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Monday, May 25, 2015

IRISES in our Yard 2015--Part I

It's amazing how nature works during the Spring...  When one group of flowers quit blooming,  another group begins!!!!!  First we had our Crocuses/Hyacinths; then it was the Daffodils;  then the Tulips;  and now the Irises..... Guess what group is next for us?????  OUR ROSES!!!!!  Yeah!  (Plus---we still have Lilies and Daylilies to come!!!! Yeah!)

Today (and again on Thursday) I will share all of the many different Irises we had this year... Our Irises bloomed and bloomed ---and I was THRILLED to see so many of them.  We had 20 different varieties (most with lots and lots of blooms)...  I'll share 10 of them today (plus some group shots) and the other 10 on Thursday...

Hope you enjoy seeing the irises.  Click on them for enlargements.  The one above is a 'group' one --showing you what some of our Road Flowerbed looked like when so many of them were blooming!!!!  This photo was taken on 5/08/15.

1. Blatant Iris (taken on 4/23/15)

2.  Floor Show Iris  (4/28/15)

3.  Halloween Halo Irises (5/10/15)

Some of the Irises in the Side Flowerbed (near our deck);  We enjoyed these while sitting on our swing doing our devotions each morning.  (4/28/15)

4.  English Charm Iris   (5/07/15)

5.  Hell's Fire Iris  (This Iris can look almost BLACK in certain lights.)  Taken on 4/29/15

6. Electric Shock Irises (5/09/15)

7.  Lemon Reflection Iris  (5/09/15)

8.  Autumn Bugler Irises (on the side flowerbed,  with the sun beaming down on them); Taken on 4/29/15

9.  Orange Harvest Irises (5/07/15)

10.  Goodnight Kiss Iris (5/01/15)
OKAY---now you get to pick a favorite from this first group of ten... I have even numbered them to make it easier for you....  My top two from this group are Number  3 and 9.....  BUT--they are all gorgeous!!!!

Happy Memorial Day today.   Please take a minute to thank all of those in the Armed Forces who keep (and have kept) us FREE and SAFE... God Bless them ALL.

Have a wonderful week.