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Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Aren't the little fawns adorable?
I thought you might enjoy some recent pictures of bird and deer activity in and around our home.   I'll start with the deer...  This is the time of year when  Mama Deer will bring her little ones out into the open to eat!!!!  I have been watching for them,  but they 'love' to hide from me!!!! ha...  I do have 3 recent photos to share... Hope you enjoy them.

This Mama was alone and running from me.   However,  I snapped a good shot of her --with the afternoon sun showing off her beauty!

Here is the latest picture I have of the little fawns... They certainly are growing fast... Look at those long and lanky legs!!!!

Here is a photo of two Mourning Doves sharing (sorta) the Plate Feeder with a little Carolina Chickadee.

This is a cute picture of a White-breasted Nuthatch talking with a Goldfinch... I think I heard him say: "Come on Down, Mr. Goldfinch.  There's enough here for both of us."

Here  is Mr.  House Finch --enjoying some dinner!!!  Since it's getting late in the season,  many of the colorful birds are now beginning to lose their pretty colors.

Mama  House Finch  ( or maybe this is a juvenile) is enjoying a short nap after having dinner...

Here's another picture of my resident Mourning Doves...  They come to the Plate Feeder in the late afternoon/evening.

Finally,  here are two pictures I got of one of our Hummingbirds.   YES---they finally came to our home to visit ---and we see (and hear) them at both of their feeders now off and on all day.  We mostly have Ruby-throated Hummingbirds here.  This feeder is in our front yard near one of our rose beds. 

This is a picture I captured  of one of the Hummers at the feeder on our back deck.  The females don't have a ruby-colored throat like the males do.

Hope you enjoyed seeing our birds and deer.   Since we live in the woods,  we also have other wildlife critters nearby....  There is a family of raccoons which visit our deck during the night (to eat any left-over birdseed)...  We also have bats which take naps during the night on our front porch.... No pictures yet of either though...

Have a wonderful Wednesday.