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Friday, February 6, 2009

Cedar Falls (Arkansas)

Have I mentioned that George and I LOVE hiking and visiting waterfalls???? Ha-Ha!!! We've only seen 295 different waterfalls since 2001 when we first met and got married. George is really anxious to reach 300 SOON.
Today, I want to share one of our waterfall visits and hikes. In November of 2006, while we were in Arkansas, we visited Petit Jean State Park and hiked the 2 mile hike to see Cedar Falls. The hike down was marked as 'moderate'--mainly because of the steepness. The picture above is of Cedar Falls from the bottom. There are several more pictures below.

The hike began at Mather Lodge, where we had lunch following the hike down and back.

The trail was pretty --with lots of rocks all around, as we hiked down the mountain.

We made it down the mountain, and crossed the bridge at Cedar Creek. After crossing the bridge, we turned right and followed the creek to the waterfall.

Look up to the top of that mountain!!! That is where we started. (Can you believe we had to hike back UP that mountain???)

We MADE it to the falls!!!! Thank goodness there were lots of rocks around so that "I" could SIT and REST.. ha ha

While I 'rested'---George wandered around getting more pictures. Isn't this a beautiful cove and waterfall??

WELL---we did make it back up that mountain! We had a good lunch--and then went to the 'upper' lookout--to see the waterfall from above. It is pretty from above, but MUCH prettier when you can see it up close and personal!

Once we got home after that trip, we put on our new t-shirts which we bought while at Petit Jean. The shirts say: "We survived the hike out."
Hope you enjoyed our hike to Cedar Falls.


Kim said...

Betsy, every time I see your pictures in your favorite places I can see the joy radiate into the pictures. Lovely pictures and I can't get over all of the waterfalls you have seen!

Jayne said...

Wow, I am impressed Betsy! That was SOME climb there. :c) Love the t-shirts and I am sure you are wearing them with well deserved pride.

Michele said...

WHEW! I was exhausted just looking at the trails and the views! That is one amazing waterfall and I know I would have LOVED to have seen that one with my own eyes!
You two look fabulous!
Very nice indeed!

CountryDreaming said...

Cedar Falls is definitely worthy of being called a favorite place. Love the rock formation accompanying the waterfall ... Both the cliff and its cascade are beautifully shaped and proportioned. Gorgeous textures, awesome photography, a special day.

Anonymous said...

Hi Betsy, Such beautiful photos of you, George and the waterfall. The best sounding part to me was the lunch!!!

Unknown said...

Ya'll have way too much fun together don't you? I love the last photo and what cute shirts!!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Betsy,I would say that the hike was worth all the effort.The falls are beautiful.I hope you get to visit many more falls in the years to come.

Lawsy Mercy said...

You two are too cute for words! I enjoyed the photos. By the way, glad you did this hike but I think you are crazy! J/K!

Hugs :)

Cedar ... said...

Hey, with a name like Cedar Falls, you know I would love that! It's certainly a beauty!

Kathleen McQueen Wright said...

I would love to tag along on some of your hikes!!

Susie said...

I have never visited this part of the state before but have wondered what it looked like. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful place.

And by the way I love those t-shirts. Really cute!

NCmountainwoman said...

Lovely waterfall. I'm sure it was well worth the hike back up. Thanks for taking us along.

SmilingSally said...

You do get some beautiful shots!

Shelley said...

This hike to Cedar Falls was especially beautiful! I loved the wooden Bridge George was standing on - loved seeing the falls of course! Maybe #296 can be Tahquemmenon Falls in Michigan! :-)

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Betsy: Very cool falls and best wishes on reaching 300.

Mary said...

Looks like it was a great hike! That's a lot of waterfalls you two have visited!

I Am Woody said...

Beautiful pics! And I love those t-shirts in the last one!!

Pat - Arkansas said...

I'm so glad you and George enjoyed Cedar Falls. I used to visit there frequently (in my youth) but haven't been back for years. I couldn't make the hike down now, but I could still enjoy seeing it from the upper overlook. Thanks for the photos.

Anonymous said...

What wonderful, happy pictures. Your post makes me impatient for the frigid temps to go away, so I can get back outdoors again.

Karin said...

You've got to be quite in shape to tackle all the hiking the two of you do! The falls are beautiful! Wonderful pictures and your joy radiates right through.

Cicero Sings said...

It's great you two do so much hiking. Walking is SO good for one ... and that looked like quite the hike. You two are very cute in your new shirts.

We have some nice falls here .....

Natalie said...

WOW! That makes me tired jsut looking at that hike! The falls are gorgeous though!

Connie said...

295 waterfalls. WOW!! I wish my husband enjoyed hiking as much as yours does. My husband NEVER gets more then 100 yards from the truck. Usually not that far. His favorite saying when we go exploring is "Why walk when you can ride?" I usually hike with my mom, or my son, but time is an issue. I don't have any.

Loran said...

I would love to go hiking with you to Cedar Falls! That is a beautiful place. And, you Miss Betsy, look so hapy in all your pictures.

Jen said...

You guys find great waterfalls.
The only problem with hiking down is the trip back up.
Y'all make a cute couple. :)

Anonymous said...

What an intrepid pair you are! Wonderful trip, thanks for sharing!

Janie said...

I've done some hiking in Arkansas and found some pretty waterfalls there. Don't think I've seen this one, though. Nice pics. I hope you reach 300 as soon as the snow melts!

amelia said...

You two must be so healthy!!
What a wonderful pastime getting out and hiking the way you do.

I love reading of your adventures, it takes me away from here for a while!

Anonymous said...

Wow..I would not be able to make the trek without being carried most of the way..LOL...

Wendy said...

Wowie!!!! What fun! Thanks for taking us along. I also love waterfalls. You guys look like you're really in good shape.
Cherish the time you have together.

Anonymous said...

Great pix Betsy. Thanks for sharing. It does take being in good shape to hike like that & it is worth it.
The lady that hiked the whole length of the Appalachian Trail {breaking her leg 3 times} started when she was 62 yrs young. Sadly she just passed {I believe she was 92}.She started in Maine & hiked to Tn. where she broke her leg the last time. After healing she started at the Southern end & hiked to Tn. where she left off when she broke her leg. Her hiking boots are in the museum. She was a local girl.

Dorothy said...

Beautiful Falls! I enjoyed your hike from my easy chair!

Diane said...

Hi, Betsy, Great pictures of your hike and you always had a smile on your face. Really nice picture of you and George and the end with your new t shirts. Whew! You wear me out.

Diane said...

Hi, Betsy, Whew! You guys wear me out. Great pictures, especially the last one of you and George in your new t shirts.

Judy said...

Hi Betsy! You two must be in great shape from all that hiking! I enjoyed your pictures. I am finally back online and back in the world of bloggers. Thank you so much for all your kind comments and concern during the ice storm ordeal. I feel like I have been in jail and not allowed to have visitors. lol.

Unknown said...

I'm impressed that you've remembered them all, and can put a number to them. I'm so busy calculating the flows over them that sometimes I lose track ... but I can assure you it's no where close to you number. But blame part of that on flat Florida!

Betty said...

Hi Betsy,

I did enjoy hiking with you. I would definitely have needed a long rest after all that hiking, lol.

I'm sure you have been to Fall Creek Falls. It's very pretty there.

Have a good weekend.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Kallen-- Well---I am happy. Thanks!!!! George and I both enjoy hiking and seeing new waterfalls. Getting out in nature helps keep us HAPPY.

Jayne--Yes, that was one of many that we take that is quite steep... I love hiking--but I can really get hot and sweaty!!!! That's why I wore a short-sleeved shirt and George had on a sweatshirt for awhile... ha

Michele--That trail to that waterfall was very good. Sometimes we have to go 'off-trail' (bushwhack) --and that is harder especially in the summer with the briars and brambles. I really prefer to hike in the winter.

Hi Country Dreaming--- The rock formations are incredible --around many of the waterfalls we visit. What is even nicer is when the area is also surrounded by laurels and rhododendrons. FABULOUS!!!

Mildred, HA HA---you are so funny!!! The lunch was really good AFTER that hike back up the mountain!!!

Darla--I know----it's just too much fun!!!! ha ha... Those are neat shirts---and when we wear them, we are reminded of our great hike to Cedar Falls.

Ruth--We hope to keep on visiting waterfalls as much as we can ---until the old legs wear out!!!! It was a great hike--and seeing Cedar Falls from the bottom was worth that hike.

Vanessa-- No---not crazy!!! Just a little nutty!!! ha ha.. We truly enjoy hiking --and it's a real 'high' when we come upon a beautiful waterfall out there in the woods... We ARE passionate about waterfalls... Can you tell????ha

Cedar---I did this one for you... Since it was named after you, I thought they could at least have published your picture next to the waterfall.... ha ha

Kathleen---Well come on ---ANYTIME.

Susie--This is one of our favorite parts of Arkansas. We stay at Mt. Nebo (near Russellville)---and enjoy the lower Ozarks.

Carolyn---Yes, the hike back up was a little tough ---but worth it for sure. I love seeing waterfalls from the bottom.. Someday--we'll come and see YOURS.

Sally--thanks!!! It was a great day for a hike.

Shelley---We always enjoy those little bridges when we cross the creek. Many times (on many hikes), we have to 'ford' the creek... I get a little scared at times when the creeks are at high-water and quite swift... George is so good to help me when I need it!!!! I'd love to see Tahquemmenon Falls one day!!!

Tom---Thanks... I hope we reach 300 soon.. Hopefully, if the weather gets better--we can get out and check some more out.

Mary--Yes, we've seen many waterfalls---some little ones and some big ones. We even have seen some with NO water. That's not much fun!!!! ha

Woody-- Thanks!!! We collect T-shirts and have a bunch!!! Most everywhere we go, we 'try' to buy shirts. Some places have them and some don't... I do like this one from Cedar Falls though.

Pat--Petit Jean is a beautiful park. We like to stay in the cabins on top of Mt. Nebo though---so that's where we stay when we go to Arkansas. Then we check out the area around there each time we go. You live in a gorgeous state!

Pigeon-- We are also waiting to get back out there and search for more waterfalls. Our weather hasn't been very good lately either--but it's supposed to warm up some this weekend and next week. Yeah!!!!

Karin---I'm NEVER in shape!!!! ha ha... BUT--I am pretty healthy---so I can hike pretty well... I do enjoy it --and when it gets tough, George is SO good to help me.

Cicero--Oh---we'd love to visit your waterfalls someday... There's so many waterfalls all over the countries (USA and Canada) that we want to see... Someday maybe!!!! Sigh!

Natalie--The hike was worth it--just to see those beautiful falls... It's so neat to sit on a rock and enjoy the falls at eye level.

Connie---I am lucky---since both George and I enjoy hiking and 'waterfalling'... I wouldn't do it without him!!! Walking is the best exercise --especially as we get older.

Hi Loran-- Well---just come east and we'll all go together!!! I am happy---that's for sure!!!!

Jen--Some of our waterfalls are small and some are big. The ones we don't care for (after a long hike) are the ones where there is NO water. HA! AND YES, going back up that mountain wasn't easy. BUT--we surely did enjoy our lunch that day!!! ha

Deb---Thanks!!!! Got any waterfalls up there for us to enjoy??????

Janie---I'd love to know which waterfalls you have seen in Arkansas. We are always looking for new ones!!!! AND--we are going to Arkansas in March. Yes, I hope we do get to 300 soon!!!

Amelia--- This is GREAT exercise for us--and we do enjoy it. Glad you enjoyed going with us on our hike today!!!!

Michelle-- Well---you can just go along with us on our hikes (from the comfort of your own home). Okay?

Wendy--Well---we love to hike, but being in shape???? We try ---but it ain't easy!!! Age is catching up with me!!! ha ... But we do cherish the time we do have together. Thanks!

Lola-- We try to stay in shape---but we both love to eat. SO--eating healthy is always on our minds.. Sometimes we do better than other times. BUT--we also know that exercise is very important for BOTH of us. I had not read about that lady.. BUT--I could never do that !!!! She must have been a remarkable person. Where do you live, Lola?

Hi Dorothy... That sounds like the kind of hike I need to do---a "virtual" hike!!!! ha ha... BUT --if I did that, I wouldn't get to enjoy seeing all of those beautiful waterfalls --in person. SO---I'll keep hiking as long as I can.

Diane---I like those t-shirts also. We collect t-shirts when we hike and visit waterfalls (at least at the places that sell them)....That Cedar Falls shirt is special --and we always get alot of comments when we wear them!!!

Judy--Welcome back. I've missed you!!! Glad things are getting back to normal. I know how you must have felt with no internet... It had to have been like being in jail... Hugs to you!

Bob---I'm sure if we lived in your neck of the woods, we wouldn't be seeing many waterfalls.. Luckily, up here there are MANY to see. George is the math guy.. He keeps track of them on a spreadsheet on the computer.

Betty-- Well, after that hike back up that mountain, I'll admit that I sure did enjoy our lunch!!!!! Oh Yes--Fall Creek Falls is our favorite place. That's what began our interest in waterfalls ---and that's where we told each other that we loved each other for the first time... Special Place for SURE!!!!

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...


I've never been there, but my mom and dad have!

I always smile when I see pictures of you and your hubby! You two are always smiling and you look so happy together! I think it's great that you two share so many loves of nature and are able to take these adventures together! What a goal to have 300 waterfalls!

You two have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

You two are not only perfectly matched but also put the Hubster & I to utter shame. WOW and look at the rewards you receive when you make the effort! WTG

Busy Bee Suz said...

What a lovely day for you both.
I am still so amazed each time I read one of your entries like this, just how perfect you two are suited for each other...it is like "someone" had a plan for you both!!!
Take care,

Anonymous said...

Hi Betsy,
I live in North Central Fl. Not sure if there is any falls here.
I've seen the Fall Creek Falls. They are pretty. DH & I use to hike to falls when we were on vacation. Mostly in N.C. Have you ever been to Bridal Veil Falls in N.C.? We were a little disappointed===not much water coming over them at the time.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Tamny--You all need to visit Petit Jean State Park, Mt. Nebo State Park and Mt. Magazine State Park. All are WONDERFUL... Thanks!!! George and I do love hiking and waterfalling!!! Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!

Sarah-- George is truly my 'soul-mate'---if you want to use that word!!! We are suited for each other since we both enjoy the same things!!! I am blessed... And those shirts are cute, aren't they????

Suzanne--George is my 'dream come true.' I was divorced for 20 yrs. never thinking I'd find the right man for me. Thank God I finally did--at age 59... Yes, we feel that God was the one who brought us together. I need to write our 'story.'

Lola--North Central Florida, huh???? Are you near Ocala? I lived in Jacksonville in the late 70's. My brothers and my mother (after she moved there to be near them) lived in St. Augustine. There are several Bridal Veil Falls.. The one in NC I remember is the one you can drive under.. Is that the one you are thinking about??? We hate to visit waterfalls when they have NO water.

Anonymous said...

Hi Betsy,
I live about 30 min. South of Jacksonville. It's actually closer for me to go to Gainesville. It's only about 26 miles from Gainesville.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi Lola, You must be in a perfect place--halfway between Jacksonville and Gainesville. I've been down that way through Middleburg and Stark...

Anonymous said...

Starke it is. Small town very clannish. Little Peyton Place.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Okay---I know where you are. I've never been to Starke, but I've been through there.

Leedra said...

We all like waterfalls, but are not willing to make the hikes you two are so we are real glad you share these with us. You even let us see which ones we better not attempt the trip to.

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