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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fall Colors have Arrived in the Glade

I know that I just showed some Fall pictures yesterday ----but our Fall colors (just the past couple of days) are GORGEOUS here... As you know, we are very DRY---so most of the color is YELLOW --with a little red... I don't think it will last very long because of the drought... BUT--it's pretty right now!!!

Both George and I got out late yesterday afternoon with our cameras to take some pictures in our yard... I picked out a few to share with you today. We also need to go out with our cameras in the mornings for a different perspective --when the sun is in the front instead of the back... Our Maples have not changed yet ---and they are always gorgeous in the Fall. But--we do have some pretty color today!

Above is a picture taken while looking over the top of the house.. Isn't it amazing how much the trees have turned in just a few days? Below are more... Hope you enjoy our Autumn photos.

Recently, I showed a couple of pictures of our home from the front, looking toward the back of the house.. IF you go back to yesterday's post, you will see those pictures... THIS (above) is what it looks like now!!!! Amazing, huh, how the colors can change so quickly???? Wow!!!

This beautiful red bush is one of MANY in Fairfield Glade... It is called a Burning Bush. This bush is in our neighbor's yard next door---but we enjoy its beautiful red color....

This is a picture from the side yard in the back --looking toward the deck... You can see all of the beautiful colors we are experiencing in the back yard. NOTE also the brown grass in the backyard.... Have I mentioned how DRY it has been here?????????

There is a little bit of red showing through on our gorgeous red tree in the front yard. We'll show a picture of this tree again when it turns totally red... It's another fav of mine!

Finally, our beautiful Redbud tree near the front porch is looking pretty with its yellow leaves. Some years, this tree turns bright yellow in Fall --and other years, it does not. I think the drought helps the leaves to turn yellow... Maybe that is one good thing to come out of a drought!!!! ha

This pretty Redbud leaf is for CHERYL in MAINE since she collects hearts!!!!!! Isn't this a pretty leaf?????

I will close with a picture of 3 blooms of our Veterans Honor ROSE ---all at different stages. This is such a beautiful rose ---and I wish you could smell it... Fall is a great time for our roses to show-off... They will bloom until frost and freezing temperatures appear.

Have a great day!!!! I know that we will!