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Friday, April 8, 2011

Let's Talk Friday: HONESTY

Do you get those constant telephone calls  (even though you are on the NO CALL LISTS) where they try to upgrade something you have, or sell you something you do not want????  We have caller-ID and seldom even answer the home phone anymore.  It's SO annoying ---even though you tell them to take your name off of the list.  We have even reported some of these annoying people.... That works for awhile,  but then, more start coming!!!!

Anyhow ---we were expecting an important phone call this past week,  so we answered one of the NON-LISTED numbers...  This one just happened to be our local telephone company.  Gee Whiz---did they have a 'deal' for us,  their 'good' customer...  I was stupid and LISTENED.

Okay--I need to give you some background about our telephone company, and our history with them.  This is FRONTIER Telephone,  and we started our home phone service and DSL with them in 2002.   We have an old plan with them which is semi-adequate (not really) for our needs,  even though the DSL is SLOW.

Anyhow,  about 2 yrs. ago,  a Frontier Salesman came to our door and told us that Frontier was improving its plans --and that he could sell us a plan that would give us better internet access,  for about the same money we were paying then.  We decided to accept this plan.  WELL--a few days later,  we noticed that we didn't have voice mail or caller ID anymore.   SO---I spent hours (it seems) on the phone with their customer service finding out that it would cost us more to get these options now.  The sales person had not told us this....  SO---after bitching and griping,  we went back to our old plan...

THIS brings us to this past week. Another Frontier salesperson caught us off-guard  after answering the phone.  WELL--since we are still unhappy with our internet speed and also have been having problems accessing our internet mail through Frontier,  I listened to this lady give us her talking points...  (Big Mistake!!!)

This time though,  I was much better prepared with my questions.   She told us that we could get a MUCH BETTER plan than we have now and it would cost us LESS.....  (That should have been a clue to hang up right then!!!! ha)

My questions to her:
-Does this plan include voicemail and caller ID?   YES
-Are there any set-up charges ?   NO  (BIG LIE)
-Is this amount which you have quoted the absolute bottom line cost  (except for taxes)?   YES  (another BIG LIE)

To be truthful to you,  I will say that this NEW plan was better than the one we have.  It 'should' cost more.  BUT--why can't companies like this just be honest when going over all of the details???  Do they think we are stupid???  Maybe we are stupid when talking to these telemarketers... AND---I was stupid because I had already gone through this once before with this same company.

The lady emailed me the confirmation with ALL of the costs and details...  When I got this email,  I was SHOCKED... SO---I called Customer Service again and talked to someone there---who just had no idea how one of their sales people could have told me those things.  I told her to go back and listen to our conversation --since they announced when I first got the call --that it would be recorded.  She didn't have an answer for that.  Anyhow---she couldn't give me a better deal,  so we opted totally out of this new plan.

We now still have that OLD plan --which is truly inadequate.  And now it seems as if Frontier changed it after this phone call---and our email access through Frontier  no longer is available at all,  and getting on the internet is even slower than it was ...  We obviously are looking for another internet option --and will probably get rid of our home phone completely (since we do have a cellphone).

This was just so frustrating to me.   I was upset with myself for even listening to  this company's propaganda, and then believing them.   I don't think we would have minded paying more for a better plan,  but we just wanted them to be HONEST with us. Why can't they do that??????   I'm an honest person and I expect others to be honest with me.

My questions for you to ponder:
-Has this type of thing happened to you?
-Do you experience dishonesty?
-How do you handle situations when people are dishonest?
-How can we stop all of the dishonest telemarketers in our country? (It's kinda sad that we can't even answer our phones these days.)

Hope you have a great weekend. I'll see you on Monday.

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diane b said...

Oh Betsy, that is such a pain and so frustrating to get a telemarketing call when on the no call register and then to get conned into a new plan with a load of lies or left out info.
Even on the other side of the world we have exactly the same problems. The telecom companies are all the same.
I could fill your comment box with stories that go on and on about our dealings with Telstra and how they conned Bill into a plan and new phones that they promised would be better and cheaper but then were not and not only that his phone wouldn't connect to blue tooth in the BMW. Yes I could go on and on.

Anonymous said...

Since we are "newcomers" to our area, we are bombarded with sales calls...termite bonds, lawn care, name it! We hate answering the phone or even going to the door. We always tell them to put anything in writing and mail it to us and that usually stops them in their tracks. It is terrible that we can't be comfortable in our own homes!!!

Blessings to you and George this weekend.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I have a feeling we have ALL dealt with situations like this...with us it is with Verizon. (our cell phones)
I always end up paying more than I am quoted and I feel SO frustrated.
I get anxiety feelings when I have to call them for anything!!!
I hope you guys find something better with ANOTHER company.

Catherine said...

There always seems to be added costs in the 'fine print' doesn't there? It's all very frustrating.

But the way I try to look at it is, is that the telemarketers are just doing their job, trying to make a living (they could be sitting at home on welfare) and so if I accidentally pick up the phone when it's someone trying to sell me a 'good deal', I usually just say 'no thank you' and quickly hang up. That way, by me answering the call, they get paid from the company a nominal fee for getting through, and the annoying company gets charged when I don't even take their product!!! It's a win win really! :)

Happy Friday Betty!
xo Catherine

Tabor said...

Our cable company is a big manipulator. I get phone, internet and TV. The bill was horrendous, so I called and said I needed them to figure out how I could get a smaller bill. They took $40 a month off the cost (still a big bill) and when I asked what I was giving up they said 'nothing' that they just moved me to a new plan. Thus far I still get all the same and pay $40 less. But it does make you wonder how they can do that, doesn't it? I still pay too much, but in this rural area there are no other good choices.

amelia said...

We ONLY answer our phone to numbers we recognise. Everything else goes to voice mail. If they don't leave a message we figure they didn't really want to speak to us anyway!!

We haven't experienced any actual dishonesty but a lot of not telling the whole truth.

Shug said...

Good Question....First of all, about two months ago, we finally broke down and did away with our home phone. We are now completely wireless...I love it!
Last year, my husband and I visited the Verizon Store (cell Phones) and we were going to purchase a new phone for myself and one for my husband...To make a long story short, we were running short on time and the saleman advised us to COME BACK and get what we needed. WE were concerned about the DEAL expiring and then the SALES GUY assured us that we had at least another week or longer to get in on the good deal. We went back two days later and they would not honor it...Wanted us to pay over $500.00 for the new purchase. We went directly to the manager and he said the only way they would honor the deal was if we could get the salesperson to admit that he told us it would be on for (at least another week or longer) He would NOT admit it, and it was our word against his...
Needless to say, we did not make the purchase...HONESTY....takes you a lot further in life than deceit and lies!
Thanks Besty for the discussion on this wonderful Friday!

Snap said...

Telemarketers ... the great american way!!!

I don't answer the *house* phone ... just the cell!

Jeanne said...

First of all - your pink dogwood header is just gorgeous!!!
Yes it is awful that we can't trust the people "trying to find us the best deal."
The worst experience I had was with AOL - years ago - trying to cancel their service. I would cancel then they would send me a letter thanking me for signing up again. Finally I had to lie (like them) and tell them I was moving to Africa. It worked!

Out on the prairie said...

I have a fun time with them when they catch me off guard. I ask if the postal system failed in their area that prohibits them mailing me this very important message.

Arkansas Patti said...

I don't have caller ID so I "takes me chances" as Popeye would say. As soon as I am addressed by my last name, I say "Sorry not interested" and hang up. Sometimes I wonder if I am not hanging up on the attorney of a long lost uncle who left me in his will but,"I takes me chances."
Sorry you had to go through that mess. Not good for the BP.

Karin said...

No fun having to go through such a mess! We're getting great service with finally, after getting the runaround from Telus - up here in Canada.

I've got a different issue. We've been getting all kinds of spam that promises us millions of dollars if we will just help them get that money out of this ???African country. Not even a half an ounce of truth in that and people fall for it and respond.

So when it comes to phones - I don't pick up #s I don't know - we don't want an answering machine. When it comes to spam it's delete!
I believe in honesty!

Ginny said...

We are on the No-Call list as well. But that excludes people you are doing business with or have done buisness with in the past, and charities. And they always seem to call at dinner time because they know you will be home then. I don't answer, but Phil says if we don't, they will just keep calling and calling back. And they do. Best to just answer and get rid of thm once and for all. This company needs to train their people better. I hope you do go with someone new! We just got fiber optics, and it is the fastest there is. Jumped us from one and a half mega bits to ten!! There is really a difference, Blogger pictures load in the blink of an eye. And we still pay the same. Check and see if your area has it though, some places don't.

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

I'm on the no-call list too but still get telemarketing calls. As soon as I know who they are, I just say "Not interested" and hang up! As far as honesty goes, I haven't had much trouble with that since I rarely talk to them long enough to hear their spiel. There's got to be a way to stop these people from annoying us, but I don't know the answer either. I hate not answering my phone in case it's important. A lot of times their number doesn't show up on caller ID and you can't tell who is calling.

reanaclaire said...

hello Betsy...have a nice weekend!!

Loren said...

Oh Betsy! I think Phone companies are as bad as car salesmen.... We have been blessed with our phone/internet situation but we are one of the very few in our neighborhood. We have At&T Uverse. Somehow, it is only available to a certain few. Some people can have it and yet others who live on the same street cannot. Something about the way it is run and the fact that it is soooo expensive to run it.

I have to share this funny with you....

Anyway, we don't answer our home phone either UNLESS.....We have called ID as well and when we know for certain it is a sales call my Son will pick up the phone and answer in a very deep voice
"Walmart Pharmacy" and then you almost always hear "No sir/mam, this is Walmart Pharmacy"

lololol I can't tell you the laughs we have had as well as having less sales calls :) They make a note that our number is not a home residence and they never figure it out :) honest? NOPE. Funny! YES!

Happy Friday my dear friend! Love and Hugs to you today!

Diane said...

For one thing, I can't abide dishonesty! That comes in many forms, even when people say they'll be here at a certain time and don't bother to come until they're ready. Dishonesty is dishonesty - period!!

We have our phone listed as a business yet because Leonard does a small amount of work. We're just sitting ducks. I just say "Not interested" and hang up. I do feel guilty because I'm not kinder to my fellow human beings but enough's enough.

One guy calls and says "Diane, this is your old friend in Phoenix, remember me? I'm the one with the bad jokes and the fantastic pens." Grrrrrr.

Sorry to take so much space but I have one more thing to add.
Sheisters like to call and say "What's the number on your copier so we can send this order out" We don't have an office copier. I tell them they're frauds, to get off the phone. I'm mean, I guess! Diane

nanny said...

You hit my button on this one.
Phone books are very plentiful in this least 4 different ones. My husband has an ad in them all......yesterday the salesman said I just needed to sign the renewal and he'd be out of my hair in seconds......2 hours later he was out of my hair. the cost was going up on the ad....blah, blah, blah but they had a special bundle that would make it cheaper, but for a few dollars we could have web page complete with short commercial, yada, yada, yada.

And they wonder why I put them off......

We unplugged the answer machine at home and caller ID pops up on TV so we choose calls very carefully/ha If it is unknown, private or out of our area answer! (everyone calls the cell numbers anyway)

Rose said...

Betsy, I sure feel your pain...I had a telemarketeer call and I said something to her not to pleasant...oh, I didn't curse her or anything like that...just got angry right off. I had just walked in the door and was worn out...well, she then proceeded to call me back every few minutes....I finally thought and handed the phone to Roger...she hung up at the sound of his voice and did not call back.

We have our name on the do not call list now, plus we ended up getting an unlisted number....the first thing after we paid to get the unlisted number, the local fraternal order of police called wanting a donation.

I asked how they got that number, told them I had just paid for an unlisted phone and do not ever call back again.

And just a year or two ago, someone got hold of our number through something Roger filled out, and kept calling, whether we answered or not...a recorded message when I did answer...I called and finally got to talk to someone and told them it better stop...

And there have been other times, mostly I just hang up....they are not as bad now, but that is the one thing that really gets my dander up.

And as far as honesty goes, I don't know what to do about it. I am much more skeptical of people than I was when young, and always know that if something sounds too good to be true, it generally is. But it is sad we have to lose our trust in people.

Anonymous said...

Hi Betsy, I believe that the tele-marketers have a script and are on commission over min. wage. I think some just do not care if they mislead because so many people just Put Up with the end result and Do Not ask for a change or for the company to live up to the sales pitch.
Good for you Betsy, in that you demanded the company to do the right thing and brought the matter to the attention of the company. Have a great day!

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

I feel your pain with these telemarketers or whatever. I hope you find a good DSL....I went through this search last year

Pat - Arkansas said...

Fortunately, I have caller ID and normally do not answer calls from folks I don't know (unless I happen to not have my glasses on and have no idea who's calling!) If one sneaks through, I cut them off at the pass with a very sweet "Thank you SO much for calling. I am not interested -- at all" and hang up while they are still trying to convince me to stay on the line. I feel sorry for the folks who think they are going to make a living at telemarketing; they have to be on the list of the most despised people.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I feel that I am as honest as I can be with all people.Theref ore it annoys me when people are not honest with me.To me it is so simple.just tell the truth and you don't have to worry about making excuses.As for telemarketers,as soon as I know this is what the call is about I tell them I'm not interested and immediately hang-up.I don't feel like wasting my time trying to explain why I'm not interested.

Jo said...

Oh my word, Betsy. Like Diane, in South Africa I'm also on ANOTHER side of the world, yet the telephone company is exactly the same! We also still have a landline whic, unbeknown to me, still had an E-mail connection we've been paying for the past two years since changing from dial-up to broadband. It took me hours on the phone to get this particular service cancelled, but then I had to make sure that I had a seperate account set up so that I still had e-mail access especially as we were moving to East Africa that week and I use the same e-mail domain and addy wherever I go. By the skin of my teeth, I got this right and now my poor daughter-in-law back home has to physically pay this little amount (Approx US$2 pm) until I get home to set up a debit order facility. as for telemarketing, I cannot understand where they get our numbers (landline and cell phone) from and even though I ask them, they just give a sales spiel without answering my question. Takes a lot of patience. At least here in Kenya no-one can contact me, Whoo-hoo! Have a great weekend, my friend. Jo

Lady Di Tn said...

1.Yes 2. Absolutely. 3. I try to nice and if that does not work, I go "Kirby" on them. (That is what we call giving them our Father's temper) 4. My suggestion is that telemarketers could never hide their number from the public and the 10 digit number should have the same prefix number to warn folks that they are about to encounter a telemarketer.
The phone companies are making money hand over fist by charging for caller ID and then charging again to not have a number listed. I think all numbers should be shown. That is my story and I am sticking to it. Hey we do have a mirror image of headers expect yours is much prettier. Peace

~Ron said...

Oh Yes...we still get those annoying calls and they always seem to call at dinner time :-(

DayPhoto said...

Well said, Betsy! Terry and I have been there and done that also. I have also reported them.

How about cable....cable works for lots of people around here. (Not us we are in the country) They get internet and phone and cable.


Janie said...

I watch the caller ID and try to avoid those calls, but sometimes I accidentally answer. However, I have had enough bad experiences to know better than to buy anything over the phone.
It seems no advertising is honest these days, and most people don't see honesty as a particular virtue, either. It is sad.

June said...

I don't like those calls either, and we did, in fact, have the landline taken out about a year ago.
Previous to that, I did listen to one of the telemarketers, and I did sign up for a different phone service. I couldn't call two houses away without a long distance charge! I called AT&T and begged them to take me back!

June said...

I meant to add:
...but I feel so sorry for those poor people who have those jobs! Imagine having to say anything you can to make a buck!

Linda said...

I never talk to sales people on the phone.....if I do happen to have to answer (I have caller ID too) I'll be rude and just hang up. It's just not worth it.

Ann said...

Very frustrating indeed. I recently called to change my plan with the phone company. We have phone, dish network and our dsl all through our phone company. We have cell phones and don't really need the phone but wanted to keep it for the dish network and the dsl. After what seemed like an eternity to have that taken care of then she tries to talk me into a different plan that has a lifetime price guarantee. It I take it my price will never go up, if I don't they can't guarantee my price won't go up tomorrow. Problem is if I take it I would still be paying for the phone that I no longer want. I actually still have the phone because of the dsl but now if I use it it costs me .10 a minute to make a call. What a pain.

Tracy said...

I do not answer the telephone anymore unless it is specifically someone I know to talk to...otherwise our phone goes to voicemail. I despise the callers because we are on the DO NOT CALL list, but I'm assuming they think it doesn't apply to their complany because they certainly do call.
I don't beleive any one of them!!!
But basic bottom line, don't answer the phone is what I've learned.
Have a great weekend my dear! It has been too busy of a week and certainly glad it is over...stole my peace of mind so I'm stealing it back!

Daisy said...

We screen all of our calls anymore with the caller ID because we get so many annoying, unwanted calls. It gets really tiresome when they just keep calling all the time.

Lisa RedWillow said...

Im sure your finding this all so very frustrating.
I echo a few here.
We have the same in Canada phoning form the states too. I never answer.

Bill S. said...

I just hang up on all sale pitches and only listen to the things generated by me. It is tough getting them off the phone once you start.

Anonymous said...

You can get a phone zapper that answers the calls and tells the people that you do not accept telemarketing and if they want to risk the fines, go ahead and push 2. Nobody did because they knew their number would be recorded and sent to the bureau that handles them and cuts them out of their own service. I think Patty paid about $60.00 for it at the time. It cut out all those calls by 100% over night. Instant. Then when we went to Time Warner for cable television, internet and phone we got caller ID and Patty unhooked the phone zapper. Now the number of the person calling appears on the television screen and gives us time to recite it out loud and or we look at the number calling on the phone itself. We seldom get a bad call because we don't accept them and they don't bother to leave a message. Also, just so you know, the calls you get don't automatically come on one you pick up your phone -- it waits to be activated by the words, "Hello." If you want to test it, when you pick up the phone say some other word. Sometimes the thing won't activate and is waiting on, "Hello."

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I'm sorry you've had such problems with that phone company. I don't think ours is as aggressive in their sales or as dishonest as yours. When one asks what the real charges will be, I'm thinking they will say.

I'm with you in thinking people should be honest with each other. The truth is the truth, and is going to come out anyway. Don't try to gain from dishonesty. It will not pay in the end.

Adrienne in Ohio said...

Betsy, it's interesting to me that they would try this tactic when so many people have cell phones these days and could easily drop land line service all together. Sadly, this method must work quite often for them. Dishonesty is not a good policy, and I would imagine it will eventually do them in.

Hope you find a better plan with a company that values integrity! And when you do, post about it to let us all know.

Barbara said...

Yes it does happen here too, and with our own telephone company as with yours, and no they are not honest, they promote and tell you what ever you want to hear, then comes the bill and you play havvoc tring to get back your old service for the same price, cause of course it has went up some, lol very frustrating indeed, I have an answering machine, I never answer the phone I let the answering machine pick up for me, lol coward, yeah, tired of arguing with them, hugs and hope it gets better.

Chad said...

I can relate... we recently have spent come time car shopping for a second vehicle. However, my shopping ended yesterday when I decided... I will be happy with the car I got. I just didn't have the strength to deal with another car salesman telling me one thing and then when I sit down with the finance guy it is something else! When I say $400 a month, I mean $400 a month. Why do they not understand? Ha.

Lynda said...

I am so glad you went back and told them to listen to the recording. I might probably let their customer service know you blogged about your experience and are considering reporting them to the Better Business Bureau.
Have you considered Verizon? Our kids have their internet with them. We have them for cell phones and Charter for our TV/cable.

Brenda Kay Ledford said...

First of all, let me say how much I love your header photo of the tame dogwoods. It is so beautiful.
I also know what you mean about telemarketers calling at such inconvenient times.

carolina nana said...

What is with these phone company's?I guess they are all alike. I had a similar experience with at&t who is our dsl provider. Then when I tried to call them back I was on hold for over an hour before anyone picked up. I'm sure this is a ploy to get you to give up and just keep what they talk you into. I use my cell phone for long distance and they keep telling me they can give me a cheaper package deal with long distance. But like you it is not cheaper when you consider everything.
Sadly there is one of these telemarketing places in our area and even though they do provide many jobs for our area I would starve before I would take a job lyeing or at best mis-leading people into buying products that are misrepresented. I hang up on all these callers and have even threatened to stop doing business with companys who have these calls made. Sadly it doesn't stop it.
Hope you have a beautiful weekend.

Mamma has spoken said...

Had the same problem with my old phone carrier. They billed me 5 dollars every month for long distance service that I never used. I would call and complain but was told that it was a valied charge since the government says it's ok. Our local cable company started offering phone service for half the cost AND it came with all the bells and whistles that I had to pay extra to my old phone company to have including free long distances, caller id, voice mail, etc.
I went with them and was never so happy.
Of course my old phone company isn't happy and will call me to try to get me to come back to them.
I happily tell them what I have, and what price I pay for it. They'll tell me they can give that to me for one year. I'll laugh and tell them how I've had it all for four years, why would I go back for just one.
And besides, they should have thought of that when they kept charging me for that darn unused long distance......

B. Meandering said...

Ours was with Frontier also. Verizon changed to Frontier in the area where our lake trailer year-round campground is. I had it on a 'keep it in existence' only for the months when we weren't there.
I had signed up for auto-pay--will not do again!--and without notifying me they began to deduct the full amount. Meanwhile our phone was not "on." It took Mike two months and six phone calls to get them to drop our service completely and reimburse me for the month that we were already supposed to be disconected! Arrrh!

B. Meandering said...

Oh--our cell phones work out at the lake now that there's a new cell tower out there, so we don't need a land phone there. When we first bought the place, cells didn't work. We had three ill parents and needed a set up where they could get hold of us at all times.

Neal said...

I very seldom give any sales person a chance. As quick as they start on something I say "I'm not interested" and then hang up. Some time ago a telemarketer kept calling my older brother wanting to talk to his daughter. My brother finally said "She is in jail" and the telemarketer asked "Why is she in jail" and my brother said "Because she shot a salesman" :)

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Been there and done all of that. Getting ready to take our grandson to see Hop. I am feeling so much better. thank-you for all your prayers...m...

Annie said...

Considering the number of comments to precede mine (49 that I could see), I'm guessing your post push a LOT of buttons.

We stuck with AT&T forever. Finally we switched over to Charter for our phone service since our cable and internet were already attached to Charter. As it turns out, there was a money savings by bundling it all together. HOWEVER, what they don't tell you is how the telephone line can just die on you . . . a lot. I'm in the middle of a conversation. Line dies. I'm working online. Line dies. Did I save my work? Heck no.

Now we have no analog TV anymore. It all runs off of some company's satelite (jeeze, did I spell that right?) and of course, the interference is massive compared to NONE before. Seems like the more things "improve", the more they devolve. Sort of like lightbulbs. Oh, don't even get me started on THAT.

Anonymous said...

I no longer watch TV anymore...use my DVD player and the TV and watch movies from NetFlix. I also use my computer to watch NetFlix movies. I no longer have a landline phone...I use a prepay cell phone company. I make calls to UK with Skype. I listen to the radio through my computer. I use a cable company to access the internet, so far, knock on wood, I've had no problem. Unlike the 2 satellite internet access companies I've used, that I had nothing but problems with. It goes on and on, I don't have any answers or solutions!

KathyA said...

We do not accept any solicitation over the phone. If someone does call, I thank them, tell them I'm not interested, and hang up.

mudderbear said...

Hi Betsy, The pictures are just perfect here. This stuff really makes me livid. I guess the companies know that, so they think they have to trick us and misrepresent everything to make a sale. My insurance company has been like that lately. It's as if they want to just move in with us or something because of all their little programs they want us to follow. But if I call them there are any number of reasons that I can't actually talk to a real person. I wouldn't sign on with them if there was another choice.

Our lesson in CHurch tomorrow is on Honesty. Perhaps the Execs of those companies should come listen for awhile.

SquirrelQueen said...

I totally dislike all of those telemarketers. I know it is their job but they are wasting my time.

I have had them call in reference to my cable service offering special deals. Once they called with a really "hot" price on the combine cable/internet/phone. I interrupted her to say we already had the service at a better price than she was selling. I asked if she could not see this on my file? Of course she couldn't, she does not have access to my account.

Never deal with the telemarketers. They are getting paid by the sale so they will tell you anything to make the sale. If you like the sound of it, hang up on them (or better yet tell them to remove your number from their call list) and call the actual company.

My other pet peeve are the charity telemarketers. I would rather give the money directly to the charity, those telemarketing companies take a big percentage for themselves.

Sorry for the long post, I have had three or four such calls this past week!!!

Hope you and George are enjoying the weekend.

Ann said...

Did you have a good time away?

I always tell the telemArketers I don't pay the bills, I don't own th ehouse (True)

Sandra said...

i can see by the number of comments, i will read some of them later, that this is a common thing with all of us.
we do not answer the phone unless we know the number. sometimes when waiting for a phone call, i will answer. the minute they say my name wrong, i know it is a telemarketer and in the middle of their first speal, i say we are on the do not call, please do not call, and i hang up. the problem is, people like our universal health insurance, dont' show up on ID with their name, they have 866 or 00 numbers, so i wait until it goes to recorder and then answer. i feel that anyone that blocks the name of their company by private or zeros does not need to be calling.
i do not listen to any one selling any ting, i say we have interent and if i want a new plan i will look there. the reason they call is to make money, not get less, they would not be paying someone to call if it was not to their advantage
once our Bank called and she was trying to talk me into changing to another type of checking plan. i said no thanks, she said are you sayig you don't even wnat to know about a plan that is better for you?
I said are you saying to me that the bank is paying you your hourly rate to call em and save ME money? i don't think so, they are paying you to MAKE more money for the bank. get real and i hung up.
we have our phone/cable TV/interent on one plan and we love it.

LV said...

Betsy, that is their business to convince you of something great for nothing. Will never happen. I have a caller ID and most of the time you can tell when it is a telemarketer. If I do not recognize the number, I do not answer. When the answering machine comes on, they just hang up. With my answering machine, if is someone I need to talk to,I will call them back. I have a lot of friends that have gotten rid of their land lines, and only use their cells.

Betty Manousos@ Cut and Dry said...

Betsy, I don't answer the telephone anymore unless it is specifically someone i know. I've experienced that and was really annoying.

I'm sorry you had those troubles with that telephone company.


Carletta said...

Verizon sold out this past year to Frontier here in West Virginia. We've been completely Frontier since January. We haven't had any contact but we have noticed if we are up in the middle of the night and want to be on the computer we have sporadic service.
I have caller ID and don't answer my phone unless like you I'm expecting a call and not sure of the number. I usually let it ring but sometimes they call so late and eventually I get tired and pick up to tell them to stop and take me off their list. A few weeks ago after three attempts in as many days I threatened to turn the number in and that stopped it.
I know they have a job but when I say no thanks and they keep on they need to respect my decision.
Good topic Betsy!

wendy said...

I just usually say "no thanks" and hang up. But there were times I felt sorry for the telemarketer, and decided to listen to his speel. In the end I always say that I have to speak to my husband, since he makes all the decisions (lol!). And then, of course, they don't call back. I still say that sometimes, even though David is not here any more.

But, I totally agree with you. They should be up front and honest, otherwise, who wants to do business with them?
Good luck on your internet and phone.

Ann said...

When ever I visit South East Asia, i eat my fill of all the food that I can't get in New Zealand.

How was your holidays?

Valerie said...

SUrely phone companies are a hassel - Because we also have cell phones - we decided to ditch our home phone (thru verizon) and get only DSL thru them. We still wanted our home number though - so switched to something called VOice OVer IP - our phone service comes over the internet now (we use PHONE POWER) we have caller ID, no long distance prices - answering machine on the internet - call forwarding etccc.... it started out at like $11 a month - and now we are about $18 a month. For as much as we use the home phone - it works fine - except if we ever lose power - we have to rely on the cells.

Now if only we could get the price of our DSL alone down!

Janice K said...

We had a call from the cable service that provides our internet recently. They wanted to give us our telephone service for only $19.95 a month for the first year and we would be getting some extras that we don't have now and been able to live without,plus free longdistance. After talking quite a while I asked what our costs would be after the initial 12 month offer expired. The costs then would have been more than we are currently paying for phone and long distance. I decided I'd forgo their free gifts for a year, which so far I haven't needed, and also forgo the frustration of changing things back in one year to what I already have, which probably by then wouldn't be availabe at the current price anymore.

I used to get so many of these calls when I was employed, and they just wouldn't take no for an answer....even threating to call my employer about me....What they didn't know was that it made my employer very upset when one of "those" calls got through to him. One of the guys who worked there said I sould say, " Is there anything you don't understand about the word "NO!!!"

Well, I'm glad you gave me a change to get that off my chest! :) Have a great day!

Pat Tillett said...

Yes, I have had experiences like this. Sales people are dishonest!
It's how they make a living. I'm sure there maybe some that are honest, but I haven't met them yet. I had a friend who is a lifetime car salesman. You should have heard the things he used to say they did. Sales people care about nothing but convincing you to spend money. If you don't spend money, they don't make money.
Sorry about your experiences!

Anonymous said...

We have the SAME problem with Frontier here in Northern California. They are a Monopoly and we have NO other choices so we have to put up with them. Argh.
Hours and hours wasted and dollars wasted too. And yes, their DSL is very inadequate. We'd switch in a heartbeat if we had another option.