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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Homecoming 2010

Many of you have shared recent pictures of your children and/or grandchildren enjoying their school's Homecoming... WELL--not to be outdone,   I have some photos to share today of my oldest grandlove who is 16  (17 in November) and lives with her family in Texas.  

This gorgeous young lady was the first girl to be born in my family (I had 2 brothers and 3 sons) ---so you can only imagine how excited I was when she was born.   It was so much fun buying things for a little girl!!!!  The only problem is that she has grown up much too fast...  I cannot believe that she is almost ready for college... Yipes!!!!

Today,  I will share pictures of "BA" (the name I'll call her) enjoying her "Homecoming" week at her high school with her boyfriend,  "C".   Above is a picture of the two of them at school during Homecoming week.   Below are more photos. 

This is also a neat photo of BA and C at school....   See????  George and I aren't the only ones who wear matching shirts!!!!!! ha ha.....   Aren't they just the cutest couple?   

Homecoming night is here ---and BA and C are all 'cleaned up' for the big dance...  All I can say is WOW....   I know that I'm the grandmother and supposed to say wonderful things about my grandloves. But truly, this granddaughter is absolutely the most beautiful young lady in the world!!!!  (I take no credit for her beauty....  She gets it from her gorgeous Mom --and from my handsome son.)

In the photo above this one,  BA is pinning a boutonniere on C... And in this photo,  C is putting a beautiful corsage on BA.  Isn't her dress gorgeous?

 Here is a great picture of BA  with little sister, BE  (who is 13).  Yes,  this son of mine (middle one--out of my 3) and his wife are raising two beautiful daughters...  M and L  will be going through the same thing over the next few years with BE.  GEESH---these two girls have just grown up so fast!!!!  I cannot believe it myself...  

Wish I lived closer and could see these grandloves more often.  George and I went to Texas last year to see both girls play softball (they are both excellent players) --and it rained the entire time we were there...   Oh Well--it was fun,  just being with them.

These last two pictures are my favorite ones,  of the gorgeous couple ready for the big dance.  I love to see young people dress up these days ---because it doesn't happen very often.  Seeing them both looking so fabulous is just wonderful!!!

And this one is my VERY favorite picture.  I introduce you to a gorgeous couple.  Can't you see me smiling from ear to ear?????   I am a very very proud Grandmother--as you can tell.   AND ---I want you to know that this young lady is not only pretty.   She's smart and she's a really great gal in all respects... My son and daughter-in-law have done a fabulous job of raising their two daughters...  God Bless them ALL.


P.S.  We didn't make it to the Smokies yesterday as we had planned..  We had a cloudy day here--so we decided to wait until the sun comes back out!!!!  There was rain all around us most of the day --but we only got a TINY TRACE (not even enough for a measure in the rain gauge)...  Hopefully,  today may give us another chance!!!   Do a Rain Dance for us!!!!  Thanks!