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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Favorite JULY Roses in our Yard --2014

APRIL IN PARIS ROSE--taken on 7/13/14
This is the third month  I have posted some of our favorite ROSES (Hybrid Teas and Grandifloras) growing in our yard so far this year.  If you missed either of these two posts,  click HERE for May Roses and/or HERE for June Roses.  We have SIXTY ONE different roses --and most all of them have bloomed,  some over and over... George and I 'walk the yard'  every morning and evening and take pictures of these beauties...

Hope you enjoy our JULY Bloomers.  Be sure to click on them for enlargements... I chose 10 for you ---plus 2 more of my favorites as extras.  Wish you could be here to SMELL these gorgeous flowers!!!

WELCOME HOME ROSE --taken on 7/14/14

HELEN TRAUBEL ROSE-- taken on 7/15/14

MIDAS TOUCH ROSE--taken 7/18/14 (after a rain)

STRIKE IT RICH ROSE --taken on 7/20/14

PARADISE ROSE---taken on 7/21/14

SEDONA ROSE  (with dew on it)--taken on 7/25/14

SHEER BLISS ROSE (bud)--taken on 7/26/14

RIO SAMBA ROSE --taken on 7/26/14

PEPPERMINT SPLASH ROSE --taken on 7/28/14
These next two choices are my personal favorites during July --although both of them have been featured either in my May list or my June list...
RONALD REAGAN ROSES--taken on 7/29/14
You might remember from my June Rose list that this beautiful rose (always a favorite) was one which we ALMOST lost this year due to our frigid winter.  George put it in a container and has babied it since Spring... Isn't it beautiful???? OH--how I love this one!

PERFECT MOMENT ROSE  ---taken on 7/29/14
This rose is one which can take my breath away when looking at it... We have so many gorgeous roses,  but Perfect Moment really showed  off during July.

Hope you enjoyed my JULY Rose Choices.   Which one(s) are your favorites this month???

As I've said many times,  the ROSES are George's babies... He loves them all and does whatever is needed to keep them happy and blooming..  AND--he brings one inside every day just for me to enjoy at my desk.   They are AWESOME.  Thanks,  Honey!

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Very sad about Robin Williams death.. He was such a gifted actor in so many ways.  Besides his comedy,  I loved many of his movies.  Some I loved were "Patch Adams",  "Dead Poet's Society",  "Good Will Hunting" --and of course,  "Mrs. Doubtfire".... He will be missed... God Bless his family and loved ones.