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Sunday, March 8, 2009

On the Road Again

As I mentioned in yesterday's blog, George and I are leaving today for several days in beautiful Arkansas. Monday (9th) is George's birthday ---so if you have a minute, shower him with a Happy Birthday email (adamsge@mac.com).. OR--leave a note on his BLOG if that is easier. I'm sure he'll kill me for asking you to do this--but I also think he'll love it!!!!

We won't have computer access on the mountain, and we won't post blogs while we are gone. BUT--we'll be thinking about ALL of you, and will be back to check on you when we get home on Saturday. I posted six pictures from Mt. Nebo yesterday, so today I'll share six more from that area. Above is a picture of George and me standing at the Mt. Nebo waterfall which incidentally is not far from our little cabin. (Like our hiking sticks? They are wonderful!) There are five more pictures below.

This is the upper part of the Mt. Nebo waterfall. The hike down that steep mountain is neat since we follow the waterfall down the mountain. During dry seasons, this waterfall is DRY. We hope to find it flowing when we get there this week, like it was this time last year when we took the picture.

We not only enjoy 'waterfalling' in Arkansas. We also enjoy hiking. One of our favorite trails is the King's Bluff Loop Trail. We saw two waterfalls along the trail--but what fascinated us was the rocky bluffs. There were all kinds of different rock shapes and lichen on the rocks. SO pretty!

There are three state parks (Mt. Nebo, Petit Jean, and Mt. Magazine) in this area of Arkansas that we enjoy. We enjoy hiking, 'waterfalling' and EATING at Mt. Magazine. There's a gorgeous lodge at Mt. Magazine where we always have lunch while there. The picture above is the view from the lodge. The water below is the Petit Jean River. Click on the picture for an enlargement.

While at Mt. Magazine, we hiked up to Signal Hill--which is the highest point in the state of Arkansas. Note picture above!!!!

There are great hiking trails at Mt. Magazine. This trail (pictured above) led down to the Mt. Magazine Waterfall. The hike down was steep--but was gorgeous --with all of the rock overhangs.Aren't they beautiful? (Click for an enlargement.)

We hope to have LOTS of new pictures to share when we get home. We hope that all of you will have a wonderful week.