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Monday, May 20, 2013

Oh how We Love to HIKE

On April 21, 2013,  George and I went to Fall Creek Falls State Park south of where we live here on the Cumberland Plateau...  We always enjoy seeing the gorgeous waterfalls there --but we also enjoy HIKING.  There are many hiking and biking trails in the park.. On this particular day,  we hiked about 4 miles when it was all said-and-done...

Hope you enjoy  seeing some of the pictures around the area  --minus the waterfalls (which I have already shown you).  Above is a photo of me taken at the Cane Creek Falls Overlook.  From this overlook,  we can see both Cane Creek Falls and Rockhouse Falls.

Be sure to click on the photos so that you can see them larger...

Here's a picture I took when we were at the Cane Creek Cascades --of the moving water.  Pretty,  isn't it?  There was alot of moving water in the park on this occasion --which made for some fabulous photos of the cascades and waterfalls and creeks.

This picture shows George on one of the trails where we hiked.

The canyons and rock formations around this park are amazing... This was taken not far from where Fall Creek Falls hurls down the mountain into the gorge below.

Here I am --sitting on the rock just above the brink of the Cane Creek Cascades...  This is a gorgeous place to sit and contemplate life!!!!!   SO PEACEFUL---even with the roar of water around us!

I love this area --and when we stop by here,  I love to try to capture a good reflection in the water.  Birds LOVE living in those big rocks....

After dinner in the lodge restaurant (absolutely fabulous buffet),  we took a short walk along the lake.  I snapped this picture when we were in that area.

There's an overlook over the gorge called Buzzard's Roost.   We both took pictures of the many big birds, as they flew by,  but I love this one which George captured here.  I cropped it a little so that you could see the bird a little better...

I got a great picture of the mountains surrounding this park (on the Cumberland Plateau).   Aren't they beautiful?  We are so blessed to have such a gorgeous work of nature so close to where we live.

Finally,  I will close with one more photo of George and me standing at the Cane Creek Cascades... We could even feel the spray of water that day.

Hope you enjoyed seeing more from Fall Creek Falls State Park. Have a great day! And don't forget to check out my Photo Blog on Wednesday.  Click HERE.