Welcome to JOYFUL REFLECTIONS. Also welcome to NOVEMBER. My header photo this month shows us enjoying the Fall Colors on our Leaf Peeking trip to the beautiful Smoky Mountains. (10/20/22). Have a great month ahead. Be thankful for your life and those in it.

Monday, October 3, 2022

Autumn through the Years in Fairfield Glade

 Dear Friends,   Welcome to October!!!!  As I say every month,  where is the time going????  I cannot believe that September is over....  Soon it will be Christmas! (Mercy)....

We haven't had much Fall color so far this year in our area  (Fairfield Glade, TN)---so  I had fun going through my old photos and picking out one for each year to share  (2003 - 2021).  I put the pictures in order, according to the year.  Every year brings different coloring due to the weather --and some years the colors are MUCH better than other years..  ENJOY!!!!

One of the gorgeous MAPLE Trees which bloom in our area  (2003)

Our little front yard (Oh how it has changed) (2004)

Walking on one of the Golf Courses here in the Glade  (2005)

Our back yard, when the sun illuminates the leaves  (2006)

A gorgeous day to walk in our neighborhood (2007)

One of the lakes in Fairfield Glade (2008)

Then there are the YELLOWS of Fall  (2009)

We have a love/hate relationship with the deer.  Taken from our deck;  (2010)

Reflections in the lake during the late-afternoon sun  (2011)

The blue skies and sunshine bring out the Fall colors.  (2012)

Looking across our front yard (2013)

From our deck,  looking at the beautiful Oak tree  (2014)

One of the few PINK colors in our yard (2015)

Our Home in Fall (2016)

Side Yard (including the pink Dogwood leaves)  (2017)

Beautiful tree at the Lutheran Church nearby (2018)

Beautiful colors from the late afternoon sun  (2019)

Our side yard Norway Maple tree; one of the last ones to turn colors  (2020)

Our beautiful Pink Dogwood showing off its Fall colors (2021)

Don't you love ALL of these different colors?  The dark oranges are some of my favorites.   AND --of course,  there are the brilliant red colors and the golden yellows...  One that is unique is the almost PINK one!

What are some of your favorite things about Fall besides the colors?  I love the smell of Fall,  the cooler temperatures,  fires in the fireplace,  putting on my sweats,  college football (ha),  hot Chili for dinner, walking in the leaves as they crunch under my feet,  ETC.....

Hope you enjoyed some of these photos?  Hopefully I will share some of our 2022 Fall Pictures soon.





George said...

What a beautiful review of the colors we've enjoyed her in the Glade over the years. Hopefully this year will bring more wonderful autumn color!

Sandee said...

Wow, so beautiful. I love all the colors of fall.

Have a fabulous day and week. ♥

Ruth Hiebert said...

These are so beautiful. It is a wonderful way to step back in time to relive the yearly beauty. I love the cooler weather of fall and cozy sweaters and jackets.

The Furry Gnome said...

Wonderful photos and colours! I love the noise as you scuffle through dry leaves on a walk.

Ann said...

Gorgeous fall photos. There isn't too much color here yet either.

Ginny Hartzler said...

So many beauties to choose from, Betsy! But the first one and 20011 are my favorites. Your house blends in so well with the surrounding nature.

Jo said...

Dearest DEAR Betsy, it's been so long since I visited your blog Your images are even more beautiful than I remembered. I am still going strong, Praise God. I trust you and George are well. Love Jo

Marcia said...

Every year Dan says "It's the prettiest fall I remember!" Your photos show that fall looks mostly the same each year. Leaves are getting beautiful here.

Shug said...

Wow...such stunning colors. My favorite is the Reflections from 2011. To view the Fall beautifies as they reflect in the water is just breath taking. I know that whoever lives there, wakes up each day with an abundance of beauty in front of them..

Lowcarb team member said...

Such a lovely selection of photographs Betsy, I enjoyed seeing them.

My good wishes.

All the best Jan

Linda said...

How beautiful!

Dee said...

Dear Betsy, thanks for the autumn tour! Like you, I love autumn with the color and a crispness in the air! Here in western Missouri--mid-way down--we have no color change as yet. But today the temperature at 8 AM was 24 degrees an the high today is predicted to be 45. However . . . this coming weekend--beginning on Friday, the highs will be in the low 80s! I think the cats are getting confused about why and when the patio door is or isn't open. Take care. I so enjoy your photographs on Facebook. Peace, Dee Ready

Haddock said...

What a lovely change of colours. Waiting for the 2022 pictures.