Welcome to JOYFUL REFLECTIONS. Also welcome to JUNE...Today's photo includes two of our amazing IRISES this year. Their name is Goodnight Kiss and this picture was taken on 5/4/22. Now that the IRISES are gone, we are looking forward to seeing the Roses, Day Lilies and Lilies in bloom during June. Have a great month ahead.

Monday, May 16, 2022

IRISES in our YARD --2022 (Part II)

Dear Blog Friends,  Last week I published some of our beautiful IRIS Collections.  See that post by clicking HERE.

Today I'll share Part II of our IRISES this year.  As I said last week,  this has been our BEST year yet when it comes to the Irises...They are almost gone now --and will be missed.  BUT I have lots of pictures to keep looking at and sharing.

Part II shows some of the single IRISES up close and personal... Sit back and enjoy seeing these beauties... Imagine a yard full of about 500 of these (all different colors).  It has been magnificent.

Eggnog Iris 4/25/22

My Friend Jonathan Iris 4/26/22

Second Fiddle Iris 4/28/22

Floor Show Iris 4/28/22

Garden Grace Iris  4/29/22

Feedback Iris 4/29/22

Concertina Iris 4/29/22

Paprika Fono's Iris 5/3/22

Buckwheat Iris 5/3/22

Victoria Falls Iris 5/4/22

Orange Harvest Iris 5/4/22

Cantina Iris 5/4/22

Picasa Moon Iris 5/6/22

Elizabeth Poldack Iris 5/9/22

Tennessee Vol Iris 5/11/22

Mother Earth Iris 5/11/22

Champagne Elegance Iris 5/12/22

WELL --that's enough, but some of my favorites...I mostly tried to pick different ones from last week's group,  but there were still many more beauties...  I will close with my all-time (for years) favorite IRIS...

Hope you have an awesome week ahead...



Bountiful Harvest Iris  4/28/22


Lynda said...

You and George take the best photos!!! I would think a magazine or textbook would enjoy having them.
How do you ever come inside the house with all that beauty outside? Springtime is such a beautiful time to enjoy God's creation. It is even more magnificent since it follows our dreary winters.
THANKS for posting!

George said...

Somehow I knew your were going to post Bountiful Harvest as your all-time favorite. It is beautiful, but we had many gorgeous blossoms this year.

Ginny Hartzler said...

Eggnog & Mother Earth for me! Good to see a post from you, Betsy! Your header is so stunning!

Ruth Hiebert said...

Each one is beautiful. I couldn’t pick a favorite. Oh how I wish I could come and see these for myself, oh and just maybe get in a little visit. I can dream, right?

Ann said...

These are simply gorgeous. I couldn't possibly choose just one for a favorite. Mine haven't even bloomed yet.

eileeninmd said...

Hello Betsy,
Beautiful Irises and photos. Take care, have a great day and week ahead!

Lowcarb team member said...

Hello Betsy
Your irises are so beautiful and the colours breathtaking.
Thank you for sharing their beauty here.

Sending my good wishes.

All the best Jan

Linda G. said...

Beautiful pictures of each flower. The clarity and color are exceptional.

diane b said...

Wow what an amazing collection of irises. All so beautiful.