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Tuesday, July 5, 2022


Dear Blog Friends,   Hope you had a fantastic 4th of July weekend.  We spent the 4th with some great friends, eating and laughing and enjoying the hot summer day ---while celebrating our country.  

But today,  I am going back a few weeks to share some pictures from our 21st Wedding Anniversary trip to the Pisgah Inn which is along the Blue Ridge Parkway west of Asheville, North Carolina.  We have been to Pisgah for several years at this time. It's a tradition for us which we both love. And this year it was even better since Pisgah Inn sits at an elevation of 5000 feet, and was MUCH cooler than it has been at home this summer.   If you love mountain retreats,  we highly recommend this wonderful place.

I hope you enjoy seeing pictures from our trip.

One June 21st,  we arrived at Pisgah Inn just in time to walk down to this lookout point at the Pisgah Inn Restaurant after having a delicious dinner.

After dinner,   we went back to our room and enjoyed the mountain views from our Balcony.

I see a cute little Smiley Face sitting on the deck, enjoying the marvelous view!

On  June 22,  we headed west on the Blue Ridge Parkway stopping at overlooks along the way.  The higher we got in elevation,  we started seeing the most beautiful  SPRUCE TREES 

George even took a picture of me in front of those Spruce Trees on 6/22/22.  (They smelled so good!!)

I took a picture of George at the sign telling people that they are at the highest elevation (6053 ft) along the entire Blue Ridge Parkway.  (6/22/22)

One of my favorite higher elevation wild shrubs/bushes is the FLAME AZALEAS in bloom this time of year.  I have five favorite high elevation blooms  (Catawba Rhododendrons--purple, Rosebay Rhododendrons--white,  Mountain Laurel,   Flame Azaleas, and the beautiful flowers of the Mountain Ash).  Every year we see some of these beauties in bloom.  This year we missed seeing the Rhododendron and Mountain Ash --but loved seeing the Flame Azaleas and LOTS of Mountain Laurel...GORGEOUS.

Two people in love enjoying the mountain scenery along the Blue Ridge Parkway,  6/22/22.

On our Anniversary,  Jun 23, 2022,  we drove EAST on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Our first destination that day (after stopping at many overlooks) was CRAGGY GARDENS  (elevation 5500 ft).  The clouds made it look like rain was near --but luckily,  we didn't get any!!!!  What made us very happy about being there this year was the fact that this is an area which is usually very FOGGY...  We were there on a perfect day!!!! Yeah!!!!  (The green plants in the picture are the Mountain Ash.  We missed their big white blooms this year --but if we go back in FALL,  we may see the red berries on those plants... SO pretty!!!!  

Some of the gorgeous MOUNTAIN LAUREL which we saw most everywhere we went this year;  Some of the Laurel is white and some pink.  So pretty... (June 23, 2022)

Picture taken looking northeast from the Craggy Pinnacle,  6/23/22; (I love seeing all of the interesting clouds we saw that day.)

Our next stop on our Anniversary was Mt. Mitchell State Park (a short drive off of the Blue Ridge Parkway)... The elevation at the top of the overlook at Mt. Mitchell is 6684 feet --which makes it the highest peak in North Carolina and east of the Mississippi River in the United States. Here's an interesting bit of information for you:  These big evergreens look a lot like the Spruce Trees found at the highest point along the Parkway.  However, at close observation,  these trees are not Spruce trees but are BALSAMS.  I had to read about the two --and truly,  there are differences... NEAT trivia for you today!!!

After a wonderful day on our Anniversary,  here's what God gave us that evening as we sat on our  balcony back at Pisgah Inn...  Don't we have a marvelous God?

George and I got married at ages 59 ---and as we begin our 22nd year together,  our love for one another just keeps growing and growing.  As I've said many times,  I am one BLESSED woman! 

Well---I'd better stop since I'm already on Picture Overload.  I'm sure I could share about 200 more pictures with you... ha ha...BUT---You might not appreciate that!!!!!!

We did have a marvelous Anniversary ---and I hope and pray that we can celebrate at Pisgah Inn for many more Anniversaries to come!!!!!!

Love you and miss all of you... I wish you would join me on Facebook since I usually post every day there!!!!  

God Bless America!!!



Betsy said...

Wonderful pictures. Happy Anniversary to you both! I used to be on Facebook but not anymore. I am on instagram and blog. Thank you for sharing and I must check into the area and Inn where you and George enjoy staying. Steve and I do need a get away and this place looks so beautiful to me.

Big Dude said...

Happy Anniversary and it's so great that you have this special place to go for celebrations of it.

Lynda said...

Once again you got perfect pictures of two perfectly in love sweethearts! People for sure know why they are called Blue Ridge because of what we see in your photos - - - and that sky near the end of the blog - - - - words can't describe the beauty God gives us. It is so magnificent!

Sandee said...

What a beautiful anniversary you had. Beautiful area to enjoy too.

I sent you a friends request on Facebook. It's under Sandee Clark.

Have a fabulous day and week. ♥

George said...

This is a very nice summary of our Pisgah Inn stay, although you had too many pictures of the old man. I, too, hope we will be going back there to celebrate many more anniversaries.

Marcia said...

I think I bookmarked that inn years ago when you mentioned going there. Never did make it there when we lived closer in MD. Doubt we will now that we live in NH. I'll count on your blog to take me there each year. And as for FaceBook, no thanks.

Ginny Hartzler said...

The pink clouds and mountains at sunset are gorgeous, maybe my favorite of this post. I love the flame Azaleas, they are my favorite kind. So glad you had such fun and the weather cooperated!! This rose is amazing!!! George missed his calling; he should have been a Horticulturist.

The Furry Gnome said...

Wonderful pictures of a wonderful place! We see Balsam, Spruce and many other conifers all the time.

Betsy said...

Happy Anniversary again to the two of you. The scenery in these photos is amazing. I'm glad you were able to go and enjoy one of your favorite places together.

Fun60 said...

Many congratulations. I can see why you like to return tothat wonderful place with those fantastic views.

Ann said...

What gorgeous views you had. I can understand why you keep going there. Happy Anniversary to you both.

Ruth Hiebert said...

I enjoy seeing all your pictures and most of all, I love reading about your love for each other. That is so special. Yes, we do have an amazing God and He showers us with blessings.

David said...

Betsy, Great views...great photos! Looks like you had a great anniversary. Hoping you have many more! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

Linda said...

Happy anniversary! Lovely pictures!

William Kendall said...

Gorgeous views from the high ground.

Linda G. said...

Your photographs are gorgeous. What a beautiful place to celebrate your anniversary.

diane b said...

Beautiful photos of a beautiful area. You both look so happy and well. Keep it up.

Lowcarb team member said...

Hello Betsy
Thank you for sharing these wonderful photographs, such a lovely visit.
My good wishes to you both, belated Happy Anniversary Wishes.

All the best Jan

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What a fun time! We spent a lot of time there when we lived in Asheville and have such good memories! Now I want to go back! Happy Anniversary to the sweetest couple ever!