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Monday, March 21, 2022

Arkansas Trip -February 2022

 Dear Blog Friends,   I'm so sorry for not writing sooner... I hope all of you are well and happy..  I've thought about writing many times but something always gets in the way...  I have always loved to blog --but Blogger continues to change things and make it harder to create posts and backgrounds, etc. I loved changing headers and matching colors, fonts, etc.. These days--it's more of a chore for me instead of something I love to do...  

I will say that my health has been better the past couple of months.  My biggest problem now is both of my eyes.  I have a Vitreous Detachment (due to old age) which causes clouds to float continually across my line of vision,  especially when I'm trying to type on a WHITE background,  or in any bright situation.  I love Dark View on most programs (especially Facebook) but of course Blogger doesn't offer it as an option while composing a post.  I may eventually need to have eye surgery --but my Opthomologist  says that most people my age just learn to live with it --and get used to it... (Of course,  I am not 'most' people almost 80... ha)

As you know,  George and I haven't traveled much the past few years.   This year, so far,  we took a wonderful trip to ARKANSAS to our beloved cabin on the top of the mountain at Mt. Nebo State Park.  We loved seeing the sunsets from our back porch,  the sunrises from Sunrise Point,  and the fantastic wood-burning fireplace...  What a great place!!!   While in Arkansas we visited the other two nearby state parks we always enjoy.  At Mt. Magazine State Park (which is higher in elevation),  we encountered some beautiful hoar frost.  At  Pettit Jean State Park,  we enjoyed the views of the Arkansas River and Valley. We also enjoyed doing some hiking. It was a fabulous trip for both George and me  and we have reservations to go back next February. 

We also took a 9 day trip from March 7-15 to Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina and to Florida (near Tampa) to celebrate George's 80th birthday with his son/DIL... I'll post pictures soon  (I hope)... ha

Hope you enjoy my photos today from that Arkansas trip (Feb. 15-20, 2022)

At  Petit Jean State Park

Davey's Bridge,  Petit Jean State Park

We took a hike on the Boy Scout Trail at Petit Jean State Park.   I think George was sitting there waiting on this pokey woman who was taking pictures!!!!! ha

Our terrific wood-burning fireplace at our little cabin at Mt. Nebo State Park

While taking a hike along the Rim Trail at Mt. Nebo,  I captured this view of Lake Dardanelle.

Here's one view from the back porch of our cabin at Mt. Nebo State Park

Taken from the back porch at our cabin in Mt. Nebo,  I was looking at the views the other direction from the picture above.

Us at Mt. Nebo State Park,  Arkansas

On a cloudy day at Mt. Nebo State Park,  I captured these sunbeams!!

George and I sitting outside at our adorable little cabin enjoying the views on a beautiful day

One of the many beautiful sunsets we enjoyed from our back porch at the cabin at Mt. Nebo State Park

Us at Mt. Magazine State Park

The beautiful lodge at Mt Magazine State Park where we enjoyed a delicious lunch;  Want to come and sit with us??????  It's a little chilly though!!!! But the sunshine feels good!!

A close-up of some of the Hoar Frost clinging on the bushes at Mt Magazine State Park

I love this picture of the hoar frost clinging to all of the trees --with that bright blue sky and the sunshine melting the frost.  We were lucky to be there at the right time!!!



My favorite picture of the hoar frost;  "The Hand of God" reaching out to the world!!

 WELL--that is enough (probably too many) pictures for you to enjoy!  We did have a wonderful 5 days --and have all of these photos now in our memories!!!   Hope we can make it there in 2023.