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Friday, December 17, 2010

My Christmas Angels

Most of you know by now that I LOVE angels --and have collected them for many years.  Today I will share some of them with you.  Many of my angels have been gifts from friends all through the years.   Above are two of my 'pretties'.  Below are more.

This little beauty is named Carole --since she was made for me by a friend named Carole. The ones on either side of her are two of my glass angels.  They love to glimmer and glow depending upon what lights are on them.

The beauty on the left is my Texas Angel.  I've had her since my days of living in Texas for 12 years.  The one on the right is me,  the Angel Collector!!!!! ha

These are three of my Baby Angels.   I love them all --but the one on the left makes me smile!!!!!

I love all of three of these angels.   The one on the left is 'me' since I am constantly sweeping the deck and/or sidewalk/driveway...  Sweeping is my THANG!!!!! ha

I included the middle one and the one on the right to show you all of the different ways angels can be made.  The middle one obviously is made using a washcloth, and the one on the right is made using a rose bud.

Since I worked in a church for many years and worked in Children's Ministries,  you can imagine all of the little craft items we made all through the years.  This little MOP Angel above is one which we made one year at a children's workshop.  Isn't she pretty?????

The angel on the right is the first angel I had.  She was the treetop angel on our Christmas tree when I was first married in 1962...  That little lady has been with me for  48 years!!!!

The little one on the left was mine when I was very young.  SO--she is even older than the one on the right.  The best thing about the little angel on the left is that she looks so angelic.....   Ah Ha.... NOW--look at the next picture!!!!

Uh Oh.... What is that in that sweet little adorable angel's back pocket????   A SLINGSHOT?????? Oh My Goodness.... Wonder why my parents thought this little beauty was like their daughter!!!!!!  Hmmmmmmmmm....

Finally,  here are my newest set of angels,  the Willow Angels.  I have been collecting these  (with George's help) for about 3-4 years now...I love them all--but one he gave me last year is just so special... It's the Angel of Happiness (on the extreme left).  She has her arms outstretched with birds sitting on both arms.   Isn't she awesome???

Hope you have enjoyed seeing some of my special Christmas Angels.  We are going to be away from blogging until about December 28....  We have lots to do,  places to go,  and company coming!!!!!   Have a wonderful, fabulous and Christ-filled Christmas. We love you ALL.