyed rustling through the leaves...  (Does anyone besides me love walking and hearing --and smelling --the leaves crunching under our feet in the Fall?)

Our little hike took us in and around several beautiful caves and rock formations.  In this picture of  Mark, Robin and George,  the guys are bending down to Robin's level since she is a tiny one!

The hike was a 1.6 mile loop --and the trail was in really good shape.

The trail led us down to Daddy's Creek where we enjoyed seeing some Fall Color --and reflections in the water.

Peak-A-Boo!!!!!!!   I see you two in there!!!!!!

Another neat picture of the clear water --and reflections

Mark, George and me --having a great day.

I love this picture of Mark next to the creek.  The sun was setting --and the reflections in the water were so neat!  Hope you notice all of the HUGE dried leaves on the ground  (brown on one side and a grayish white on the other side)... See next picture!!!!

Mark and Robin said while having that 'puzzled' look on their faces:  "Look at this HUGE leaf"...   (I had the 'job' of finding out what tree all of these leaves were from.) 

Here is a picture of some of the huge leaves....  I did some research and found out that  the trees are called BIG LEAF MAGNOLIAS  (also called The Toilet Paper Tree or the Umbrella tree).   I want to come back in spring to see the huge blooms which can be a foot wide...I've seen lots of Magnolias in my life --but never this one.  

The Big Leaf Magnolia Trees are only found in certain areas along the Cumberland Plateau in the state of TN.  I can see why some call this tree the Umbrella Tree....  WOW!

As we walked along the creek,  I looked up to see the sun shining on the tops of all of the trees.  It was shady where we were --and the sun was beginning to go down.

Here's what we saw from the edge of the creek...  The sun's reflections on the water made it look like the water was on FIRE!!!!

There were lots of beautiful Rhododendrons and Mountain Laurel around this area --along with more little caves and amazing rock formations.  Mark and Robin posed for me to get their picture.

Mark and Robin love being out in nature --and have so much fun together.. In this picture,  Robin was pointing as she said:  "Look at this crazy guy climbing a tree"...   ha ha

Mark (like George) loves to climb out on the rocks and get lots of pictures....

Robin and I were having FUN  wondering what was going to climb out of that little cave toward us....

Let's get moving!!!!!  It will be dark soon....  (Loved the trail --which was in great shape.)

Beautiful sunset --once we got back up that mountain to where we started... This picture was taken at the same place that the very top picture of this blog post was taken (of Mark and Robin).  
WELL---for awhile,  I was wondering if we'd make it back before darkness totally took over.   BUT--we did!!!!!   It was a great hike and we love hiking with Mark and Robin since they also enjoy stopping along the way checking things out --and learning more about being out in nature.... Seeing  the huge Big Leaf Magnolia leaves was just AWESOME.

The hike was SO NEAT;  having Mark and Robin here was even better;  AND --it was a GREAT DAY!!!!!!   We drove back to our home --and of course,  we just HAD to have another piece of Lemon Bundt Cake!!!!!!! ha

Have an awesome week...