Welcome to JOYFUL REFLECTIONS. My Header Picture for June 2021 shows one of our beautiful LILIES in our yard. This one is named PURPLE PRINCE.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Lilies in our Yard --Part I

Crimson Pixie Lily -- taken on 5/10/14
Many of our LILIES have not bloomed yet --but I do have 12 to share with you today.  We have trouble with Chipmunks/Squirrels digging up our Lily and Tulip bulbs (thinking they are nuts).. SO---we don't have as many Lilies as we used to have.  However,  we still have ALOT ---and I hope you will enjoy seeing some of them today.

My favorites so far this year are TREFFER and MONTENEGRO.... Which one/ones are your favorites?

Sit back and enjoy the photos --and remember to click on them for enlargements.

Lollypop Lilies --6/1/14

Regale Lily --6/6/14

Orange Electric Lilies --6/7/14

Tinos Lilies --6/8/14

Treffer Lilies-- 6/9/14

Rosella's Dream Lilies--6/9/14

Red Twinkle Lily-- 6/10/14

Montenegro Lilies --6/10/14

Madonna Lily-- 6/12/14

Pink Lemonade Lily-- 6/13/14

Freedom's Glow Lilies-- 6/13/14
Hope you enjoyed this set of Lilies...  I'll close with a photo of the beauty I see from inside our home ---looking outside at the Lilies!   Wish you could be here to SMELL them!!!
Lilies in our side yard ---Photo taken on 6/13/14 from inside our home looking out
I love all of our flowers --with Roses being an all-time favorite,  but there's something very special about LILIES also...   Hope you have an incredibly marvelous day!