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Friday, August 27, 2010

Paradise is Right Here

This past week, here in the Glade, our weather has been near PERFECT in every respect. As you know, I have complained about the unbearable heat and dry conditions all summer. Well--we are still dry, but today, you will hear no complaints from me at all. We are having milder temperatures, low humidity, and an abundance of sunshine. I know this is a 'tease'--and that we'll have some more HEAT and HUMIDITY before Fall really gets here. BUT--I needed this week SO much --and I'm sure that many of you, who are experiencing this Fall-like weather, feel just like I do.

I've enjoyed working in the yard this week, and I especially enjoy the cool nights and mornings. Since we've been able to turn off the AC and open the house, it's just wonderful hearing the 'tree frogs' at nights and waking up to the sound of birds singing in the mornings... God is Good and All is Right with my World!!!

Today, I'll share some pictures of our little home and yard which I took on August 23. Above is a picture of our home taken from the road. Below are more.

I was standing near the garage --looking across the front yard, toward the road.

This is the upper side of our yard , taken from the road --looking toward the backyard. You can see a bit of our deck in this picture. You can also see our Confederate Jasmine Bush on the right. I took these in late afternoon --so the shadows are taking over! Sorry!

This is the other side of our home (what we call the lower side) looking from the driveway toward the backyard. You can see the woodpile in the distance.. The English Ivy and Periwinkle ground covers have done well on that hilly, shady area. Grass won't grow in this area ---so eventually, we'll have more Ivy and Periwinkle taking over we hope.

I feel so blessed to have this little home as my own. God has blessed both George and me so very much --and I get really emotional when thinking about our country and how much I love it.... God Bless America!

I'll close with one more picture showing our new 'road' flowerbed --with our home in the background. Wish ALL of you could come to visit us!!!!! You would be welcome here!!! BUT---if you come in the Fall, I'll put you to work raking and blowing leaves.. As you can see ---we have tons of trees with an abundance of leaves!!

UPDATE on who Woody Woodpecker is patterned after: My blog friend, CAROLYN, who is NCMountainwoman, sent me a couple of articles which clarified this mystery. It seems that Woody was patterned after an ACORN Woodpecker (which I have never seen)... How 'bout that??? We all learn by blogging, don't we?

One more update: My Orthopedic Surgeon released me this past week... Seems my knee is healed--and I am back to 'normal' (whatever that is---ha)... YEAH!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend. I'll see you on Monday.


Elizabeth Mahlou said...

Happy to hear your knee is healed. You are lucky to have had good weather this week. We had 116 degree weather yesterday and 58 today. Odd, mad swings -- and you never know what to wear to work!

JOE TODD said...

Home sweet Home and great news about your knee.. Have a great weekend

Jane said...

Good monring Betsy - You and George have a beautiful home! What adventures await the two of you this weekend??


Darla said...

What beautiful grounds you and George have, love the ivy and periwinkle area too. God is good isn't he? Acorn Woodpecker, who the heck knew that? I am thankful that you have been released from the surgeon, oh and when you figure out what normal is, please clue me in, lol.

Ann said...

Is this your house, or is this your holiday home?

Thanks for sharing your piece of paradise with us. The people who maintain the garden are living angels.

Ruthi said...

you have a nice cozy home with a gorgeous lawn. it feels so comfortable and warm. glad that you weather there is nice. it started raining up here in the past few days but it was ok we need rain for the plants. this week will be nice again just in time for school. the kids will love that.

have a wonderful weekend.

amelia said...

Are you pain free now? It's one thing for the surgeon to say you are healed but quite another not to have pain.

Your home is so lovely. It's because of your periwinkle pics last year that I got my hubby to plant it here!! It's growing but not like yours, the conditions are not the same at all.

My kids are coming for a week arriving on Sunday so I won't be here much!

Tabor said...

You are so blessed but then you know that.

Meems said...

Good morning, Betsy,
Your home and yard are lovely. I know what you feel with that first sense of the change of season. We won't get to experience it for another month or so but I'm looking forward to it. Enjoy it while it last and breathe it in ~~in your own paradise. Nicely done on the new 'roadside' planting.
God bless,

misslynda said...

I love the diagonal cut of the wood siding on your house. . . . and all your flower gardens are BEAUTIFUL! You two definitely have some yard work. It is like our house in the fall, too. When we bought the house in January 1996, the leaves were 3/4 of the way up to our knees. We spend more time with leaves than we do with grass, too.

Fred Alton said...

Yes, you and George have been blessed with a beautiful home! The pictures are very very nice.

Are you acquainted with David Ring, who is handicapped, but a preacher had this to say about "normal". "A fewwow ask me, 'Don' it make u feel funny? U tel peepul u a pwe-cha an u ain't normul?'" Then he said, "I wooked at him n I sed, 'Buddy - U think U normul? Think agin!'" ☻

Neal said...

Good morning Betsy. Rose and I were talking last night about how much work you and George must put into your flowers. They all look so beautiful.

I'm glad you put that 'normal' in quotes. :)

Catherine said...

There is no other place like home!

Have a super weekend Betsy ~ congratulations on your knee being all healed!
xo Catherine

Anonymous said...

Hi Betsy, Thanks so much for sharing these wonderful pics of your lovely home and the pretty flowerbeds and trees. I know that patio must be a favorite place to watch the birds and enjoy these cooler temps. Glad you have been released by the Dr. and I hope your knee continues to improve. You and George have a marvelous weekend.

Kirigalpoththa said...

You have a homely home :)

Susie said...

That's fantastic about your knee Betsy! I know you are glad of that.

I can see why you call your home Paradise. It looks so homey and inviting.

Hope you guys have a great weekend!

Arkansas Patti said...

First, great news about your knee. Been a long time but I am sure worth it.
You know when you travel, you always take pictures of houses you wouldn't mind owning. Do you ever wonder how many pictures are taken of your own house by people coveting it?
Pretty sure it is bunches.

Peggy said...

Glad you are back to normal! LOL Have a very blessed weekend and enjoy this wonderful cool weather.

Sandra said...

good news on your knee, so glad you are back to normal. with cooler air coming in, i know you will be on the road to waterfalls never visited. your yard and home is truly paradise. we are at 74 today, still humid but so much cooler than 98.

Sunny said...

Home Sweet Home, and what a lovely home you have. Great news on your knee.
The weather here this weekend is suppose to be 'perfect', let's hope the weatherman is right for a change!
Happy Weekend.
☼ Sunny

Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear that your knee is healed, well according to the surgeon at least. I hope your knee feels normal! Your home is lovely, and I agree you have LOTS of trees! We do not have any trees in our yard. We still have to rake leaves, though, because our neighbor's leaves blow into our yard.

Dorothy said...

You Do live in a beautiful place, Betsy! So glad your knee is healed!

Randy and Jamie said...

Everything looks wonderful! We are still having hot, hot temps here and no rain.-- Randy

Carletta said...

So lovely Betsy!
I bet the dew is on the roses. :)
We've had wonderful days this week too. This morning I can see dew on the grass. I'm enjoying this fall like weather as well. I even washed windows yesterday. :)
I know your lovely yard keeps you and George very busy but you are rewarded with such beauty.
Glad to hear about your knee. It comes just in time for those fall waterfall hikes! :)
Have a wonderful weekend!!

Carletta said...

So lovely Betsy!
I bet the dew is on the roses. :)
We've had wonderful days this week too. This morning I can see dew on the grass. I'm enjoying this fall like weather as well. I even washed windows yesterday. :)
I know your lovely yard keeps you and George very busy but you are rewarded with such beauty.
Glad to hear about your knee. It comes just in time for those fall waterfall hikes! :)
Have a wonderful weekend!!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Praise God for a complete recovery.Your home looks so warm and inviting.I wouldn't even mind doing some yard work,if I could come for a visit.Have a fabulous weekend,my friend.

Karin said...

So glad to hear you are out and about in the garden! You have a lovely place - with the periwinkle and ivy - just love it! Thank God for answered prayer and that your knee is healed. May you be pain free! We will all never un-age - so we take the daily aches and pains in stride and don't let them affect our disposition, our joy, our faith. Nice to get that perfect weather reprieve. It's been a perfect week here too!

Have a blessed week-end!

Glenda said...

So glad the dr. released you this week! You know, I've discovered that "normal" changes with each stage of our lives! I just have to adjust to it!

Your place is just beautiful tucked into those trees, surrounded by pretty flowers . . . and it's so well kept! Enjoy your weekend in your own little paradise!

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Of course, you must love your home! It is so inviting looking. Makes me want to knock on the door, and go right in. :-)

So glad about your knee being all better! Super news!

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Having had the pleasure of visiting the area where you live, I can only say, it is an incredibly beautiful and serene part of Tennessee, and you and George are indeed fortunate to call it 'home'.
I LOVE your place...it is both welcoming and cozy, and your gorgeous yard is such a credit to the hard work of your live-in gardener ;)
Home sweet home, what a sweet sound !

Lana said...

I think I would be glad that grass didn't grow on that side of the house; it would be a bear to mow! You have a beautiful home, and I am glad your knee is good to go. It's a sure bet you will be testing it out on a trail soon! Have a great weekend! (p.s. I am SO enjoying our cool weather, but it's back to the 90's by Sunday here in NW Indiana! ;-(

Together We Save said...

Oh the weather has been really nice here too. I am so glad you are still feeling better.

The Incredible Woody said...

Hooray for normal!

NCmountainwoman said...

Like you, we feel blessed by our home and everything about it. And we don't even have to rake the leaves since we live in the woods.

Have a great weekend. Glad the knee is ready for some good hiking weather.

Diane said...

Thanks, Betsy, great to see your very special place. We all need to treasure our homes, don't we. God IS good. Diane

cyclopseven said...

It's a paradise, Betsy. I dun mind raking and blowing leaves in paradise;). This write reminds me of a time I lived in that kind of atmosphere, surrounded by trees. Oh..how much I miss that moment!!. Thanks for visiting me at my blog:).

Ginny said...

It's your honeymoon cottage situated in Paradise! All just so lovely! Tree frogs!! How cute, can you get any pictures of them? I would love to wake up to hear them croaking! Will I have you climbing trees this weekend, maybe George can get the ladder out? Ha ha!! I'm a birdwatcher and have never heard of an Acorn Woodpecker! I'll have to look in my Peterson book.

Debbie Smith said...

Yes, you do live in paradise, Betsy!
We will be in Tennessee the last week of October and I am so looking forward to the fall colors that you get there....a wonderful way to spend my birthday!
Oh,it's cooling down here too...a nice 98 degrees or so...LOL!
So glad you got the green light on your knee! I'll expect more hiking pictures now!
Have a fabulous day!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I suppose you will be running a marathon by next week then?
Good news on your knee Betsy..I am so glad you are done with all that pain nonsense.
Yes, you do live in paradise, and I won't even comment on your low (JEALOUS) humidity. :)
Have great weekend!

From the Kitchen said...

O.K., Betsey--here's the deal. Is your lovely secluded home in an area where you can burn the leaves (after I've raked them)? If it is, I'll be there rake in hand. While I am very "green" oriented, I really miss the smell of burning leaves from my childhood autumns!!

Thanks for sharing the photos. I like to be able to "place" people in their environment.


Barbara said...

You really have a beautiful place Betsy, I would love to visit and see all your wonderful flowers, I have a friend here that is like you, she has one of every flower imaginable, an such a green thumb too, I got my pinecomb plant from her, and also my Cockscomb flowers from her, they are really neat.
Hey congratulations on your release from your doctor, I am stepping up in your shoes now, a couple weeks and I will be in a recovery period, hugs my friend, and thanks for the encouragment.

Anonymous said...

Hi Betsy, Yes, home is a fantastic place. Interesting about Woody Woodpecker. Your yards are very beautiful! Kudos to George for his gardening (you, too!). Have a great day!

Shelia said...

Hi Betsy!

Ahhhh....your yard is so full of life, but at the same time, serene and relaxing. I'll bet it's not relaxing when you have to get out there and work :-) !!
BTW, I see you are from Big Stone Gap. Do you perhaps know the author Adriana Trigiani? I've read several of her books and like them.
You and George have a wonderful afternoon/evening.
Shelia from Soddy-Daisy

Kay said...

You have a beautiful home and I enjoy it when you share photos of your yard with us. Have you ever "taken us inside"?

EcoRover said...

A gorgeous place, Betsy, and I like your attitude about the weather. Gramps phrase about earthly paradise was, "Heaven & hell are right here are earth. 's up to us."

KleinsteMotte said...

I agree with you. You are soooo blessed. May good days continue for you.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Betsy: You certainly have fixed up the place beautifully.

Deb said...

I've always thought I'd like a little house in the woods when I retire! Looks like you have a lot of trees to "shower" you with leaves later on in the fall, but I guess the color before they drop is worth it! I love the look of confederate jasmine, but the fragrance actually gives me a headache. We had a lot of it in Florida that made beautiful shade on the porch beside the house.

NENSA MOON said...

Aww..Betsy, you're and george both are so blessed to have a wonderful home with very spacious yard..
I love to see the trees and flowers around there..
that's such as little paradise...
Thanks so much for letting us visit your house.. even though I just can visit you online...hahaha...
someday if you dont mind..pls show us inside your house... it must be inspiring all people here, esp me....
Im glad to hear your knee was healed..

Have a blessed day,

Daisy said...

You have a lovely home and yard, Betsy! I'm so glad to hear your knee has healed. Happy weekend to you! :)

Lola said...

I do agree that your home is a piece of heaven. Beautiful is all I can say.
So glad you knee is much better & that you have been released by your surgeon. Did you have your surgery in July?

Joy said...

Great news on your knee. So glad to hear the good report.
Your post reminds me of the book Acres of Diamonds. Sometimes your diamond is in your own back yard (or front yard in your case) hehe. It looks beautiful. We have actually had some cooler mornings this week. It's been nice. We haven't opened any windows yet.
♥ Joy

Joy said...

Great news on your knee. So glad to hear the good report.
Your post reminds me of the book Acres of Diamonds. Sometimes your diamond is in your own back yard (or front yard in your case) hehe. It looks beautiful. We have actually had some cooler mornings this week. It's been nice. We haven't opened any windows yet.
♥ Joy

Joy said...

Great news on your knee. So glad to hear the good report.
Your post reminds me of the book Acres of Diamonds. Sometimes your diamond is in your own back yard (or front yard in your case) hehe. It looks beautiful. We have actually had some cooler mornings this week. It's been nice. We haven't opened any windows yet.
♥ Joy

SquirrelQueen said...

We are getting some cooler weather too, isn't it wonderful after the heat. Your yard is so beautiful Betsy, I can just imagine how much work you and George put into getting it to look that pretty.

Glad to hear you knee has healed, that is wonderful news.

I remember Woody Woodpecker having a big red topknot. Mostly I remember that laugh of his.

Have a great weekend!

carolina nana said...

Yea!!! for your good knee !!!
I showed mine to a nurse friend of mine today and she said I have bursitis in this knee and I need to watch that it doesn't get inflamed. I was going to rest today but you'll see on my blog that was not to be.
I love your house and yard,no wonder you have so many feathered friends.
Have a blessed weekend.

Valerie said...

Great shots of the house and yards. Looks like a wonderful place!

So glad to hear you are "FREE"!

As I started to read this morning I was wondering how that knee was doing. Glad it is good news! Have a great weekend. We are off to Larry's brothers. I have never seen the new baby yet ( and he is 8 months old!) They live about 3 hours from us. It will be fun to see his brothers response to the clean shaven face!!

imac said...

Love is where the Heart is.

Regina said...

Hello Betsy. Glad to hear your knee is healed.
And your place is perfect!

Happy weekend both.

Kay said...

Hi Betsy.
Sorry you had trouble leaving a message on my "Bobby Darin" post. The video does not block the "comment" button on my computer. Maybe it depends on the screen size??? Anyway, thanks for stopping by.

LV said...

The king and queen living in their own little castle of heaven on earth. What a wonderful home and grounds you have. We have had a great fall day today, but they said the heat was not over.

Denise said...

Hi Betsy, first of all congratulations on being released from your orthopedic surgeon's care. That is indeed great news! :)

Second, you have a lovely home and garden. You can certainly see that a lot of hard work goes into it. It's gorgeous!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend. We've had wonderful weather here too today. Nice to get out without melting into the ground.
An English Girl Rambles

Cassie said...

Yippee!! So glad you are back to normal Betsy. Your pics of your home look so lovely. The yard and flowers are just beautiful. Glad you aren't complaining about the weather today.LOL! You & Geo have a great weekend. Patrick and I are busy working. He leaves Monday, so need to get done what we can.x-c

nanny said...

I love having the windows up at night and hearing the tree frogs....makes me sleep so good!

KathyA said...

1. Congrats on being back to normal!
2. I love jasmine!!
3. Your yard is absolutely inspiring!

Rose said...

If we were there in the fall, we would bring our leaf blower and help you all you wanted!

I would love to see an Acorn woodpecker in the wild...I would have sworn from actions that Woody was after the pileated. Where my husband used to hunt, plus we had picnics and in general good times, there were always lots of pileated WPs and they act just like WW...and yes, I have learned so many neat things from blogging. This is just one more tidbit of info, and one I will probably remember.

Kay said...

Conway Twitty died in 1993. I noted that in the post.

The Farmer's Daughter said...

Hi Betsy,

You have a lovely home all nestled in the trees! Bet it's wonderful in the fall, too!

I, too, love to hear the frogs and birds. To me, there's no better music than the sounds of nature.

Congrats on the knee news!

Have a good weekend,


You have a beautiful home and yard. Have a great weekend, Blessings,

Living In Williamsburg Virginia said...

Very pretty.

Darryl and Ruth : )

From the Kitchen said...

Yes, Betsy, we get honey crisp apples here. We simply eat them. They are too good to do anything else with!!


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you are all healed and released from the doctor. Your home and yard is just beautiful. We all have so much to be thankful for and I am thankful for that week of good weather, too.

Anonymous said...

Love your house and yard!! I want a rose bed like your. :)

Mary said...

I'm thankful your knee is healed! Interesting about Woody Woodpecker. I've seen Acorn woodpeckers and I guess I see the similarity...maybe. Home is great and like you the milder temps are feeling really good! Fall is coming for sure.

Diana (Di) said...

Betsy, beautiful home and garden and there is truly no place I would rather be. God has indeed blessed us. And a hooray for Betsy's knee!

Shelley said...

Betsy - you have a beautiful home and yard - and it is especially beautiful because of the 2 people who live there! Glad to hear the news about your knee!!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

You and George have a lovely home, Betsy! Your love and pride of ownership shines through.

It's good to be back from vacation...I brought my lap top and thought I could keep up but that never happened with all the distractions and some unexpected lack of WIFI in places. It was so nice to be in cooler weather in California for a few weeks!

cilla said...

Hello friend
your blog is soo pretty,i love your photos i also live in tennessee,what a hot summer we have had,so glad to see some cooler weather,stop by my blog sometime would love too have you ..Cilla