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Monday, November 7, 2011

Late Fall in Fairfield Glade

There's something uniquely special about LATE Fall...  I love all of the REDS and RUSTS this time of year... All of the Fall colors are special---but right now, ALL of the leaves left on the trees are showing off their end-of-the-year color!!!!!

George took me for a short ride on Saturday afternoon late. The sun was going down ---so the colors were magnificent... I want to share some pictures today that we took during this little ride... The picture above was taken at an over look near Fairway 14 of the Druid Hills Golf Course.  You get a great view of the Cumberland Plateau in this picture.  You can enlarge all of my pictures to 16x10.

I love the REDS of Fall ---and this particular Maple is showing off for us...  Pretty, huh,  against that blue sky????

AND---I don't want to forget the YELLOWS of Fall... Here's a pretty one for you!

Finally,   here's a picture we took across one of our many lakes (Canterbury) in the Glade.  The sun was really going down ---but I loved the way that sun portrayed its colors across and on the lake... Looks like the trees are on fire,  doesn't it??????

I have more Late Autumn pictures to share ----so will show you another set on Wednesday.   Thanks again for the MANY get-well wishes.  I am gradually getting my strength back---but am trying to take it easy ---as much as possible.