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Monday, June 19, 2017


Our HOME 5/22/17
I love this quote:  "Green is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises."  I usually put an emphasis on the colors in our yard --but this year, especially after our terrible drought last year,  I am in love with the GREENS in our yard!!!!!

Today I want to share more of our yard and more of the 'greens' we have.   Hope you enjoy seeing the beauty in all of this GREEN....

Our Ivy/Periwinkle (Vinca Minor) BED on the upper side of our front yard (6/8/17)

Hosta Plants around the dogwood tree in our front yard  (6/12/17)  NOTE:  Deer munched on the one on the right!! Darn!

Another view from the opposite direction of our English Ivy and Periwinkle (Vinca Minor) bed on the upper side of our front yard  (6/12/17)

Hostas among the Ivy/Periwinkle (6/12/17)

First Hosta Blooms of the summer  (6/12/17)

Another Hosta among the Ivy/Periwinkle (the one which is blooming);  (6/12/17)

Continuing on the upper side of the yard toward the back,  this is mostly Periwinkle with a little Ivy;  See George in the background hiding????? ha.... (6/12/17)

Another picture of the upper side of the yard toward the back;  The Periwinkle is so thick here --and even though it takes years to get THIS thick,  it is a great ground cover since it eats up the weeds!!!  (6/12/17)_

This Hosta was our largest hosta plant UNTIL this year...  It is now in 2nd place --but is still pretty (on the upper side of the yard)  (6/12/16)

This is now the largest Hosta we have (on the lower side of the yard);  SO pretty!   (5/18/17)

More Green --with colors among the greens  (Roses and Day Lilies)  (6/8/17)

My favorite Hosta Bed this year  (lower side of the front yard)   (5/16/17)

Same Hosta Bed as above --a month later (6/12/17) ----IF these keep growing,  I'm gonna need a bigger bed... ha

Lower front yard under the big Red Bud tree  (Want to come and sit on our bench with me?) (6/12/17)

Another picture of the lower front side yard, looking back to the road   (6/12/17)

HOME  (6/8/17)

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Mark Wilhite;  Married 6/12/17 in Galveston, Texas;  Congrats to both!!!  (Mark is my middle son, and he and Debbie have just returned from a Caribbean Cruise.  I am so happy for them and love them both so very very much.

One more collage from the wedding last Monday of my son, Mark, and the love of his life,  Debbie;  They just returned from a Carnival Cruise to the Caribbean. These two Sweethearts have more fun together than anyone I know.  The key to their deep love and their relationship is LAUGHTER.   I am so happy for them, and I KNOW that they enjoyed every single minute on that cruise,  and will have an extremely happy life together FOREVER!!!

Hope you enjoyed today pictures of the greens in our yard... AND I hope you enjoyed seeing these pictures of two very happy people in love.... I love them both with all of my heart!

One more thing:  Hope you had a great Father's Day Weekend.... IF you would like to read some about my sweet Daddy,  click HERE.