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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Headin' to TEXAS to Hug some Grandchildren

George and I are 'hitting the road' again. This time we are going to Texas to see my middle son and his adorable family.. My two Texas granddaughters both play softball---and do it well... I have yet to get to see them play, so we hope to see some games this weekend . We're headed down there today and will be back home on Tuesday night, the 21st. We won't be near the computer, so I won't post any blogs or leave comments until we get back home.

However, my son called today saying that the Houston area is supposed to get RAIN this weekend. Just our luck!!!!!! SO--we may or may not get to see them play softball. Oh Well!!!! We're going anyhow---and will enjoy just getting to see them.

My granddaughters are growing up so fast. The older one is 15 and the younger one is 12... Mercy Me... This Grammy will be going to a high school graduation before too many years! The girls are pictured above. This picture was taken at Christmas. Aren't they just beautiful???? Of course, Grandmothers are prejudiced. (If you recently read my post about taking the grandgirls to Stone Door, well--these are the same two girls... Gee--how they've grown up in 3 yrs.) Below are a couple more pictures.

This is the older grand---and her high school softball team. In the top picture, she is in the middle on the first row--- you know---the pretty one!! Be sure and enlarge this picture!

This is the younger grand, after a tournament last summer. Isn't she a cutie???? I can't wait to see the entire family.

I hope all of you have a wonderful week/weekend. I'll miss you ---and will catch up with your blogs when we get home.

Love and Bunches of Hugs,