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Monday, January 15, 2018

New Great Granddaughter

Doesn't Vivi just look so peaceful and content? She is truly a perfect little Gift from God.
Welcome,  Vivian Lee,  born January 11, 2018;  Vivian is the daughter of Granddaughter Brooke and her husband Tristan. Vivian was 8 pounds and was 21.5 inches long, and was born at 6:11 a.m.

My beautiful Granddaughter Brooke married her Navy man, Tristan,  on 6/17/16.

I took this picture in December of 2016--and have never seen two such happy Young Adults.

Then on 1/10/18---these two hurried to the hospital.

There--they are waiting for the arrival of a precious baby girl.

Then after a long long hard labor (28 hours),  Miss Vivi came into the world (on 1/11).   WOW---what a blessing to see this little bundle of joy.

Here's another picture showing Little Vivi.

This is Mimi (Lara),  Vivi's Grandmother.  She was a trooper during the 28 hours of labor.. She was the only person I think who didn't sleep.   I remember the joy of being a Grandmother for the first time.   Such Joy!!!

And,  here is a picture of Brooke's sister,  Bay, holding her niece.  Bay and Lara were both there from Texas for the birth.  Bay is so excited to be the very best Aunt she can be!!!!

Now let's switch gears!!!!   This picture was taken on March 6, 1997, when Brooke was born.  That is her Dad  (son Mark) and her Mom (Lara).    (Brooke herself --like Vivian--was a big baby weighing  9 lb 12 oz at birth!!)

Also,  in 1997,   Daddy Mark is making his daughter Brooke smile.  Speaking of Mark,  he came down with that terrible FLU last weekend,  so he has to wait a little while before seeing his Granddaughter Vivian.   He will be known as Pappa,  and he cannot wait to see them.  I cannot wait to see him holding that precious granddaughter  for the first time!!!!   This birth is especially timely for Mark since he lost his wife in August.  There's DEATH---and then there is LIFE.   Thanks be to God.

One more picture from 1997:  This is Brooke and you can definitely see the resemblance between her and her daughter.  Brooke was always smiling --just like her Daddy.

VIVIAN LEE  (Vivi) at 2 days of age!

Here's one more picture of my adorable GREAT GRANDDAUGHTER.  This is my favorite one SO FAR... Mom and Dad are just leaving from the hospital to go HOME.  I'm sure I'll have many more pictures to share as time passes.   She's the first BABY in our family in about 20 years --so you can imagine the excitement all of us have.

And for Brooke and Tristan,  CONGRATULATIONS.... Your life will never the be same!

One more thing:   A huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to son Mark TODAY....Mark was born on January 15, 1970...... Hope you have a good day,  Honey!