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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Deer and Bird Visitors

Yesterday, I posted a picture of a deer and some little birds at my feeders. Today, I'll add a few more to the collection. Since we had TEN deer visiting us on Monday, I will show you more of the pictures of them---plus more of my cute little birdies. Above is a neat picture of a Mourning Dove --perched near the Rhododendron on our deck. Below are more!

I love this picture of my Baby Blues (Eastern Bluebirds)--taking turns at the Suet feeder.

We first saw the deer in the empty lot next door to our home.

This female Downy Woodpecker (NOTE that there is no red spot on her head) visits the Suet feeder also.

After visiting our back yard (see yesterday's blog picture), all of the deer headed out toward the golf course fairway behind our home. There really were ten of them --but they were too spread-out to get them all in one picture. (I had never seen groups of 10 before. Last year, we had groups of 7.)

Isn't this a sweet picture of the male and female Eastern Bluebirds? We have many Bluebirds around our yard... I wonder if these were some of the little ones I photographed in the summer when they were born????

When I took the picture of the Cardinal featured in yesterday's blog, I also took a picture of this little Carolina Wren --who was also forging for food on our deck!

Our resident Pileated Woodpecker comes to the suet feeder almost everyday when it's cold and snowy outside. I took these pictures this past Monday. He comes and checks out the situation before heading to the Suet feeder.

From the top of the clothes line post, Mr. Pilwood (the resident Pileated Woodpecker) flies to the Suet feeder. I have never been lucky enough to catch a bird during flight before much---so was thrilled to capture this one. Their wingspan is amazing!!!

Now Mr. Pilwood is at the Suet feeder. He really knows how to hang onto the feeder. I added this photo so that you can see how LONG this guy is... Isn't he HUGE?????

One more story about Mr. Pilwood... As big as he is, I was disappointed to see him fly quickly away when one of those stinkin' Starlings (I don't take pictures of Starlings --or Squirrels.. ha) came to the Suet feeder... I guess most all of the birds--including the Pileated Woodpeckers, don't want anything to do with the Starlings. (Luckily, we don't have very many Starlings at our feeders!!!)

Here's another picture I took of a male Cardinal ---waiting in a nearby tree for a turn at the feeders.

And finally, here is a sweet picture of a female Easter Bluebird. Such a gorgeous little bird!!!

Let's all remember the people in Haiti today. What a horrible situation. May God be with them!