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Monday, November 16, 2009

What has Happened to MANNERS?

I realize that I'm an OLD WOMAN ---but my mother taught me good manners. I hope I passed this on to my sons--and I hope they pass it on to their children. BUT--somewhere along the line, manners seem to have 'gone out the window'!!!! What has happened??? It really worries me since I see this rudeness and lack of manners in MANY adults today. IF the adults act this way, their children and grandchildren will definitely pick up on it, and they will act the same way as they grow up. Scary, isn't it?????

"Please don't be rude. Where are your manners?"

Here are some of the ways I have experienced rudeness from adults lately:
1. CELLPHONES: One of my biggest pet peeves is seeing adults on cellphones 24/7... They also talk LOUDLY --and it always happens when we are eating a nice dinner at a restaurant. Gads--what are they thinking!??

Last week, we were eating at the KFC when a young mother came in to get a take-out order of chicken. She had a child (about age 5 or 6) at her side --and was talking LOUDLY on the cellphone. The child was screaming to get Mama's attention ---begging for some mashed potatoes with his chicken. Mama stopped talking on her cell just long enough to place her order. The child kept screaming --but Mama went right back to that 'important' cellphone conversation. A few minutes later, she got her order and left---with the child continuing to scream. And guess what??? When she left, she was STILL talking on the cellphone. Unbelievable!!!!

One more thing which bothers me about cellphones is when you are with someone ---and THEY take a phone call or get a text message while you are trying to enjoy their company. To me --this is totally rude and unacceptable.

2. RUDENESS: George and I visit our local Kroger's Store on Wednesdays because we Seniors get a 5% discount that day. WELL--- why do so many Seniors (NOT us of course--ha) meet in the middle of a grocery isle and have a long conversation----as if they haven't seen each other for a day or two?????? When I say "Excuse Me" ---they look at me as if I've called their mother a bad name! PUH-LEASE---just move out of the isles!!!!! That's just RUDE.

OR---even worse than that is someone (99% of the time a woman) who leaves her buggy in the center of the isle ---so that you can't get by her while she leisurely shops all around.. Ugh!!!

Here's one more incident along this line. We were standing in a long line of people waiting to check out at Lowe's recently. The woman in front of us didn't even bother to look for her checkbook UNTIL the clerk gave her her total. She fumbled around --finally pulling out the checkbook. It seemed to take her 15 minutes (maybe not that long---but surely about 13) to find the checkbook, a pen (which was buried in her purse also), and then another fumbling time searching for her driver's license to show some identification. I tried to be patient (which is not my best virtue) ---but I kept wondering if that woman even realized that there were many of us waiting to check out behind her. She was oblivious to what was going on around her. Where were her manners????? (I kept quiet---so at least, one of us had some manners!!!)

3. LACK of RESPECT: This happened a year or so ago when George and I were eating dinner at the Cumberland Mountain State Park Restaurant. The tables were close together there, but I am always aware of others sitting nearby. Some lady sat behind me ---and gave my chair a big BUMP---not just once but several times. The first time, I turned around and "I" said, "I'm sorry." She said NOTHING. Well---it kept happening ---and I kept moving my chair closer to my table. She never ONCE said anything to me ---but her actions certainly made for a not-so-great dinner for me. I left and didn't say anything to her---but I probably should have.

My kids would probably say to me: "Mom, just ignore them, and get over it." BUT--since I grew up learning to say things like I'm Sorry, or Excuse Me, or Please, or Thank You----along with some basic manners which should come naturally to all of us ----well, it bothers me to see people (especially adults ) being so oblivious to others around them, and truly showing no respect.

What are some of the things which may have happened to you where people don't seem to use good manners???? Is it just ME???? Should I just ignore them???? Hmmmmmm---lots of things to think about here!!!!! BUT--in the meantime, I'll get back to my 'joyful' life--and go outside and smell the roses!!! HA HA!

On another note, did anyone see "Three Rivers" on TV last night (CBS) with Mandy Patinkin????? Oh My Gosh-----so very, very sad, but a fabulous show. I cried my eyes out!!!


P.S. ALL of the pictures I have used today are from the INTERNET.


Connie said...

It/s amazing how many people are rude with their cell phones.

I always park my buggy far enough out of the way so that others are not inconvienced.

I don't know why so many people behave as though other people have nothing better to do then wait on them,

Didn't see the movie.

bettyl said...

*shoots hand in the air* I know exactly what you are talking about! I have blogged about 'rude kiwis' on several occasions because, compared to the folks I left in Kansas, they need some manners desperately!!

It's a sad commentary on society that people are so selfish wrapped in their own little world to notice what's going on around them. My new kids think--well, I'm not sure what they think--but it's a foreign concept to them to 'look around' or 'be aware of your surroundings' . Hopefully, they will catch on eventually.

♥Kathy♥ said...

Betsy there is not one thing I disagree with you on. With me though I have a short temper. The lady who kept bumping your chair, would have gotten an ear full. I had a lady kept hitting me in the back with her buggy at Target one day (we were in a long line), she must have thought she could make the line move faster. I finally had enough and turned around and shoved the buggy back at her. I told her very plainly if she hit me again with it she was not going to be happy. Most of the time I do okay but oh sometimes I really loose it. And yeap I hate cellphone users in stores. Heck I really dislike cellphones period.

Valerie said...

Betsy - you are soooo right! And the sad thing is, if the parents now don't teach the manners to their kids, what will it be like in 10 years! I love this post, I have experienced the same things.
My husband told me once of the Fed Ex person coming into their office on their cell phone. He happened to be up front at the time watching it unfold. The delivery guy buzzed the button to get let in. The receptionist opened the door, while the delivery person continued to laugh and chat on the phone completely ignoring the receptionist, who had to sign for and take the packages. The delivery person turned around and walked out the door, never even acknowledging the receptionist. Then she told my H that it happens all the time!

My pet peeve is the very 'personal conversations' they have on their phones behind you in line at the store. Oh my, I have heard things that I never wanted to hear!

One of the things that irritates me about my middle son is that he never holds the door for the person behind him. I have on occasion jumped in front of him to get in the house - allowing the door to shut on his face - and now - well - he is more thoughtful when he walks thru a door! I guess we learn from experience!

Thanks for the kind words about the picture. I guess I have been so honest in my writing and our lives that I decided not to hide behind the flower anymore.

Happy Monday - Have a great one!

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Ooh Betsy, you have touched a nerve with me, on this post !
I have ranted on for many moons, about the lack of manners, and respect people show, to the point of distraction. My grandchildren used to roll their eyes, when I would point out acceptable and non acceptable behaviour, now they are older, thank goodness they see the difference for themselves.
I was raised in a country where children were seen and not heard, not the Victorian standards, but still somewhat along those lines.
It didn't hurt one bit, truth be known, we didn't have a whole lot to be talking about, so we were expected to be quiet.
I deal with, and am exposed to rudeness every single day, especially in my line of work. Saturday, I was trying to show an apartment to a prospective tenant, and the entire time, she was talking/receiving calls on her Blackberry. It happens time after time, and is so rude.
I shook my head the entire time I was reading this post, I don't see it getting better...just worse.
Great post Betsy !!

Tabor said...

My grandchildren are so polite that it is actually making me remember my manners. I needed an update!

Beth said...

Well, let me add my Amen! here, Betsy. Amen! Sometimes people used to suggest that I was being too strict with my children because from the time they were very small, I insisted that they be polite. Because I think when you teach your children manners, you are teaching them a larger lesson----to have respect for other human beings. You are so right about the increased lack of civility these days---sometimes I despair for the future of our country because we don't seem to have the respect for the rights of others anymore. I could go on and on about this subject, but I guess I'd better stop now. I feel like I'm going into my ranting, raving curmudgeon mode!

Darla said...

If my Mom was still alive, you bet your fanny I'd still be saying yesmam and nomam or get scolded! I hate it when we teach our children to say yesmam, nosir and the such and then the adults tell the children they don't have to say it!!! I cannot stand disrespectfulness!!! I am with you 150% girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shelley said...

Betsy - this is a great post! And you must've been reading my mind! I was just telling Greg about how rudeness seems to be increasing in our society! Last week in the school parking lot I had this guy screaming and swearing at me because HE cut the turn too close and almost hit ME! His fault! He scared me so bad I was shaking. And even in the classroom I see how rude some of the younger students are to our professors (talking during class, forgetting to turn off their cell phone, etc.) I was always taught to respect people in this position. I think manners show signs of intelligence - so I'm convinced there are a lot of stupid rude people out there - ha!

mint said...

No. 2...are they having a family reunion??? And usually in front of something I need!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I have the same pet peeves. I am noticing more and more rude and obnoxious teens and pre-teens too. They are down right rude to your face these days...some parents don't teach simple manners. It really irritates me!! Could be the end of civilization as we know it Betsy!

Thoughtfully blended hearts said...

I totally agree with you Betsy...

linda m said...

Betsy, I could go on forever about how rude and inconsiderate people are today. But you did such a fine job that I won't have to. How our society got to be so self centered I don't know; but they seem to be oblivious to their surroundings unless they are part of it. And please don't get me started on cell phones. Yes, I have on but it is only for emergencies. And I never drive and use and cell phone - NEVER. Thanks for a great post.

Arkansas Patti said...

Aw gee, guess I am the weenie in the group.
Perhaps it is that I lack a life but I am rarely in a hurry to get anywhere so delays don't bother me.
Perhaps it is where I live but an "excuse me" usually clears the aisles with the offenders profusely apologizing. I too am guilty of having old home weeks in the grocery store though I am careful not to block the aisle.
Loud cell phone people are annoying but I usually evesdrop and make up stories in my head far more interesting about their conversations usually involving affairs or drug deals.
Like I said, maybe if I had a "life" these things would annoy. Also a wishy washy nature helps.

JLS Hall (Joysweb) said...

Yes, I've had very similar experiences, and it drives me batty! No one seems to care anything about manners anymore and I'm embarrassed that it was probably my generation that started killing off courtesy - what with our "let it all hang out" mentality. My husband always tells me to just ignore it, but the older I get, the more likely I am to say something to people who are rude and obnoxious in public. I figure I'm doing us all a favor!

Dorothy said...

I agree with you Betsy. These people are not being taught to have manners and respect. It's just part of the moral decay of our sick society.

Becky said...

Personally, I usually "let it go" but I am usually sure to mind my manners a little extra to them. Maybe they can learn by example.

I hope my children keep up the way they behave, I get lots of compliments on their being polite. They are not perfect angels but they do have respect for others.If they forget, I am sure to remind them.

Cell phones are a blessing and a curse!lol

Have a great day!

amelia said...

You have hit the nail on the head with all of your complaints!! They all drive me nuts!
I have been guilty of blocking the aisle with my shopping cart but when I realize what I've done I apologize profusely!! I never mean to do it but sometimes I have.
Like you, patience is not one of my virtues. I try but it's hard!!!

Susie said...

Hey Betsy, I didn't see the show last night but saw the previews. I told my honey I couldn't watch that. It looked way too sad.

Regarding bad manners I notice all of the same things that you mentioned. I can't stand it when people stand in the middle of the aisle when you are trying to shop. And the cell phone thing? How rude is it when one person is on the phone while the other is at the table trying to eat and maybe have some polite conversation?

I don't know what's with people but you are right! What's happened to manners?!?!?!

Peggy said...

I agree and love your post! I haven't been in a long time but I hate when you pay to go to the movies and the people behind you keep talking to each other like they were sitting at home. You turn and give them the look and they are quiet for a few minutes before they start talking again. I did ask a couple once if I needed to come sit between them to keep them quiet... they moved to the other side. LOL

storyteller said...

You've addressed a subject near and dear to my own heart today. As a teacher I tried to model, teach, and encourage respectful behavior throughout my career ... but found it more difficult as time went by. It saddens me to realize what we learned as common sense and common courtesy are anything BUT common these days.

As for my sister's travels ... she is lucky indeed and I'm delighted to share the photos she sends on each of my blogs. Clicking here SisterPics will take you to her photos at Sacred Ruminations) when time permits.

Hope you're having a marvelous Monday!
Hugs and blessings,

Roses and Lilacs said...

I agree with all your peeves. Children screaming in restaurants is one of my biggest. Out of control children anywhere. And how about the grocery shopper who unloads here cart at the checkout and remembers an item she forget so she just runs back to pick it up at the back of the store while everyone waits in line.

Sandra said...

Here I am, number 23 to say Amen SISTA. Brit in TN said what i want to say, you struck a NERVE in me. this is my all time pet peeve. I could go on for hours on rude cell phone examples. Like kathy, my husband has a temper.
we were headed to the long line in Wal-mart, and a woman raced past us and jumped in line first, she turned and said, Oh, I'm sorry. my husband said. "yes, you ARE"
i cringed and when we got to the car, i gave him a lesson on he was as rude as her by making the rude comment. GREAT POST

Mary said...

I agree with these...especially cell phones! You would enjoy eating with me...I don't own one! And I always write my check either before I get in line or while standing there except for the amount. Of course younger people don't know why we don't just use a debit card and not bother with a checkbook, but it is a hard habit to break. The tight chairs in restaurants is hard to comment on, because I have been on the giving and receiving end of that one. Often there is just nothing you can do about it, but it is nice to apologize at least once to acknowledge there is a problem. The best we can do is be patient and loving. I don't believe in giving nasty looks and responses to those in the wrong. That just makes us as bad as they are.

Snap said...


I think it is a lost cause -- manners. So sad. I'd keep my mouth shut because the person with the bad manners isn't smart enough to KNOW what they did or did not do.

Richard said...

I think it all boils down to not taking responsibility for what you do or say. Society has changed to say that no matter what you do, it's someone elses fault.

NCmountainwoman said...

We moved to WI when my children were 10 and 13. Both were accustomed to saying, "Yes, maam" or "yes, sir" to adults. My son was laughed at and ridiculed by his new classmates for saying "yes, maam" to his teacher. His teacher, on the other hand, was delighted to have at least one respectful student in her class.

Naturegirl said...

OK Miss Manners you must chill out a bit.You are having a bad time of things. You must drop all this...as it is getting under your skin. It is what it is..we can't change it so continue taking in a deep breath and enjoy your outings..you are allowing them to ruin your day.Don't.
Manners are important and how sad that many folks don't know any better.

After saying all this I agree w/ you about the cell phones...too much too often and in cars while driving! Should be outlawed. In Canada in my province one is fined $5oo if using your cell while driving. That mother and child in the restaurant..I pray for that child because if mother behaves this way in public...can you imagine what neglect goes on at home!!
Many seniors don't get out much and when they do...it gives them a lift to run into acquaintances...many of their friends I'm sure have passed on...I know this was the case with my parents.Running into folks in the stores lifted their spirits.
Just my take on this situation.
hope today is a good one for you!
hugs aNNa xo

Cheryl said...

Oh Betsy, I so agree with you on all of these points. My biggest peeve though is the cellphone chatter. I cannot understand why one needs to carry on conversations while in a restaurant having a meal with others, how rude is that? Screaming children bother me sometimes but I also remember that I had three children who at various times had "meltdowns" in public, HOWEVER I would remove them from wherever we were as quickly as possible. Its a sad day when manners aren't taught to children. I am guilty of stopping to chat in the middle of the grocery store aisle but I always apologize!

Anonymous said...

Great post. I always make sure to leave my grocery basket on the same side of the aisle I'm selecting food from, never blocking the flow of traffic. This is definately one of my major pet peeves.

Stephen Tremp

Sunny said...

Oh don't get me started! Ha-ha! I really dislike rude people and children with no manners. I cringe when I hear how some kids speak to their parents...OMHeavens, if I ever spoke to my Mom or Dad that way, I wouldn't be able to sit for a week!
I think the biggest thing that really irks me is when the younger generation 'speak down' to me, like I was some old fool. This happens a lot in supermarkets, like my juice incident (Not Ready for the Pasture). When you have worked all your life, raised a family, etc. I truly resent being spoken to like I'm stupid...really raises the blood pressure!
Cell phones should be banned from most places. So many times I've replied to someone thinking they were being friendly when actually they were yacking into their bluetooth!
Guess I should shut up, LOL...I told you not to get me started!
Sunny :)

Katherine Aucoin said...

Like you I could go on and on about cell phones and the grocery store.

I get irked with people who obviously have way more items in their gorcery cart than the express lane allows but in in that line anyway.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

You are right on here.There is definitely a lack of manners now-a-days,or as my late friend used to say,'common sense is not all that common any more.'I guess we will just have to show by example how to do it.Hope your day is going well.

imac said...

It does you good, to get all these bugs out in the open Betsy, I totally agree tho, I notice of late that when standing in a Queue, someone will come and stand right in front of you.
What I hate now is about mobiles, is that when traveling on train or coach, there are a number of people nattering away(loud) and you cannot talk to the person next to you or hear them properly.

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean - People are so rude these days. It's really awful & it's really hard to turn the other cheek, too, however, I think with all the shootings going on these days that we're forced to keep our mouths shut for fear that we'll die

Diane said...

No, Betsy, it's not just you. Sometimes I get so upset with bad manners and just plain rudeness that when I come home I'm a wreck. We didn't grow up like that. The whole world is upside down from when we were younger. It hurts. I want that dear little puppy.

Joy said...

I'm so with you on all these points. People just seem oblivious to the rest of the world. Life revolves around them.
I was behind a lady in the grocery store trying write a check and talk on her cell phone all at the same time. We're all backed up behind her while she gabs away.
She was probably in her 60's.
It's all over the board age wise.
I flew to Birminghame this weekend and this lady talked on her cell phone so loud on the plane up to the last second and the flight attendent finally came back and told her to turn it off now. We couldn't leave the terminal because of her.


Betty said...

I think that all of the comments that agree with you including me,that there are a lot of very nice people out there.
~~Love,Hugs and Good Thoughts~~

Tracey Hodge said...

I posted something similar a few months ago. I find it staggering how rude people can be - and it has no age limit!

Really, is it that hard to say please/thank you?

Loui said...

I am of your generation..as a southern girl, manners were first and foremost.By having good manners, we were showing respect and courtesy for others as well as ourselves. We were taught to live by the golden rule wherever we happened to be. I passed on these traditions to my son..who I pray will follow suit.
cell phones are a practical nuisance..but there are also courtesies to go with their usage such as time and place.
Grocery stores and checkout lines in general..My pet peeve here is not enough checkers at rush times..I find the "self-serve" checkouts to be a waste of time when only a certain number of items are allowed..and I along with many others have an overflowing buggy...Use your comment cards! I GUARANTEE you will get a response from the store manager..I did. Also, I use the cards for kudos for outstanding service or employees..
rude obnoxious children? usually all is needed is a bit of parental intervention..my grands know bad behavior has its rewards (the flyswatter) just as good ones mean another outing. Eating is not allowed in my car! we do not "live" in my car, therefore all belongs exit with their owner!No markers or pens are allowable as their artwork belongs on paper..not on my car seats or walls..that is called respect for others..namely Me and my hard earned possessions!
okay enough from me..
hugs and smiles!

Your EG Tour Guide said...

I understand your frustration, Betsy.

I hope I'm polite all the time but I suspect I may be part of the annoying problem. NOT the cell phone, though. That bugs me, too. And I hope I always have my cash or credit card ready for the cashier. Oh, and blocking an aisle or bumping someone's chair definitely deserves an "I'm sorry."

But I suspect I do lots of things without thinking. Too many of us are way too much of a hurry. ;-)

MedaM said...

This post is wonderful. I am simply delightful. But I am afraid that there is no use of it unless it is read by those who should read it and recognise themselves in many situations that you mentioned here. There is one more thing that often makes me sad on this matter. It is that I have such a feeling that the more someone is polite the less they are respected. I would love if I was wrong.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Betsy: That chair thing really bugs me, how can a person not know they just hit you. I'm not as polite as you and say something so they know that they are doing something wrong. My wife would rather let it pas but not me. Respect your rights or others won't. I just push the grocery cart over to them and they get the idea.

LV said...

You hit the nail right on the head. I have had some of these exact experiences. Cell phones are great for the proper use, but no one seems to know what that is. Nothing irritates me more that someone using the phone at a time it should be in their pocket. I really do not care about their business. I am with you all the way.

Pam said...

Your Lowe's story is the one that drives me crazy. These people stand there like they have no idea they are going to have to pay at the end!

JOE TODD said...

Betsy as a child I was always very polite when I pulled little girls pigtails. (I promise) I haven't always had the patience when standing in line. There have been a few times I just left the store. I still try to say please and thankyou. Out off getting a cellphone for as long as I could but still don't text. Have a great day

Wendy said...

Oh, I hear ya. I'm surprised somebody hasn't posted this before now. I'm glad you did!! I find even holding doors open for people, some of them don't even bother to say thank you. As if I stand there all day just to open the door for them!! Or walking in front of someone. I always say "excuse me", but often other people don't say a word!

Yes, Betsy, we're all OLD WOMEN (at least the females here. LOL!), but good manners never go out of style.
Bravo for you to bring up this issue!

Rose said...

Oh, Betsy, you could have signed my name to this! Only, I have been known to get a little revenge...one time these two women were just totally blocking an aisle I needed to go down. They knew i was there and would not move...I went and came around the other end and blocked them when they wanted to move on. I turned my back to them and pretended not to know a thing.

End of Story? I now talk to this lady all the time. She works at the Walmart this happened at. I don't know if she remembers me, but we are very pleasant to each other. Sometimes I want to ask her if she remembers. She probably don't...I probably didn't even irritate her a bit. But I am very seldom out there that I don't at least see her, and most times we speak to each other. Isn't that sort of ironic???

Small City Scenes said...

Yes, we (people of my age) all grew up with Emily Post and Miss Manners. and it was thoroughly instilled in us.

As much as I find interesting things on TV. I think that has a lot to do with the changing of america and elsewhere. Have you seen how the people, children and adults talk to each other? As little Stephanie said "So Rude".
But a lot of time smiling at people, being polite and saying thank you and you're welcome brightens up others life too.

Smile at your enemies--they will wonder what you are up to. LOL
Excellent post Betsy.

5 November birthdays in my family. first my brothers and his girl friend's and then my Fathers (I still remember him) and then mine and then my sister's. Whew!! Mom and dad were busy. LOL


Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I agree that manners aren't stressed as much now, as they were when we were young, Betsy.
Once I held a door open for a young mother who was pushing a baby stroller. She just breezed right by me as if I were a doorman. I called out after her "You're Welcome" as a reminder she should have said that to me, and she gave me an angry look in return.
There is a bus stop I've used for years where everyone has always politely lined up while waiting for the bus to arrive. Lately, high school children coming home from school just barge up and push their way on the bus before everyone on the line who were waiting longer. I really wish the bus driver would say something, but I think he's afraid to get involved.
Also, have you noticed how agressive people can be in a Costco when free samples of food are given out? I've had people almost knock me over to get in front of the line and then grab more than one piece. That could actually be funny if it wasn't so sad!
The worst thing of all is when I see people drop garbage on the sidewalk or in the street instead of looking for a garbage can. That is pure laziness!

Sally said...

I agree Betsy, 100%.

We didn't take pictures because one of us (not me) does not want her picture published.

Anonymous said...

I have something for you at my blog, come take a look see!

Lola said...

I agree completely with you Betsy.
I don't like drivers talking on cell phones either. You know they are not paying attention to their driving. Scary.

Denise said...

I hope I am not repeating myself here Betsy but I just tried to post a comment and it went kaplooey. What I was saying was that I think you have made some very good points here. Using good manners costs nothing and the rewards are never ending. Both sets of parents of my hubby and mine brought us up with those good manners, and we have passed this gift onto our son as we truly believe that it is a gift. I have to say that I have been noticing in our area that many of our young people seem to be very polite lately. We actually commented on it the other day. I go out of my way to let them know how much I appreciate their politeness. That's a kindness I like to pass on as I am a big believer in the act of kindness too. I think they go hand in hand.

Bill S. said...

A great and interesting post. We had seven young college students in our home tonight and all but one of them texted during the meeting.

Cookie said...

This is a tough one... You say that manners have essentially gone out of style with the young (ok, so you mentioned some seniors in kroger too), but I think manners have really changed over time. My parents grew up where polite conversation was expected. I grew up being told not to talk to strangers. It's a fine line between watching out for yourself and being polite. Of course that also just makes a good excuse to be rude and lazy sometimes.
I do hate people talking on their cellphones when ordering food or even paying at the register. But I also know that some people have come to rely on cell phones. I hope that conversation at KFC was more than just chit-chatting! I feel your frustration, but iin the end we can only control ourselves and our own reactions and we just have to let it go...
Ok, that turned out to be quite a long comment. Sorry for the "novel!"

Radka said...

Hello, Have a nice day. You have a nice blog. Radka.

SquirrelQueen said...

Great post Betsy, pretty much everything on your list has happened to me at one time or another. The one I see the most is people blocking the aisles at the grocery store.

I'm a Southern girl born and raised and manners were always important but I don't see it today. I try to always use good manners. I can say please and thank you in three languages. I don't speak Spanish and German fluently but I can still be polite. In fact I see more manners when we travel to Mexico than I see here. You shouldn't have got me started!


Deb Murphree/Alabama Politics said...

Wow, Betsy, you pegged the Cell phone business just right. I have seen so many people in stores AND HEARD THEM...when I didn't want to...on their "important conversations". It's like...Please spare us your private business. If I want to make a call, I just don't feel right doing it right in the store. I try to make my calls to my children in my car before I exit my car, in the parking lot. It's rude, you are so right, when everyone can hear another's conversation. Oh, and the shopping cart business LOL...you certainly pegged that one right. When I shop, I always try to be courteous of others around me, and let others go first, when I come to the end of the isle. I move my cart up as close to the isle edges as I can, and am always observant of those around me. I learned a tip from reading I'd like to share with your readers. FOR WOMEN...important...People snatch purses from carts all the time. (Especially during the holidays). Tips: Don't carry everything in your purse with you when you shop. (Only picture ID, and maybe one or two checks, or a credit/debit card. DON'T carry all of those other cards that are not needed. If you have your purse stolen, you might not remember which cards to cancel. Also, DON'T carry all of your personal pictures with you, in case your purse is stolen. And one last REALLY important tip...Take the "seat belt" (like Walmart has) and fasten your purse into your cart...THAT WAY NOONE CAN JUST RUN OFF WITH YOUR PURSE. I love this tip, and it really makes me feel a lot safer while shopping. Your attention can be diverted just long enough to have a purse snatcher get away with your purse, but NOT if you have it "buckled in for safety". :) Smile and have a great day!

diane said...

The 59 people in front of me have said it all.In Japan you are not allowed to use a cellphone in a restaurant. I think that's a good idea.

Daisy said...

Betsy, it is so true. Manners often seem to be a thing of the past. The cell phones ringing and people taking calls where ever they happen to be and whatever they are doing is one of my pet peeves. I sometimes wish we still lived in a world that didn't have cell phones.

Janie said...

The cell phone rudeness is everywhere, I think. I see it all the time. These people are missing the world around them while jabbering into an electronic device. And when they do it while driving... well, that's worse than rude. It's just dangerous.

Patty said...

I find it rude that people come to my check out line and can not hang up the cell phone long enough to pay for what they want.
Second pet peeve on that note is women who leave there clothes on the floor of the fitting room for ME to pick up. I am NOT a maid.

It is also rude when I am standing in a fast food line for people behind me to step forward to ask for a drink refill WAIT YOUR TURN.

I am sure there are others but thoae are the two that jump out at me right now.

Anonymous said...

Don't get me wrong I love my Iphone but I hate it when people take calls during a visit when it is so easy to return the call a little later. How about when you are at the store and a clerk drops what they are doing with you to deal with someone on the phone instead of putting them on hold to wait their turn. But, hey, I'm retired and seldom have to deal with these irritations. Isn't life good?