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Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Birthday AND A View

If you have been reading my blog the past couple of weeks,   you know that my Sweetheart had a birthday last week!!  In order to celebrate his birthday,  I took him on a 'surprise' trip to the Amicalola  Falls State Park in Georgia.

We stayed in their gorgeous lodge---so today,  I will share some pictures of the view we had from our 4th floor window, of the surrounding mountains.   BUT--before that, here are a few pictures of our little 'private' birthday party in our lodge room... Above is a picture of the cake.  It was a delicious carrot cake from Walmart.... Below are more!!

Here is the Birthday Boy....Think he can blow out ALL of those 69    5 candles????? ha ha... (Sorry about the lighting in these pictures.. Our room was dark --so we moved the lamp closer to the table... Didn't work well!!!)

And he HUFFED and he PUFFED and he blew them all out!!!!!  (Too bad I didn't buy some of those candles which you can't blow out!!!! ha ha )

After blowing out the candles and cutting the cake,  George read all of his cards.  He got some funny ones and some really nice ones.   Thanks again for those of you who went to his blog to wish him a Happy Birthday --and to those who sent cards... Cards are very special to us... The picture above shows him after reading one from his Wifey!!!!!


These next three pictures were taken from inside our big picture window in the room.  We didn't take pictures the first afternoon when we arrived --but we should have... After that day,  the rains came,  and many of our views were nothing but fog!!!!! Hope you enjoy the ones we did get.

The picture above is looking to the right.  This was after most of the fog had lifted. You can see the road to the lodge coming up that mountain if you look closely.

This is looking toward the left..  Dahlonega, Georgia is southeast of where we were --about 19 miles I think.   The big waterfall is in front of us (out of view) --as it travels down the mountain..

And finally,  this is what we saw much of the time (except those times which we were totally fogged in)...  I love the layers of mountains in this picture.

Amicalola Falls State Park is a great place.  The lodge and restaurant are fabulous, but if you'd rather have a cabin,  several are available---in addition to a campground.  We felt blessed to be in such a beautiful setting.

Thanks again for all of the birthday wishes for my Honey.

P.S.  I hope all of you are watching the nesting Eagles shown by a camera  near their nest in Iowa.  Watching them is so fascinating ---and I have been watching  ALOT this week.  Last night,  Papa Eagle came to the nest and brought Mama some dinner. I don't know what  it was --but she gobbled it up!!!!  There are three eggs in the nest ---so I hope to see them when they hatch... SO neat!!!!   Mama Eagle is larger and is on the nest most of the time.  BUT--Papa gives her a break ever so often. Click HERE to see the nesting Eagles.