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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Nice Place to Rest

Last Friday, while working in the yard, we saw six deer on the golf course fairway behind our house. Usually, when the deer come out to graze on the fairway grass, they are very observant --and will run away quickly if they see a human. SO--we have to be very quiet when taking their pictures.

BUT--this day was very different. The deer strolled down the fairway ---and just stopped. Then they did something I've never seen them do. Some of them (the little ones) just lay down on the ground apparently to rest a little. Soon some golfers came by... The deer did not leave or move!!!! (And that is very rare!).. The golfers hit balls around them--and went on about their business. The deer stayed there until dark! I guess that pretty grass gave them a nice place to relax and rest. We did not see them leave---but George did get some good pictures of them.

Isn't this just the sweetest little guy you've ever seen???? Wonder how old he is? Maybe he's just a baby--and they had to stop and let the younger ones rest. Wonder if this was his first 'outing'????

The larger deer seemed to 'keep watch'---while the little ones rested.

Look at that little one with his eyes closed. How Precious!

"Oh, this pretty green grass is just so comfy. I want to stay here forever."

We've posted alot of deer photos, but these just happen to be some of my favorites. As of today (5 days later), we haven't seen the deer at all. BUT---I'm sure they'll be back soon!!!