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Monday, July 8, 2019

Just some Pretty Flowers from the Biltmore Conservatory

Something New:  A little TRAIN display in the Conservatory!!   How Special!
Hello Blog Friends,   The last trip that George and I took was to Biltmore House and Gardens on May 5,  2019.... We were there to see the Spring flowers --mainly the Azaleas.   BUT--since I had my Cardioversion (shocking the heart) on April 23, we were late this year getting there.  However, anytime of year that one goes to Biltmore,  he/she cannot go wrong when visiting the Conservatory.

So--I'll share with you a bunch of beautiful flowers and greenery that we found that day....   I love COLORS  --so today,  just sit back and take in all of the beauty.  Biltmore does a fabulous job of grouping plants together to give a great appearance.... Hope you enjoy all of the colors ---and of course, my favorite,  the ORCHIDS.

Hope you enjoyed seeing so many gorgeous flowers/plants and SO many pretty colors which blend together...   I took all of these pictures with my iPhone --and am pleased with the result.   Sometimes my Canon (which I love) is just too heavy to carry now.

If you ever visit Biltmore (during any season),  do NOT miss seeing the Conservatory!!!!!

Have a great week...   Thanks again for thinking about me.  I am doing well --and my heart is still beating in NORMAL RHYTHM.... Yeah!!!!