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Monday, August 23, 2010

Skyline Drive (Virginia)

As most of you know , George took me on a surprise trip for my birthday (August 5). If you have missed any of the other posts, click
HERE to see any or all of the other 8 posts (plus this one) from this trip. There is also a map of the Skyline Drive on THIS POST if you'd like to see it.

Today's post may be a little boring to those who don't enjoy seeing mountains... We stopped at almost every overlook and took pictures... Luckily, our Geotracker helped us to keep up with where we were --so that when we got home, it was easier to get information on the pictures we took. (If you travel alot and take pictures frequently, the Geotracker is a wonderful device to have!)

Here are today's pictures beginning above with a picture taken at the Sawmill Run Overlook (2195 feet) near Milepost 95.. Below are more.

This was taken at an overlook where you can see the Moormans River in the distance. This is about Milepost 92, and we were at 2975 feet.

I love the coloring in this picture. This one was taken at the Rocky Top Overlook--2860 feet -- (Milepost 78.2). Of course, that name (Rocky Top) made me start singing my favorite Tennessee Volunteer song... ha... But the tops of the mountains here do look rocky, don't they????

This beauty was taken at the Brown Mountain Overlook near Milepost 77. We were at 2840 feet here.

This is appropriately called Big Meadows. We are near Milepost 51, and we are at 3535 feet. Big Meadows is also a recreation area (like Skyland where we stayed --which is north of here). There is camping, picnicing, hiking, a lodge, etc. here.

I read somewhere that you can see wildlife in this meadow at certain times of the day. BUT--we were running late trying to get to Skyland Resort --so that "I" wouldn't miss DINNER... ha ha

I'll close this section with a picture of us --taken by a nice couple, the next day (Aug 7) after we had left Skyland Resort. This picture was taken looking toward Mt. Marshall and the Peaks. We were at 3368 feet here, and were at Milepost 15. (All of the pictures before this one were taken on Aug. 6 BEFORE we got to Skyland Resort.)

This is Double Delight, one of our hybrid tea rose bushes in our yard... Believe it or not, all of these blooms are from the same bush.. Double Delight is one of George's and my favorite roses... It starts out white with pink edges (note the bud toward the middle) --and gets pinker and pinker as it matures... AND--it smells heavenly!!!!

Hope you had a good weekend... We didn't get any rain (sigh)---but it is cooler here and less humid. SO--we opened up the house today, turned off the AC --and are enjoying the outside air and the birds singing. I despise AC --except when it's unbearably hot---so this is JOYFUL to me.

Today is George's and my 110th MONTH-aversary. Since we've only been married since 2001, we have to celebrate every chance we get... We'll go out to dinner tonight I HOPE.... ha

Have a wonderful Monday.


Anonymous said...

Good Morning Betsy, Beautiful views of the mountains and a great photo of you and George together. Hope you have a delicious dinner tonight!

Ann said...

Congrats!!!!!! many many happy times and camping times to come.

I hope George is not cooking you a camping dinner of damper and beans. LOL

Jane said...

I love the mountains and much prefer them over the beach any day of the week. Congrats on your anniversary as well! Where will you go to eat tonight??


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary, I love the picture of the two of you together.The mountains are just beautiful. I can look at the pictures and smell that early morning moutain air and feel the coolness! Pretty roses, too. Have a good week.

Big Dude said...

Looks like you were having a great time and your shots are excellent as usual.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Happy Monthaversary to you both!!!
Gorgeous views on your trip..so glad you were able to stop and enjoy them all AND still get to dinner. :)

Beth said...

What a lovely birthday trip you had, Betsy! Skyline Drive is gorgeous...and so are your pictures of it.

Happy Monthaversary! Enjoy your dinner.

Arkansas Patti said...

Happy Monthaversary. I think it is so cool that your two celebrate so often. Most men can't remember when it is once a year.
Seeing those mountains reminds me when as a kid and we were traveling, Mom kept mentioning the Blue Ridge Mountains. I was so excited till I saw them and discovered they were not a bright blue at all.
Loved the pic of the two of you.

Valerie said...

What a refreshing sight to wake up to this morning - the glorious mountains of Skyline Drive -

I think if we were to move ever again (5 times in my lifetime - I know it isn't as much as our dear military families go thru) I would love to live in the mountains!

I love that you celebrate your anniversary months! What a precious gift you have!

Neal said...

Boring??? Never. I remember that Big Meadows area distinctly. I thought it was kind of odd to have that out in the middle of mostly woods.

Ginny said...

Happy Monthaversary, you two crazy kids! Of course my favorite picture here is you and George. Love the co-ordinating cap! I want to hear all about your celebration, where you go and what you ate!

Catherine said...

Happy 110th Monthaversary Betty! It's so sweet that you and George celebrate every moment ~ as it should be!

Enjoy your dinner!
xo Catherine

Sandra said...

first things first.
it is NOT cooler here, but i am glad you are having a break in the heat. charming and cute couple standing in front of that drop off. love the mountains from afar, but will pick as favorite today the meadow. i love meadows like that and would love to walk accross it and of course shoot a few photos.

Sciarada said...

Buongiorno Betsy, why your post you quote a famous Italian song that says:
"I think we dream so
never return,
I painted the hands
and face blue,
then suddenly I was
kidnapped by the wind,
and I started to fly
in the infinite sky".

Susie said...

I can't imagine not loving the mountains. They are so gorgeous!

Hope you guys have a great day!

Barbara said...

Good Monday morning Betsy these are simply beautiful photos and such wonderful shots, I love the gorgeous scenery there in VA it is actually breath taking at times, we went to the Caverns, and seen trout swimming hundreds of feet under all those mountains, just takes my breath away at all the beauty, and some say there is no God, how else could be explain all this wonder we see. Hugs and blessings my dear friend, have a very great MONDAY..Barbara

amelia said...

Who could ever not like looking at the mountains? I really have never seen such beauty as I see where you are.
We drove through the Smoky Mountains once on the way to Florida but I don't ever remember seeing the scenery that you see..

Anonymous said...

Great pictures of the mountains and that is a wonderful picture of you and George. You two look like a matched set :-)

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Pictures such as these could never be boring.I love those blu mountains.I do wonder how many memory cards I would fill on a trip like that. :)
THe roses are spectacular.
Our Ac is going none stop these days,oh for some cooler weather.sigh

mountain.mama said...

I love all the mountain shots, so it wasn't boring to me either. And the roses? You need to install a scratch and sniff application. Have a great 110th month celebration today.

The Retired One said...

Since we don't have mountains here, I love these shots...and that rose is magnificent...I can almost smell them and I love roses!!!

Snap said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!!! ;D ;D

Lovely shots ... beautiful country.

Ruthi said...

Breathtaking. As usual I love your photos and thanks for sharing. Looking forward for more of your Birthday trip's pictures. Have a wonderful week ahead.

~mel said...

110th month anniversary ~ that's so sweet! LOVE the pic of the both of you ~ that's super sweet too!! You just can't get any closer to Heaven (without dying) than on top of all those hills you climb. What a wonderful place to view God's Paintings.

Kirigalpoththa said...

Wow wow wow!

Georgeous mountain regions! I love all the pictures including the one with the lovely couple. :D

Small City Scenes said...

Almost 10 years---wow!!!

The views are gorgeous, Betsy. You can see all the way into tomorrow. LOL

Have a nice cooler week. MB

Sunny said...

I never get tired looking at mountains...sometimes they remind me of waves on the ocean. Beautiful scenery for sure.
We have had two days of badly needed rain, in fact it looks like a rainy week.
Have a lovely monthaversary dinner. I got married in 2001 too :)
☼ Sunny

Together We Save said...

Oh my word these pictures are amazing!!

Loui♥ said...

Hi Betsy,,
love all your mountain views..
especially the way the colors are softly blended.
my fave of the bunch tho..
You and George looking so happy!
happy Monday!
hugs.. Loui♥

Dorothy said...

I never tire of seeing your beautiful mountains, Betsy! Congrats of the month-a-versary!!

Mary said...

I like the third and fourth shots...with the wavy layers of color in the hills. Beautiful! I also want to know how many sets of matching t-shirts you and George have :-)

Karin said...

Peaceful mountain vistas - absolutely beautiful! Have a wonderful dinner out and congrats on 110 months! Celebrate all you can!

JKoenig said...

I have enjoyed your mountain pictures. We are hoping we might be able to visit some out West this fall.

Enjoy your "night out."

The Incredible Woody said...

Happy 110th!! I am definitely going to check into those geotrackers!

From the Kitchen said...

This brings tears to my eyes and joy to my heart! I feel like packing a picnic lunch and sitting in front of your photographs while I eat. Thanks a BUNCH!


From the Kitchen said...

P.S. On our second date, I did pack a picnic lunch and my (future) husband and I drove up to near Meadows of Dan, ate, listened to a big portable radio and read the Washington Post. The big story? Watergate!!


Denise said...

I see you got to my favorite stop, Big Meadows. We go there often during the year, to see the deer. We hike across the meadow into the woods and somewhere along the way we always have a deer sighting. I'm glad you got to experience Skyline Drive. I've enjoyed going along with you thanks to these awesome photographs. Have a great week.
An English Girl Rambles

KleinsteMotte said...

The drive you were on I visited in the '90's. Beautiful.
your camera is your tracker?
Happy celebrating to both of you.

Diane said...

Happy anniversary enjoy it! Very nice picture of you and George - and you were color coordinated! Nice scenic shots, too. Have a great day Betsy. Diane

Debbie Smith said...

All I can say is "You truely live in God's country"!
Happy Anniversay!

Kay said...

Hi Betsy.
What a beautiful scenic place this is. Thank you so much for sharing these great photos.

Tammie Lee said...

so much beauty, i love that you two have great fun together!

imac said...

Great shots Betsy.
You both look like buttercups.lol

LV said...

When you and George were made, they threw away the pattern. I have never known a couple that shares so much love and devotion. I think it is absolutely wonderful.I loved all your trip shots today. That one of the meadow is a different contrast to the others. Tell George, no offense, but he needs to wear that yellow cap.

CottonLady said...

Mountains, streams, waterfalls...I NEVER tire of seeing pictures of them all! Yours are absolutely beautiful. That's also a great picture of you and George. Happy 110 monthaversary!


Anonymous said...

Really nice shots. I liked them all. I am always fascinated by the color of the mountains and the eternal blue, smoky, haze you guys captured so well.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Betsy: The skyline drive is a wonderful place to visit, neat photos.

Rose said...

Those mountains could never bore me! I used to see them in my dreams...maybe not these particular mountains...but it took me a long, long time to find places I like here.

That rose is a beauty!

misslynda said...

We certainly do live in a beautiful part of the country, don't we? I LOVE LOVE LOVE the mountains. Growing up in upstate NY made them a part of my heart. I like your matching outfits with the gold shirts.

Deb said...

I ALWAYS love a good shot of these mountains!

Every single day, month, or year is reason enough to celebrate with the one you love! A Monthaversary...good idea!

Jen said...

Betsy you must take some really good notes when you take pictures or have a great memory! wow.
PS-- love your Yellow T shirts today. ;)

carolina nana said...

Congratulations on your anniversary I think it's great to celebrate every month.
Is it any wonder why our mountains are called the "blue" ridge ???
Have a blessed tomorrow

SquirrelQueen said...

Mountains boring? Never, ever! I love seeing the mountains in that area. That is a great shot of Rocky Top but now that song is going to be stuck in my head for awhile.

Happy Month-aversary!

Carletta said...

You must know the Mountaineer Girl in me absolutely loved all of the mountain views!
The roses are DELIGHT-ful!
Be back tomorrow to see how dinner was. :)
Happy 'Anniversary'!

Rose said...


Daisy said...

Oh Betsy, I love that picture of you and George! You look so happy together, and what a view behind you! Wow! :D

KathyA said...

I'm NEVER bored looking at mountains!!
Happy 100th!
I cannot believe those roses are all on one bush!! GORGEOUS! And DD is so fragrant, too!

Gary Orona said...

i loved the mountain shots. but most of all, the last one with you and your husband. happy to see two beautiful people together. - gary of the silverpen