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Monday, June 24, 2019

Day Lilies in our Yard ---and an Update

Our largest Day Lily Bed 6/9/19
Dear Blog Friends,   First of all,  I have an apology for many of you...  The past couple of weeks,  I was spending a lot of time reading your posts and commenting..... I knew that my comments were just disappearing --but I thought you may have had Comment Moderation on....   SO--I kept on commenting and commenting....

Finally when I commented on a good friend's blog post,  I knew that she did not have  her comments modified....  Guess what?  My comment disappeared again....  She didn't get it.   Then I started doing some research  --and realized that my comments were all disappearing in La La Land.   SO SORRY---I had worked so hard for several days, and probably lost about 20 comments. 

I finally switched to Firefox (from Safari) --and everything seems fine now.   Somehow Google wasn't recognizing my name on Safari --and I could never get it fixed...  Firefox seems fine --so far...  Maybe it's the ongoing battle between an Apple product and any other product....  We love Safari due to its great security --but I could never get it to recognize me in Blog Land!

SECONDLY --- I am on my 10th day since my CARDIAC ABLATION....   And --I can honestly tell you that I am doing very well.... I had a scratchy throat for awhile (due to the Trach they used to put down in my Esophagus).....  And --other than being tired (which is normal after that procedure),  I really feel good.  I am breathing NORMALLY--and my heart rate is really good!!!!!  YEAH...  I do know that it's not over yet  --since I have from 3-6 months of healing.   I keep telling myself that my poor heart was cauterized (burned) --and it will take awhile for it to heal itself....  SO---I'm being GOOD  (believe it or not--ha) and not over-doing..... Thanks for all of your good thoughts and prayers for me... They meant so much!!!!

If you follow me on Facebook you know that our Day Lilies in the yard are blooming BIGTIME now.  We 'walk the yard' every morning  (or when it is not raining) ---and take pictures....  I keep records of my pictures --and realized today that we have about 65 different  Day Lily plants blooming so far.   AMAZING.   We have more Day Lilies now than we do Roses.   And I have begun to love them as much as I do the Roses.    SO-----today I'm featuring JUST a few of our Day Lilies.   I have chosen 15 ---all of which were taken from 5/29/19 through 6/10/19....   Sit back and enjoy!!!!!

Carefree Peach 5/29/19

Yellow Bouquet  (Double DayLily) 5/29/19  (Reminds me a little of a Daffodil)

Charles Johnston 5/31/19

Dancing Shiva 6/1/19

Bahama Butterscotch  6/2/19

Lullaby Baby 6/6/19

Pure and Simple 6/6/19

Blushing Summer Valentine 6/9/19

Tiger Time 6/6/19

Micro Burst 6/10/19  (another double Day Lily)

Plum Perfect  6/10/19

Judith  6/1/19

Warrior Prince 6/10/19

Double Eyeful  6/3/19  (a gorgeous Double Day Lily)
Well --that is enough for one post!!!!   Do you have a favorite????   Out of this group,  I think my favorite is the last one,  Double Eyeful...  It is such an interesting  Day Lily..

One final thought today:   Yesterday  (June 23, 2019) was our 18th Wedding Anniversary...  What a blessing for me to have met and married  George Adams....  Thank You, Honey,  for taking such good care of ALL of our Flowers --so that I can enjoy them and share them with friends/family.  As we begin our 19th year together,  let's pray that we can enjoy MANY more years to come! If you would like to see a Blog Post I wrote  in 2009 about our wedding (including pictures),   click HERE.

Hope you all have an awesome week ahead...  My Challenge: Go outside this week,  take a long walk ----and enjoy all of the beauty that God has given us.



Ann said...

I'm so happy to hear that all went well with your surgery. Good for you behaving and giving yourself time to recuperate.
The lilies are all beautiful but I think my absolute favorite is the blushing summer valentine.
Happy anniversary to you and George

Big Dude said...

So good to hear the procedure has worked.

George said...

I'm glad you figured out a way to get your comments into Blogger. Your photos of the day lilies are beautiful. I just hope it stops raining enough for you to get your walk in!

Marcia said...

So good to hear the good news of your recovery. All the day lilies are lovely.

Dee said...

So good to get your update and, of course, all the beautiful pictures. I love flowers and it was hard to pick. I liked the first three and thought "Bahama Butterscotch" the winner. Just take it easy now and enjoy looking at all the beauty you have out in your yard. God Bless!!

Dee said...

Oh my Betsy, I looked back at your Wedding Day pictures and felt that tug at the heart when you ended with your family standing in a circle and singing "Amazing Grace." How precious. Most important - your statement keeping God at the center of your lives each and every day!!! I firmly believe we need to keep God in the center of our marriage - He makes a difference. Thanks for showing your faith.

Betsy said...

I'm glad you've figured commenting out. I've heard the same issue from several other bloggers. Also, REALLY happy that you're doing so well. You are an inspiration to me. Congratulations to you and George and I wish you many, many more years together. My favorite lily is the same as yours. So pretty.

Arkansas Patti said...

The are all amazing but the Bahama Butterscotch reached out to me. SOOO glad you are doing to well after the ablation. I hope it was just what you needed to get the heart under control. I know how upsetting a racing heart can be. So far pills are working for me.

David said...

Betsy, Happy Anniversary! Glad to hear that your healing so well too... Today we re-upped our membership in our Wellness Center and began working out again! Now we just have to keep up the good work. Lovely flowers as usual and great photos! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Happy Anniversary to you and George! Glad to read you are doing so well, and yes, please don't over do things. Relax and enjoy those fabulous lilies!

Ginny Hartzler said...

Three to six months of healing, that is a long time! But it will be worth it, since it has worked!! These are all so gorgeous that I have been unable to choose a favorite. Let's see...Butterscotch, Micro Burst, & Judith!!

William Kendall said...

Lovely flowers!

I hope the recovery process goes smoothly.

Ruth Hiebert said...

Love all the day lilies. I couldn't pick a favourite.I am so happy that you are doing well, at least as well as can be right now. Hope you just keep on feeling better.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What a special couple the two of you are....Happy Anniversary! I'm wishing you both all the best and many years to come! Hope you feel better every day! Love seeing your beautiful daylillies and all the colors! WOW! Gorgeous!

Chatty Crone said...

I was having a rough time commenting too -
Glad your ablation worked. REST
I think my favorite is the Charles Johnston !

diane b said...

I like the Charles Johnstone best. You are lucky to have married a gardener. Happy anniversary and I hope you have many more. Glad to hear your heart op seems to be a success. That problem with safari is annoying. I had a similar one not long ago. I rang Apple support and they told me to turn off Stop Tracking and then it worked okay.

Margaret Birding For Pleasure said...

Glad you are feeling good and doing less, that is the secret for your success. Your lilies are lovely

LV said...

Betsy, sorry about all the health issues you are going through. You and George have always been my favorite couple in the blog world. Trust you will soon be feeling strong and able to be out and about again. Your flowers are always so pretty. Like a little touch of paradise. Hang in!

linda m said...

So glad you are doing so well. Your Lilies are just gorgeous. God knew what He was doing hen He put you and George together.

Connie said...

Your day lilies are all so beautiful, Betsy! I'm so glad to hear your procedure went well and that you are on the mend. I hope your healing continues. Happy Anniversary to you and George!

Lady Fi said...

Glad to hear you are doing well! Lovely shots of the lilies.

Lowcarb team member said...

Hello Betsy
So pleased to read that all went well with your surgery. I send my good wishes for your continued healing.
Your lilies are fabulous, so lovely to see all of your photographs.
Happy Anniversary wishes to you and George.
God bless.

All the best Jan

BeachGypsy said...

Happy happy anniversary to you and George!! Y'all seem so very happy together and I do love those pretty lilies! A long long time ago when we were raising our kids up, we lived in a house where someone had planted a bed of those big tall bright orange lilies, not sure what they are called. But we always called them tiger lilies. I did so enjoy them, they were so bold and bright. I am so glad to hear you are feeling better each day! You keep resting, taking your medicines or whatever your doctor tells you to do.....and you'll be back on those trails once again, up in the mountains and enjoying yourself!

Rose said...

NO! I could never pick a favorite!!! I thought at first that first deep colored one--Charles Johnston--would be my favorite but not sure. They are all just gorgeous. Funny thing, I did not used to care for them, then a few years ago it was as if someone flipped a switch and I have loved them ever since.

Shug said...

Such a huge array of beauty in your yard. Absolutely stunning. I'm so glad that you are feeling better and I know that as each day goes by, you will be even better. Happy Anniversary to one of the most beautiful couples that I know....your love can be seen by all.

Kay said...

You really do have the most gorgeous and varied day lilies around, Betsy! I'm so glad you're doing well with the cardiac ablation. My cousin was having the worst time commenting on my blog. I also found that comments I make with my iPad was somehow not going through. It was so annoying. It works from my MacBook Air though. I don't know why my iPad suddenly won't let me comment.

Linda said...

I cannot comment reliably from my iPad so I mostly comment from my Macbook. I think it is a Google issue related to Google+ and its demise.

The Charles Johnston daylily is spectacular.