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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Oh Dear, Deer!

Yesterday the sun came out in the Glade and melted alot of our snow in areas where that gorgeous sun hit!!! There's still quite a bit of snow left in the shady areas. Our temperatures are still below freezing and have been for over three days. BUT--the forecasters say the weather will get warmer beginning tomorrow!!!! It was a nice snow and I loved it. BUT--now I'm ready for some sunshine and warmer temperatures, at least for a few days.

Late in the afternoon, I glanced out back toward the golf course. There they were----seven beautiful deer on the fairway, enjoying some fresh grass on some of the areas where the snow had melted. We live in a protected area --so all wildlife can live here safely, except for all of the construction and clearing of the woods. Here are some pictures of the deer enjoying the day yesterday beginning above with all seven of them!!!! Note the left-over snow! (More pictures are below!)

In the picture above, I could hear them talking to each other. The one on the left said, "Oh My, don't you love this sunshine?" The one on the right said, "Yeah--I do, but I like eating this grass even more. I was hungry."

It wouldn't be a group of deer pictures without the BUTT shot!!!!! ha ha

"Okay, Mama, I'm coming. Just wait a minute so I can take one more bite."