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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fabulous Seafood

As you know (from looking at us--ha ha;  of course,  I'm speaking for me, not for George), George and I do love to eat.  We love fresh seafood ---and we cannot get much of it in Tennessee... Red Lobster just doesn't do it for us!!!! ha ... SO--that's one major reason we love to go to the beach.  We eat fresh seafood EVERY NIGHT we are there...  We both love the huge fresh SCALLOPS  (Yum) and I (not George) love OYSTERS.  We also love many other seafoods:  shrimp,  crab, clams, flounder,  etc....

One of our favorite restaurants at Calabash,  North Carolina,  on the inlet (where shrimp boats and deep sea fishing boats go in and out) is the DOCKSIDE RESTAURANT...  Click HERE to see map of area. You can see Myrtle Beach (on the left --Grand Strand),  then Little River,  then Calabash,  then Sunset Beach and then Ocean Isle where we stayed.  If you look at the word Calabash on the map --and drop down toward the water inlet,  Dockside Restaurant is located there.

Anyhow,  if you want the best seafood in the entire world including hush puppies to die for,  be sure and visit the Dockside Restaurant if you are ever in that area.

Here are some pictures we took one of the nights we were there.  Above is the water inlet where the restaurant is.  We walked out on the dock to see the fishing and other boats.  Below are more pictures.

Here is one of the shrimp boats...  Can you imagine how fresh our dinners were --with that restaurant RIGHT there where the seafood is brought in????? Wow!!!

George says that he will take this boat.... Hmmmm--that would be nice!!!!

The seagulls caught the attention of the 'birder' in the family (Ha).  Each of them had a special post which they sat on, and squawked at us while we were roaming around that dock!!!!

The 'birder' in the family couldn't decide whether she liked the boats best or the birds.... ha

I love this close-up I got of one of the cute little Seagulls,  perched up there above my head!

George stands next to his huge live oak tree --next to the restaurant.   Sorry we didn't get any pictures of the restaurant itself this time.  We have in past years,  but didn't take any this year.

Like I've said,  if you ever get to the Myrtle Beach area,  a drive to Calabash for some DOCKSIDE seafood must be on your agenda.  YUM!!!!

Have a wonderful day.  This post has made me hungry --just thinking about that seafood!!!! ha