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Monday, October 6, 2014

The Remainder of the Roses in our Yard -- 2014

TIFFANY ROSE (taken on 9/1/14)
This is my 6th post showing this year's ROSES in our Yard.   In order to see any or all of those posts,  click HERE.   (They are listed under the label,  ROSES 2014,  on my sidebar.)

Today,  I will share with you the roses I have not featured yet  this year.  As I've said in past,  we have 61 different varieties of Rose Bushes in our yard... I have featured all of them except for 12 --which I will show you today.   Actually,  I will show you those 12  PLUS 3 more favorites of mine (which have been featured before).

The fifteen will be featured in THREE parts.  First will be the ones which actually bloomed in September.  Secondly will be the others which have not been featured yet this year --but did not bloom in September.  I had to go back to June/July for those pictures... AND thirdly,  I'll feature three more favorites of mine that bloomed in September... Sit back and enjoy --and don't forget to click on them for enlargements.

VETERAN'S HONOR ROSE  (taken  9/13/14)---a favorite in our garden EVERY year!

SONIA ROSE  (taken in the rain on 9/3/14)

SWEET AFTON ROSE  (taken on 9/15/14)

PINK PEACE ROSE (taken on 9/8/14)

SOMETHING SPECIAL ROSE (taken on 9/26/14)

EIFFEL TOWER ROSE (taken on 9/16/14)

PART II  (Photos taken in June/July)

MELODY PARFUMEE ROSE  (taken on 6/5/14)

FRAGRANT CLOUD ROSE (taken on 6/6/14)

MEMORIAL DAY ROSE (taken on 6/21/14)

GLOWING PEACE ROSE (taken on 7/1/14)

SWEET FREEDOM ROSE (taken on 6/26/14)

PART III --- My three favorites this past month!!!

SOFT WHISPER ROSE (taken on 9/17/14)
This is a new rose in our yard this year ---and it has been terrific.. It has bloomed and bloomed ---and holds its blooms for a long time... I love this pink color --which gets darker as it ages... AND--this rose smells terrific!!!!

WELCOME HOME ROSE (taken on 9/7/14)
We have several yellow roses ---and this one is one of the prettiest.  We have had this rose for a few years and it never ceases to give us lots of blooms.

SUMMER SURPRISE ROSE (taken on 9/8/14)
Finally,  this is and has been my favorite rose in our yard THIS year.  This is also a new rose this year ---and has bloomed off and on all summer.  I love how it changes colors as it ages,  but is always gorgeous at any stage of life.  (I need to do a blog post on this one rose showing you what it looks like from birth to death!)  What a fantastic Rose...

Well----if you have looked at all of the Rose Blog Posts,  you have seen one bloom of every variety in our yard this year.  I hope you have enjoyed these.  George does a phenomenal job of taking care of our Roses ---and if you know anything about roses,  you will know that the ones we grow (Hybrid Teas and Grandifloras) are NOT easy to grow and care for.  George loves his 'babies' --and I am blessed to get to enjoy them.

Some of you have requested to see more buds --so I may do a Rosebud Post sometime.  I hate for the season to be ending --but some of these beauties will bloom til the first frost..  THEN---we'll just have to see what winter brings us and how many of these roses will bloom again next year.