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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Baby, It's HOT Outside!

This is what the temperatures in our country looked like yesterday. This hot and VERY humid weather started here this past Friday. George and I moved to Fairfield Glade in 2003. We have NEVER had to turn the Air Conditioning system on in our home in JUNE before--until this year. Our home has great cross-ventilation, and we use lots of FANS. Usually, we don't turn the AC on until August--when it's pretty miserable outside.

I know that some of you HATE Weather Blog Posts---but since I 'must' have been a Weather Gal in another life, I am always interested in the weather --all over the country. I talked in yesterday's post about the recent flooding in Arkansas, and then yesterday, I watched the news talking about the horrible flooding in Oklahoma. GOODNESS---what is going on all over this country????? Is Mother Nature in need of a vacation or something????? We need to cheer her up a little!!!!

For those who do not know our area, let me tell you that we are UP on a plateau (about 2000 feet up). Our temperatures are usually about 5-10 degrees cooler than the valleys around us (Knoxville, Nashville, Chattanooga) in Summer. SO---if we are in the high 80's here, you can only imagine just how hot THOSE areas are!!! And---I've heard from other blog friends south of us just how much hotter it is there also. And--it's not just the heat; it's the HUMIDITY--which adds about 5-10 degrees to the heat index. NOT FUN!!!!

Here is our AccuWeather forecast highs here for the upcoming week (as of Monday, June 14):
Today, Tuesday June 15-- 90
Wed, June 16-- 87
Thursday, June 17-- 85
Friday, June 18-- 87
Saturday, June 19-- 89
Sunday, June 20-- 88
Monday, June 21--90

Doesn't look as if we'll turn the Air Conditioner OFF anytime soon... What kind of crazy weather are you having at your home??? Too cool? Too hot? Too much rain? Too dry? I guess we humans are never satisfied, are we????? ha